Laptop Fan HP Pavilion x360 13-S 13-S000 13-S100 809825-001 4 Pin
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Laptop Fan HP Pavilion x360 13-S 13-S000 13-S100 809825-001 4 Pin


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Laptop Fan

Connector: 4 Pin

DC 5V 0.5A

State: New



HP Pavilion Convertible x360 13-S, 13-S000, 13-S100 

13-s000nc, 13-s000nk, 13-s000nm, 13-s000ns, 13-s000nt, 13-s000nv, 13-s001la, 13-s001nf, 13-s001nl, 13-s001np, 13-s001ns, 13-s002na, 13-s002nf, 13-s002ns, 13-s003na, 13-s003nf, 13-s003ni, 13-s003nl, 13-s003ns, 13-s003nu, 13-s004nf, 13-s005nc, 13-s006nia, 13-s010nd, 13-s011ne, 13-s011nia, 13-s014ne, 13-s015ne, 13-S020CA, 13-S020NR, 13-S021CA, 13-s025nd, 13-s030ng, 13-s030no, 13-s030nw, 13-s031no, 13-s034no, 13-s034nw, 13-s035no, 13-S036CA, 13-s040nz, 13-s052na, 13-s052sa, 13-s056nw, 13-s057nw, 13-s058nw, 13-s060, 13-s060na, 13-s060sa, 13-S067NR, 13-s083no, 13-s084no, 13-S099NR, 13-S100CY, 13-s100na, 13-s100nd, 13-s100nf, 13-s100nia, 13-s100nj, 13-s100nk, 13-s100nl, 13-s100nq, 13-s100ns, 13-s100nt, 13-s100nv, 13-s100nx, 13-s100ur, 13-s101br, 13-S101CY, 13-s101la, 13-s101nf, 13-s101ng, 13-s101ni, 13-s101nia, 13-s101nj, 13-s101nk, 13-s101nl, 13-s101np, 13-s101ns, 13-s101nt, 13-s101nv, 13-s101nx, 13-s101TU, 13-s101ur, 13-s102nf, 13-s102nj, 13-s102no, 13-s102np, 13-s102ns, 13-s102nt, 13-s102nu, 13-s102nv, 13-s102nx, 13-s102TU, 13-s103br, 13-s103la, 13-s103ne, 13-s103nf, 13-s103ni, 13-s103nia, 13-s103no, 13-s103np, 13-s103TU, 13-s104br, 13-s104la, 13-s104nc, 13-s104ne, 13-s104nia, 13-s104nl, 13-s104TU, 13-s105na, 13-s105nc, 13-s105nd, 13-s105nf, 13-s105nia, 13-s105nl, 13-s105no, 13-s106nf, 13-s106no, 13-s107nf, 13-s107nl, 13-s108na, 13-s108nf, 13-s109nl, 13-s115nl, 13-S120CA, 13-S120DS, 13-S120NR, 13-S120WM, 13-S121CA, 13-S121DS, 13-S122DS, 13-S122NR, 13-S123CA, 13-S123CL, 13-s125nd, 13-S128NR, 13-s130ng, 13-s131ng, 13-s133nw, 13-S138CA, 13-s140nz, 13-s142nf, 13-s143nf, 13-s150na, 13-s150sa, 13-s151la, 13-s151nm, 13-s153nw, 13-s154na, 13-s154sa, 13-s160, 13-s161, 13-S161NR, 13-s162, 13-S167NR, 13-S168NR, 13-S178NR, 13-S179NR, 13-s180no, 13-s181nd, 13-s181no, 13-s184ng, 13-s185no, 13-s186no, 13-S192NR, 13-S194NR, 13-S195NR, 13-S199NR, 13-s199ur

HP 13T-S000, 13T-S100

HP Convertible x360 330 G1

Part Number: 809825-001

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