Laptop Cooling Fan Toshiba Satellite U900 U940 U945 K000137740 4 Pin
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Laptop Cooling Fan Toshiba Satellite U900 U940 U945 K000137740 4 Pin


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Laptop Cooling Fan

Connector: 4 Pin

DC 5V 0.45A

State: New


Toshiba Satellite U900, U940, U945

U900 PSU6YQ-001001, U900 PSU6YQ-002001, U900 PSU6YQ-003001, U940 PSU6SA-01K002, U940 PSU6SA-02F002, U940 PSU6SA-02F002, U940 PSU6SA-02G002, U940 PSU6SA-02G002, U940 PSU6SA-02K002, U940 PSU6SC-01R016, U940 PSU6SC-025016, U940 PSU6SC-02V016, U940 PSU6VA-00S002, U940 PSU6VA-018002, U940 PSU6VC-00R00W, U940 PSU6VC-01H00W, U940-00R PSU6VC-00R00W, U940-00S PSU6VA-00S002, U940-018 PSU6VA-018002, U940-01H PSU6VC-01H00W, U940-01K PSU6SA-01K002, U940-01R PSU6SC-01R016, U940-025 PSU6SC-025016, U940-02V PSU6SC-02V016, U940-100 PSU6SE-00G00NG3, U940-100 PSU6SE-00G00PBT, U940-100 PSU6SE-00G00UEN, U940-100 PSU6SE-00G00WFR, U940-100 PSU6SE-00G00YGR, U940-101 PSU6SE-00L00HN5, U940-101 PSU6SE-00L00LS4, U940-101 PSU6SE-00L00YGR, U940-102 PSU6SE-00H00GIT, U940-103 PSU6VE-00900DPL, U940-103 PSU6VE-00900FB3, U940-103 PSU6VE-00900GCZ, U940-103 PSU6VE-00900NIT, U940-108 PSU6SE-00P00RCE, U940-10C PSU6SE-00M00RCE, U940-10M PSU6SE-00T00UEN, U940-10N PSU6SE-00N00WFR, U940-10P PSU6SE-00U00UEN, U940-10Q PSU6VE-00X00HEP, U940-10U PSU6VE-00E00JFR, U940-112 PSU6VE-00K00HEP, U940-117 PSU6SE-01N00WFR, U940-118 PSU6SE-00F00PBT, U940-11C, U940-11D PSU6VE-00U008TE, U940-11F PSU6SE-01W00PBT, U940-11F PSU6SE-01W00UEN, U940-11F PSU6SE-01W00WFR, U940-11G PSU6SE-01U00PBT, U940-11J, U940-11K PSU6SE-02200GIT, U940-11L PSU6VE-00Y00HEP, U940-11L PSU6VE-00Y014CZ, U940-11L PSU6VE-00Y01DPL, U940-11N PSU6SE-02100UEN, U940-11P PSU6SE-01Y00RCE, U940-11R PSU6SE-02301REP, U940-11T PSU6SE-02H00WFR, U940-11U PSU6VE-01400JFR, U940-11V PSU6VE-01500JFR, U940-11X PSU6SE-02N00PBT, U940-11X PSU6SE-02N00YGR, U940-120 PSU6SE-02P00YGR, U940-126 PSU6VE-01F01GGR, U940-127, U940-12C PSU6SE-02W00RCE, U940-12F, U940-12N PSU6SE-03600PBT, U940-D4M PTSB0E-02R00HH3, U940-DPS PTSB0E-02Q00HH3, U940-DQS PTSB0E-01Q00HH3, U940-K002 PSU6SA-02K002, U940-SP4102GL PSU6SP-023LM1, U940-SP4103GL PSU6SP-02SLM1, U945-S4110 PSU6SU-02801N, U945-S4130 PSU6SU-028008, U945-S4140 PSU6SU-029008, U945-S4380 PSU6SU-013008, U945-S4390, U945-ST4N01 PSU6SU-02D01M, U945-ST4N02 PSU6SU-02E01M

Part Number: K000137740

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