DC Jack Toshiba Mini NB200 NB205 With Cable 2 Pin
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DC Jack Toshiba Mini NB200 NB205 With Cable 2 Pin


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Laptop DC-IN Power Jack with Cable

Connector 2 Pin

Length 14 cm

State: New 

Applicable Models: 

Toshiba Mini NB200, NB205, NB, 250, NB255

NB200 PLL20A-002001, NB200 PLL20A-00P001, NB200 PLL20A-00Q001, NB200 PLL23A-00501G, NB200 PLL23A-00C01G, NB200 PLL23A-00D01G, NB200 PLL25A-009002, NB200 PLL25A-00C002, NB200 PLL25A-00D002, NB200 PLL25A-00K002, NB200 PLL25C-00600C, NB200-107, NB200-10G, NB200-10J, NB200-10L, NB200-10P, NB200-10U, NB200-10Z, NB200-110, NB200-11H, NB200-11L, NB200-11M, NB200-11N, NB200-11T, NB200-121, NB200-122, NB200-123, NB200-125, NB200-126, NB200-12J, NB200-12L, NB200-12N, NB200-12P, NB200-12R, NB200-12U, NB200-12V, NB200-12W, NB200-130, NB200-131, NB200-134, NB200-136, NB200-138, NB200-13E, NB200-13L, NB200-13P, NB200-13T, NB200-SP2903A, NB200-SP2903C, NB200-SP2903R, NB200-SP2904A, NB200-SP2904C, NB200-SP2904R, NB200-SP2905A, NB200-SP2905C, NB200-SP2905R, NB200-SP2906A, NB200-SP2906C, NB200-SP2906R, NB200-SP2907A, NB200-SP2907C, NB200-SP2907R, NB200-SP2908A, NB200-SP2908C, NB200-SP2908R, NB200-SP2909A, NB200-SP2909C, NB200-SP2909R, NB200-SP2910A, NB200-SP2910C, NB200-SP2910R, NB200-SP2911A, NB200-SP2911C, NB200-SP2911R, NB200-SP2912A, NB200-SP2912C, NB200-SP2912R, NB205-N210, NB205-N211, NB205-N230, NB205-N310/BN, NB205-N310BN-G, NB205-N311/W, NB205-N312/BL, NB205-N313/P, NB205-N323BN, NB205-N324BL, NB205-N324WH, NB205-N325BL, NB205-N325BN, NB205-N325PK, NB205-N325WH, NB205-N330BL, NB205-N330BN, NB205-N330PK, NB205-N330WH, NB205-SP2920A, NB205-SP2920C, NB205-SP2920R, NB205-SP2921A, NB205-SP2921C, NB205-SP2921R, NB205-SP2922A, NB205-SP2922C, NB205-SP2922R, NB205-SP2923A, NB205-SP2923C, NB205-SP2923R, NB205-SP2924A, NB205-SP2924C, NB205-SP2924R, NB250 PLL2PC-00100U, NB250-101, NB250-107, NB250-108, NB250-109, NB250-10C, NB250-10D, NB250-10E, NB250-10G, NB250-10P, NB250-10Q, NB250-10R, NB255-N240, NB255-N245, NB255-N246, NB255-N250, NB255-SP0010L, NB255-SP0010M, NB255-SP0011L, NB255-SP0011M, NB255-SP1001L, NB255-SP1001M, NB255-SP1002L, NB255-SP1002M, NB255-SP1003L, NB255-SP1003M

Toshiba Mini NB300, NB305

NB300 PLL3EA-006007, NB300 PLL3EA-00F007, NB300 PLL3EA-00N007, NB300 PLL3EA-00P007, NB300 PLL3EA-00Q007, NB300 PLL3EA-00R007, NB300 PLL3EA-011007, NB300 PLL3EC-008008, NB300-100, NB300-108, NB300-10C, NB300-10D, NB300-10E, NB300-10F, NB300-10G, NB300-10M, NB300-10N, NB300-10X, NB300-10Z, NB300-11C, NB305 PLL3AA-00F009, NB305 PLL3AA-00T009, NB305 PLL3AA-01E009, NB305 PLL3AA-02F009, NB305 PLL3AA-02H009, NB305 PLL3AA-02J009, NB305 PLL3AA-02K009, NB305 PLL3AC-00F014, NB305 PLL3AC-01E014, NB305 PLL3AC-01F014, NB305 PLL3AC-02M014, NB305 PLL3AC-02P014, NB305 PLL3AC-033014, NB305 PLL3AC-03N014, NB305-105, NB305-106, NB305-107, NB305-108, NB305-10E, NB305-10F, NB305-10G, NB305-10K, NB305-10U, NB305-N310, NB305-N310G, NB305-N410BL, NB305-N410BN, NB305-N410BN-G, NB305-N410WH, NB305-N411BL, NB305-N411BN, NB305-N413BN, NB305-N440BL, NB305-N440BN, NB305-N440RD, NB305-N440WH, NB305-N442BL, NB305-N442BN, NB305-N442RD, NB305-N442WH, NB305-N444BN, NB305-SP1051L, NB305-SP1051M, NB305-SP1052L, NB305-SP1052M, NB305-SP1053L, NB305-SP1053M, NB305-SP1054L, NB305-SP1054M, NB305-SP1055L, NB305-SP1055M 

Part Number: PLL20UI

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