DC Jack Toshiba Satellite P50-A-13M P50-A-M13 With Cable 4 Pin
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DC Jack Toshiba Satellite P50-A-13M P50-A-M13 With Cable 4 Pin


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Laptop DC-IN Power Jack with Cable

Connector: 4 Pin

Length: 24 cm

State: New 

Applicable Models: 

Toshiba Satellite P50-A, P50T-A, P55-A, P55T-A

P50-A-113, P50-A-118, P50-A-11G, P50-A-11J, P50-A-11K, P50-A-11L, P50-A-11Q, P50-A-11U, P50-A-11X, P50-A-120, P50-A-125, P50-A-127, P50-A-12K, P50-A-12L, P50-A-12N, P50-A-12P, P50-A-12Z, P50-A-136, P50-A-137, P50-A-13C, P50-A-13F, P50-A-13H, P50-A-13K, P50-A-13L, P50-A-13M, P50-A-13P, P50-A-13Q, P50-A-144, P50-A-146, P50-A-14C, P50-A-14E, P50-A-14F, P50-A-14G, P50-A-14J, P50-A-14L, P50-A-14R, P50-A-K4M, P50-A-K9M, P50-A-KJM, P50-A-M7S, P50-A-M8S, P50T-A-013, P50t-A-10M, P50t-A-10R, P50t-A-10U, P50t-A-113, P50t-A-114, P50t-A-115, P50t-A-119, P50t-A-11D, P50t-A-11J, P50t-A-11P, P50t-A-121, P50t-A-123, P50t-A-125, P50t-A-129, P55-A5104SL, P55-A5200, P55-A5312, P55-ASP5201SL, P55T-A5105SL, P55T-A5116, P55T-A5118, P55T-A5202

Toshiba Satellite S50-A, S50D-A, S50T-A S50DT-A, S55-A, S55D-A, S55T-A, S55DT-A

S50-A-10P, S50-A-10R, S50-A-10T, S50-A-10V, S50-A-10W, S50-A-113, S50-A-114, S50-A-115, S50-A-11J, S50-A-K1M, S50-A-K7M, S50-A-M2M, S50D-A-106, S50D-A-10C, S50D-A-10F, S50D-A-10G, S50D-A-10H, S50D-A-10J, S50D-A-10L, S50DT-A5161SM, S50DT-A5164SM, S50DT-ASP5260S, S50t-A-104, S50t-A-10G, S50t-A-10Z, S50t-A-116, S50t-A-117, S50t-A-118, S50t-A-11F, S50t-A-11U, S50t-A-K2M, S50t-A-K3M, S55-A5139, S55-A5154, S55-A5164, S55-A5165, S55-A5167, S55-A5169, S55-A5176, S55-A5188, S55-A5197, S55-A5235, S55-A5236, S55-A5239, S55-A5255, S55-A5256NR, S55-A5257, S55-A5326, S55-A5335, S55-A5339, S55-A5352, S55-A5356, S55-A5358, S55-A5359, S55-A5364, S55-A5375, S55-A5376, S55-A5377, S55D-A5366, S55D-A5386, S55DT-A5130, S55T-A5132, S55T-A5136, S55T-A5138, S55T-A5156, S55T-A5161, S55T-A5189, S55T-A5237, S55T-A5238, S55T-A5258NR, S55T-A5277, S55T-A5331, S55T-A5334, S55T-A5337, S55T-A5360, S55T-A5379, S55T-A5389

Part Number: 1417-0089000, 2DW-G756-BVIF

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