DC Jack HP Stream 11-R 743480-002 With Cable 6 Pin
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DC Jack HP Stream 11-R 743480-002 With Cable 6 Pin


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Laptop DC-IN Power Jack with Cable

Connector: 6 Pin 5 Cabos

Length: 8 cm

State: New 

Applicable Models: 

HP Stream: 11-r000na, 11-r000nb, 11-r000nd, 11-r000ne, 11-r000nf, 11-r000ng, 11-r000nia, 11-r000nk, 11-r000nm, 11-r000no, 11-r000np, 11-r000nq, 11-r000ns, 11-r000nu, 11-r000nz, 11-r000ur, 11-R001, 11-r001na, 11-r001nd, 11-r001ne, 11-r001nm, 11-r001no, 11-r001np, 11-r001ns, 11-r001tu, 11-r001ur, 11-R002, 11-r002la, 11-r002na, 11-r002nd, 11-r002nk, 11-r002np, 11-r002ns, 11-r002tu, 11-r003na, 11-r003ne, 11-r003nf, 11-r003no, 11-r003np, 11-r003nx, 11-r003TU, 11-r004na, 11-r004nf, 11-r004nx, 11-r004TU, 11-r005na, 11-r005nf, 11-r005tu, 11-r006nf, 11-r006tu, 11-r007nf, 11-r007tu, 11-r008nf, 11-r008tu, 11-r009nf, 11-r009tu, 11-r010ca, 11-r010nf, 11-r010nr, 11-r010tu, 11-r011ca, 11-r011nf, 11-r011TU, 11-r012TU, 11-r013nf, 11-r013TU, 11-r014tu, 11-r014wm, 11-r015tu, 11-r015wm, 11-r016TU, 11-r017TU, 11-r018tu, 11-r019tu, 11-r020nr, 11-r020nw, 11-r020tu, 11-r021nw, 11-r021tu, 11-r022TU, 11-r023TU, 11-r024TU, 11-R025NR, 11-r031ng, 11-r050na, 11-r050sa, 11-r052na, 11-r091nr, 11-r092nr, 11-R, 11-R000

HP Stream 11 Pro G2

HP Pavilion: 11-s001tu, 11-s002tu, 11-s003tu, 11-S, 11-S000

Part Number 743212-FD1, 743480-002

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