Laptop Cooling Fan Samsung NP 300V3A NP 300V3Z NP300V3A-S04 BA81-14323A 4 Pin
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Laptop Cooling Fan Samsung NP 300V3A NP 300V3Z NP300V3A-S04 BA81-14323A 4 Pin


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Laptop Fan

Connector: 4 Pin

DC 05V 0.40A

State: New


Samsung NP300V3A, NP305V3A, NP355V3A

NP300V3A-A01CA, NP300V3A-A01CO, NP300V3A-A01EE, NP300V3A-A01ES, NP300V3A-A01FR, NP300V3A-A01HK, NP300V3A-A01MX, NP300V3A-A01SE, NP300V3A-A01US, NP300V3A-A02CO, NP300V3A-A02EE, NP300V3A-A02IN, NP300V3A-A02SE, NP300V3A-A03CO, NP300V3A-A03IN, NP300V3A-A03SE, NP300V3A-A04CO, NP300V3A-A04SE, NP300V3A-A05CO, NP300V3A-A06IL, NP300V3A-A0CIL, NP300V3A-B01SE, NP300V3A-S01BE, NP300V3A-S01BG, NP300V3A-S01CH, NP300V3A-S01CN, NP300V3A-S01ES, NP300V3A-S01HK, NP300V3A-S01NL, NP300V3A-S01PT, NP300V3A-S02AT, NP300V3A-S02AU, NP300V3A-S02BE, NP300V3A-S02CH, NP300V3A-S02CN, NP300V3A-S02DE, NP300V3A-S02FR, NP300V3A-S02NL, NP300V3A-S02PT, NP300V3A-S02SE, NP300V3A-S03AT, NP300V3A-S03BE, NP300V3A-S03CH, NP300V3A-S03CN, NP300V3A-S03DE, NP300V3A-S03NL, NP300V3A-S03PT, NP300V3A-S03SE, NP300V3A-S04AU, NP300V3A-S04CN, NP300V3A-S04NL, NP300V3A-S04PT, NP300V3A-S04SE, NP300V3A-S05PT, NP300V3A-S05SE, NP300V3A-S06AU, NP300V3A-S06PT, NP300V3A-S06SE, NP300V3A-S07SE

Part Number: BA81-14323A, BA81-14323B

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