DC Jack Toshiba Portege Z830 Z835 Z930 Z935 5.5*2.5MM With Cable 4 Pin
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DC Jack Toshiba Portege Z830 Z835 Z930 Z935 5.5*2.5MM With Cable 4 Pin


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Laptop DC-IN Power Jack with Cable

Connector: 4 Pin

Length: 5 cm

State: New 

Applicable Models: 

Toshiba Portege R830, R835, Z830, Z835, Z930, Z935

R830-104, R830-10P, R830-10Q, R830-10R, R830-10U, R830-10V, R830-110, R830-111, R830-112, R830-113, R830-115, R830-117, R830-118, R830-11K, R830-11M, R830-11Q, R830-11U, R830-126, R830-130, R830-132, R830-135, R830-137, R830-138, R830-139, R830-13C, R830-13E, R830-13P, R830-147, R830-14M, R830-14T, R830-154, R830-16U, R830-17C, R830-17P, R830-192, R830-194, R830-195, R830-1C1, R830-1C8, R830-1DR, R830-1DT, R830-1DU, R830-1DX, R830-1DZ, R830-1ED, R830-1EE, R830-1FR, R830-1G2, R830-1GD, R830-1H5, R830-1HD, R830-1JM, R830-1JN, R830-1JP, R830-1JV, R830-1JX, R830-1JZ, R830-1K1, R830-1K2, R830-1KU, r835-p50X, r835-p55X, r835-p56X, r835-p70, r835-p75, r835-p81, r835-p83, r835-p84, r835-p86, r835-p88, r835-p89, r835-p92, r835-p94, r835-sp3132, r835-sp3132L, r835-sp3133L, r835-sp3134L, r835-sp3136L, r835-sp3275M, r835-st3N01, r835-st6N01, r835-st6N02, Z830-104, Z830-109, Z830-10D, Z830-10E, Z830-10F, Z830-10H, Z830-10K, Z830-10N, Z830-10Q, Z830-10R, Z830-10V, Z830-10W, Z830-10Z, Z830-11F, Z830-11G, Z830-11J, Z830-11K, Z830-11L, Z830-11M, Z830-11N, Z830-11R, Z830-11X, Z830-11Z, Z830-120, Z830-128, Z830-12D, Z830-A2S, Z830-A4S, Z830-A5S, Z830-S8302, Z835-3240L, Z835-3241L, Z835-3242L, Z835-P330, Z835-p360, Z835-P370, Z835-P372, Z835-SP3201M, Z835-SP3202M, Z835-SP3203M, Z835-ST6N02, Z835-ST6N03, Z835-ST8305, Z930-101, Z930-102, Z930-105, Z930-108, Z930-10D, Z930-10E, Z930-10F, Z930-10M-2, Z930-10P, Z930-10Q, Z930-10R, Z930-10T, Z930-10V, Z930-110, Z930-111, Z930-116, Z930-118, Z930-11C, Z930-11F, Z930-11M, Z930-11N, Z930-11Q, Z930-11R, Z930-11Z, Z930-128, Z930-129, Z930-12C, Z930-12G, Z930-12J, Z930-12K, Z930-12L, Z930-12M, Z930-12R, Z930-12T, Z930-131, Z930-139, Z930-13G, Z930-13H, Z930-13L, Z930-13M, Z930-13W, Z930-13X, Z930-143, Z930-145, Z930-147, Z930-148, Z930-14C, Z930-14D, Z930-14E, Z930-14K, Z930-14L, Z930-14M, Z930-14N, Z930-14P, Z930-14Q, Z930-14T, Z930-14U, Z930-14X, Z930-14Z, Z930-150, Z930-151, Z930-153, Z930-156, Z930-158, Z930-15C, Z930-15E, Z930-15N, Z930-15Q, Z930-15R, Z930-15T, Z930-15Z, Z930-166, Z930-167, Z930-168, Z930-169, Z930-16D, Z930-16E, Z930-16G, Z930-16J, Z930-16M, Z930-172, Z930-174, Z930-17T, Z930-188, Z930-18W, Z930-190, Z930-19L, Z930-BRS, Z930-D3S, Z930-DKS, Z930-DLS, Z930-DMS, Z930-E6S, Z930-E7S, Z930-G1S, Z930-S9302, Z935-P300, Z935-P390, Z935-st2N01, Z935-st2N02, Z935-st2N03, Z935-st3N01, Z935-st3N02, Z935-st3N03, Z935-st3NX1, Z935-st4N01, Z935-st4N02, Z935-st4N03, Z935-st4N04, Z935-st4N05, Z935-st4N06, Z935-st4N07

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