DC Jack Asus F555D A555 X555 12014-00107500 4 Pin
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DC Jack Asus F555D A555 X555 12014-00107500 4 Pin


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Laptop DC-IN Power Jack

Connector: 4 Pin

State: New 

Applicable Models: 

Asus: A455DG, A455LA, A455LAB, A455LD, A455LDB, A455LF, A455LJ, A455WA, A455WE, A455YA, A455YI

Asus: A501, A501LB, A501LX, A501UB, A501UQ, A501UX

Asus: A555, A555BP, A555DA, A555DG, A555L, A555LA, A555LAB, A555LB, A555LD, A555LD-XX664H, A555LF, A555LI, A555LJ, A555LN, A555LNB, A555LP, A555LPB, A555QA, A555QG, A555SJ, A555UA, A555UB, A555UF, A555UJ, A555UQ, A555YA, A555YI, A756UA

Asus: DX882LD, DX882LDB

Asus: DX992DA, DX992LB, DX992LD, DX992LI, DX992LJ, DX992LN, DX992LNB, DX992LP, DX992LPB, DX992SJ, DX992UA, DX992UB, DX992UF, DX992UJ, DX992YI

Asus: F41LD, F41LDB

Asus: F430LD, F430LDB, F430YA, F430YI

Asus: F454LA, F454LAB, F454LD, F454LDB, F454LJ, F454WA, F454WE

Asus: F455DG, F455LA, F455LAB, F455LD, F455LDB, F455LJ, F455WA, F455WE, F455YA, F455YI

Asus: F51LN, F51LNB

Asus: F530LN, F530LNB

Asus: F554DA, F554DG, F554LA, F554LAB, F554LA-XX500H, F554LB, F554LD, F554LF, F554LI, F554LJ, F554LN, F554LNB, F554LP, F554LPB, F554SJ, F554UA, F554UB, F554UF, F554UJ, F554YA

Asus: F555, F555BA, F555BA-A9AR5PB1, F555BA-A9BR5PB1, F555BP, F555BP-XO004T, F555BP-XO067T, F555DA, F555DG, F555DG-XO075T, F555LA, F555LAB, F555LB, F555LD, F555LDB, F555LD-XX114H, F555LF, F555LI, F555LJ, F555LN, F555LNB, F555LP, F555LPB, F555LP-XO047H, F555LP-XO062D, F555LP-XX025H, F555LP-XX029H, F555QA, F555QG, F555QG-XX033T, F555QG-XX068T, F555QG-XX161T, F555SJ, F555UA, F555UB, F555UF, F555UJ, F555UQ, F555YA, F555YI, F555YI-XX134T

Asus: F756UA, F756UB, F756UJ, F756UQ, F756UV, F756UW, F756UX

Asus: FL5600LP, FL5600LPB

Asus: K455DG, K455LA, K455LAB, K455LD, K455LDB, K455LF, K455LJ, K455WA, K455WE, K455YA, K455YI

Asus: K501, K501LB, K501LB-DM085H, K501LX, K501LX-NB52, K501UB, K501UB-DM006T, K501UB-DM021T, K501UB-DM075T, K501UQ, K501UW, K501UX, K501UX-DM023T, K501UX-DM085T

Asus: K555, K555BA, K555BP, K555DA, K555DG, K555LA, K555LAB, K555LB, K555LB-FI551T, K555LD, K555LF, K555LI, K555LJ, K555LJ-XX974T, K555LN, K555LNB, K555LN-XO133H, K555LP, K555LPB, K555QA, K555QG, K555QG-A0AR5PB1, K555QG-A12, K555SJ, K555UA, K555UB, K555UF, K555UJ, K555UQ, K555YA, K555YI, K555ZA, K555ZE

Asus: K756UA, K756UB, K756UJ, K756UQ, K756UV, K756UV-TY096T, K756UW, K756UX

Asus: P2720UQ

Asus: P2730UA, P2730UQ, P2730UV

Asus: P2740UJ, P2740UQ, P2740UV

Asus: P756UA, P756UB, P756UJ, P756UQ, P756UV, P756UW, P756UX, ProP756UA-T4577D, P756UA-TY438R

Asus: R406LD, R406LDB

Asus: R419LD, R419LDB

Asus: R41LD, R41LDB

Asus: R454LA, R454LAB, R454LD, R454LDB, R454LF, R454LJ, R454WA, R454WE, R454YA, R454YI

Asus: R455LA, R455LAB, R455LD, R455LDB, R455LF, R455LJ, R455WA, R455WE, R455YA, R455YI

Asus: R506LN, R506LNB

Asus: R511DA, R511DG, R511LA, R511LAB, R511LB, R511LD, R511LF, R511LI, R511LJ, R511LN, R511LNB, R511LP, R511LPB, R511SJ, R511UA, R511UB, R511UF, R511UJ, R511YA, R511YI

Asus: R51LN, R51LNB

Asus: R556BA, R556BP, R556DA, R556DG, R556LA, R556LAB, R556la-xx2374t, R556LB, R556LD, R556LF, R556LI, R556LJ, R556LN, R556LNB, R556LP, R556LPB, R556QA, R556QG, R556SJ, R556UA, R556UB, R556UF, R556UJ, R556YA, R556YI, R556YI-DM198T

Asus: R557DA, R557DG, R557LA, R557LAB, R557LD, R557LI, R557LJ, R557LN, R557LNB, R557LP, R557LPB, R557UA, R557UF, R557UJ, R557YI

Asus: R753UA, R753UB, R753UJ, R753UQ, R753UV, R753UW, R753UX, R753UX-T4116T

Asus: VM410LD, VM410LDB

Asus: VM490LD, VM490LDB

Asus: VM501, VM501L

Asus: VM510LN, VM510LNB, VM510LP, VM510LPB

Asus: VM590LN, VM590LNB, VM590UB

Asus: W409LD, W409LDB

Asus: W419LD, W419LDB

Asus: W41LD, W41LDB

Asus: W429LD, W429LDB

Asus: W509LN, W509LNB, W509LP, W509LPB

Asus: W519LN, W519LNB, W519LP, W519LPB

Asus: W51LN, W51LNB

Asus: W529LN, W529LNB

Asus: X454DG, X454LA, X454LAB, X454LD, X454LDB, X454LF, X454LJ, X454WA, X454WE, X454YA, X454YI

Asus: X455DG, X455L, X455LA, X455LAB, X455LD, X455LDB, X455LF, X455LJ, X455WA, X455WE, X455YA, X455YI

Asus: X554, X554BA, X554DA, X554DG, X554LA, X554LAB, X554LA-XO496D, X554LA-XO496H, X554LA-XX370H, X554LA-XX371H, X554LA-XX449H, X554LA-XX534H, X554LA-XX534H 90NB0658-M07910, X554LA-XX534H 90NB0658-M07910, X554LB, X554LD, X554LD-XX498H, X554LD-XX615H, X554LD-XX667H, X554LD-XX670H, X554LF, X554LI, X554LJ, X554LJ-35A9, X554LJ-35A92PB1, X554LJ-55A92PB1, X554LJ-XX106H, X554LJ-XX510H, X554LN, X554LNB, X554LP, X554LPB, X554QA, X554QG, X554SJ, X554sxe, X554UA, X554UB, X554UF, X554UJ, X554UQ, X554YA, X554YI

Asus: Y483LD, Y483LDB

Asus: Y583, Y583LB, Y583LD, Y583LJ, Y583LN, Y583LNB, Y583LP, Y583LPB, Y583UA

Asus: Z450LA, Z450UA

Z550MA, Z550SA

Asus VivoBook: X555, X555BA, X555BP, X555BP-DM201T, X555DA, X555DG, X555LA, X555LAB, X555LA-XO077D, X555LA-XO077H, X555LA-XO080H, X555LA-XX2276T, X555LA-XX2717T, X555LA-XX2811D, X555LA-XX290H, X555LA-XX290HA, X555LA-XX290HD, X555LB, X555LB-DM223H, X555LD, X555LD-5X582W, X555LD-XO034H, X555LD-XO330H, X555LD-XO331H, X555LD-XO334H, X555LD-XO338H, X555LD-XO549H, X555LD-XO730H, X555LD-XO733H, X555LD-XO821H, X555LD-XX085H, X555LD-XX138H, X555LF, X555LI, X555LJ, X555LJ-3C92W1B, X555LJ-3R92, X555LJ-3R92W1B, X555LJ-5C92W1B, X555LJ-5R92W1B, X555LJ-7C92W1B, X555LJ-7R92, X555LJ-7R92W1B, X555LJ-R392W1B, X555LJ-XO1243T, X555LJ-XO160H, X555LJ-XO186H, X555LJ-XO198H, X555LJ-XO212T, X555LJ-XX443T, X555LN, X555LNB, X555LN-XO244H, X555LN-XO246H, X555LP, X555LPB, X555QA, X555QG, X555SJ, X555UA, X555UB, X555UB-DM141T, X555UB-XO253R, X555UF, X555UJ, X555UQ, X555YA, X555YI

Asus: X756UA, X756UA-TY160T, X756UA-TY265T, X756UA-TY313T, X756UA-TY338T, X756UB, X756UB-T4089T, X756UB-TY028T, X756UJ, X756UJ-TY035T, X756UQ, X756UQK, X756UQ-T4288T, X756UQ-TY016T, X756UQ-TY193T, X756UQ-TY204T, X756UV, X756UV-TY059T, X756UV-TY205T, X756UV-TY206T, X756UW, X756UX, X756UX-T4181T, X756UX-T4244T, X756UX-T4336T

Part Number 12014-00107500, HY-294

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