Laptop Cooling Fan ASUS X550 X550CA X550CC X550LB X550LD X450 13NB00S1P01011 4 Pin
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Laptop Cooling Fan ASUS X550 X550CA X550CC X550LB X550LD X450 13NB00S1P01011 4 Pin


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Laptop Fan

Connector: 4 Pin

Fan Thickness: 8 mm

DC 05V 0.40A

State: New


Asus A450

A450CA, A450CC, A450CP, A450EA, A450EP, A450JB, A450LA, A450LC, A450LD, A450LN, A450MD, A450MJ, A450VB, A450VC, A450VP

Asus A550

A550CA, A550CC, A550CL, A550EA, A550EP, A550LA, A550LAV, A550LB, A550LC, A550LD, A550LDV, A550LN, A550VB, A550VC, A550VL, A550WE

Asus A552

A552CA, A552CC, A552CL, A552EA, A552LA, A552LC, A552LD, A552LN, A552VB, A552VC, A552WE

Asus A750


Asus D452


Asus D552

D552CA, D552CC, D552CL, D552EA, D552EP, D552LA, D552LAV, D552LB, D552LC, D552LD, D552LN, D552VB, D552VC, D552VL, D552WE

Asus E450

E450CA, E450CC, E450EP, E450LA, E450LC, E450LD, E450LN, E450MD, E450MJ, E450VB, E450VC, E450VP

Asus F450

F450CA, F450CC, F450CP, F450EA, F450EP, F450JB, F450LA, F450LC, F450LD, F450LN, F450MD, F450MJ, F450VB, F450VC, F450VP

Asus F452

F452CA, F452CC, F452CP, F452EA, F452EP, F452JB, F452LA, F452LC, F452LD, F452MD, F452MJ, F452VP

Asus F550

F550CA, F550CC, F550CL, F550EA, F550EP, F550LA, F550LAV, F550LB, F550LC, F550LD, F550LDV, F550LN, F550VB, F550VC, F550VL, F550WE

Asus F552

F552CA, F552CC, F552CL, F552EA, F552EP, F552LA, F552LAV, F552LB, F552LC, F552LD, F552LDV, F552LN, F552VB, F552VC, F552VL, F552WE, F552WE-SX018H

Asus F750


Asus FX550

FX550CC, FX550EA, FX550EP, FX550LA

Asus K450

K450CA, K450CC, K450CP, K450EA, K450EP, K450JB, K450LA, K450LC, K450LD, K450LN, K450MD, K450MJ, K450VB, K450VC, K450VP

Asus K550

K550CA, K550CC, K550CL, K550EA, K550EP, K550LA, K550LAV, K550LB, K550LC, K550LD, K550LN, K550VB, K550VC, K550VL, K550WE

Asus K750


Asus P450

P450CA, P450CC, P450CP, P450EA, P450EP, P450JB, P450LA, P450LAV, P450LC, P450LD, P450LDV, P450LN, P450MD, P450MJ, P450VB, P450VC, P450VP

Asus P550

P550CA, P550CA-XO274G, P550CC, P550CL, P550EA, P550EP, P550LA, P550LAV, P550LB, P550LC, P550LD, P550LDV, P550LN, P550VB, P550VC, P550VL, P550WE

Asus PRO500


Asus PU550


Asus R409

R409CA, R409CC, R409CP, R409EA, R409EP, R409JB, R409LA, R409LAV, R409LC, R409LD, R409LDV, R409LN, R409MD, R409MJ, R409VB, R409VC, R409VP

Asus R412


Asus R510

R510CA, R510CC, R510CL, R510EA, R510EP, R510LA, R510LAV, R510LB, R510LC, R510LD, R510LDV, R510LN, R510LNV, R510VB, R510VC, R510VL, R510WE

Asus R513

R513CA, R513CC, R513CL, R513EA, R513EP, R513LA, R513LAV, R513LB, R513LC, R513LD, R513LN, R513VB, R513VC, R513VL, R513WE

Asus R751


Asus X450

X450CA, X450CC, X450CP, X450EA, X450EP, X450JB, X450LA, X450LC, X450LD, X450LDV, X450LN, X450LNV, X450MD, X450MJ, X450VB, X450VC, X450VP

Asus X452

X452CA, X452CC, X452CP, X452EA, X452EP, X452LC, X452LD, X452LN, X452MD, X452MJ, X452VB, X452VC, X452VP

Asus X550

X550CA, X550CA-XX103H, X550CC, X550CC-XX067H, X550CL, X550EA, X550EP, X550LA, X550LAV, X550LB, X550LB-XO055H, X550LC, X550LD, X550LD R510LD, X550LD-XX365H, X550LDV, X550LN, X550LN-CN121H, X550LNV, X550VB, X550VC, X550VL, X550WE

Asus X552

X552CA, X552CC, X552CL, X552CL-SX019H, X552CL-SX022H, X552CL-SX033H, X552CL-SX047H, X552EA, X552EP, X552LA, X552LAV, X552LAV-SX394H, X552LB, X552LC, X552LD, X552LDV, X552LN, X552VB, X552VC, X552VL, X552WE

Asus X750


Asus Y481

Y481CA, Y481CC, Y481CP, Y481EA, Y481EP, Y481JB, Y481LA, Y481LC, Y481LD, Y481LN, Y481MD, Y481MJ, Y481VB, Y481VC, Y481VP

Asus Y482


Asus Y582

Y582CA, Y582CC, Y582CL, Y582EA, Y582EP, Y582LA, Y582LAV, Y582LB, Y582LC, Y582LD, Y582LN, Y582VB, Y582VC, Y582VL, Y582WE

Part number: 13NB00S1P01011

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