Laptop Cooling Fan Asus X455LD A455 A555 F555 K555 R556 X554 X555 13NB0621T05021 4 Pin
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Laptop Cooling Fan Asus X455LD A455 A555 F555 K555 R556 X554 X555 13NB0621T05021 4 Pin


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Laptop Cooling Fan

Connector: 4 Pin

DC 5V 2.25W

State: New


Asus A455


A455LAB, A455LB, A455LD, A455LDB, A455LF, A455LJ, A455LN, A455LNB, A455WA, A455WE, A455YA, A455YI

Asus A555

A555BP, A555DA, A555DG, A555LA, A555LAB, A555LB, A555LD, A555LD-XX664H, A555LF, A555LI, A555LJ, A555LN, A555LNB, A555LP, A555LPB, A555QA, A555QG, A555SJ, A555UA, A555UB, A555UF, A555UJ, A555UQ, A555YA

Asus DX882


Asus DX992

DX992DA, DX992LB, DX992LD, DX992LI, DX992LJ, DX992LN, DX992LNB, DX992LP, DX992LPB, DX992SJ, DX992UA, DX992UB, DX992UF, DX992UJ, DX992YI

Asus F41


Asus F51


Asus F430

F430LB, F430LD, F430LDB, F430YA, F430YI

Asus F454

F454LA, F454LAB, F454LD, F454LDB, F454LJ, F454WA, F454WE

Asus F455

F455LA, F455LAB, F455LB, F455LD, F455LDB, F455LJ, F455LN, F455LNB, F455WA, F455WE, F455YA, F455YI

Asus F530

F530LN, F530LNB

Asus F554

F554DA, F554DG, F554LA, F554LA-XX500H, F554LAB, F554LB, F554LD, F554LF, F554LI, F554LJ, F554LN, F554LNB, F554LP, F554LPB, F554SJ, F554UA, F554UB, F554UF, F554UJ, F554UQ, F554YA

Asus F555

F555BA, F555BA-A9AR5PB1, F555BA-A9BR5PB1, F555BP, F555BP-XO004T, F555BP-XO067T, F555DA, F555DG-XO075T, F555LA, F555LAB, F555LB, F555LD, F555LD-XX114H, F555LF, F555LI, F555LJ, F555LN, F555LNB, F555LP, F555LP-XX025H, F555LP-XX029H, F555LPB, F555QA, F555QG, F555QG-XX033T, F555QG-XX068T, F555QG-XX161T, F555SJ, F555UA, F555UB, F555UF, F555UJ, F555UQ, F555YA, F555YI, F555YI-XX134T

Asus FL5600

FL5600LP, FL5600LPB

Asus K455

K455LA, K455LAB, K455LB, K455LD, K455LDB, K455LF, K455LJ, K455LN, K455LNB, K455WA, K455WE, K455YA, K455YI

Asus K555

K555BA, K555BP, K555DA, K555DG, K555LA, K555LAB, K555LB, K555LB-FI551T, K555LD, K555LF, F555LI, K555LJ, K555LJ-XX974T, K555LN, K555LN-XO133H, K555LNB, K555LP, K555LPB, K555QA, K555QG, K555QG-A0AR5PB1, K555QG-A12, K555SJ, K555UA, K555UB, K555UF, K555UJ, K555UQ, K555YA, K555YI

Asus R41


Asus R51


Asus R406

R406LD, R406LDB

Asus R419

R419LD, R419LDB

Asus R454

R454LA, R454LAB, R454LD, R454LDB, R454LF, R454LJ, R454LN, R454WA, R454WE, R454YA, R454YI

Asus R455

R455LA, R455LAB, R455LB, R455LD, R455LDB, R455LF, R455LJ, R455LN, R455LNB, R455WA, R455WE, R455YA, R455YI

Asus R506

R506LN, R506LNB

Asus R511

R511DA, R511DG, R511LA, R511LAB, R511LB, R511LD, R511LF, R511LI, R511LJ, R511LN, R511LNB, R511LP, R511LPB, R511SJ, R511UA, R511UB, R511UF, R511UJ, R511UQ, R511YA, R511YI

Asus R556

R556BA, R556BP, R556DA, R556DG, R556LA, R556LA-XX2374T, R556LAB, R556LB, R556LD, R556LF, R556LI, R556LJ, R556LN, R556LNB, R556LP, R556LPB, R556QA, R556QG, R556SJ, R556UA, R556UB, R556UF, R556UJ, R556UQ, R556YA, R556YI, R556YI-DM198T

Asus R557

R557DA, R557DG, R557LA, R557LAB, R557LD, R557LI, R557LJ, R557LN, R557LNB, R557LP, R557LPB, R557UA, R557UF, R557UJ, R557UQ, R557YI

Asus W51

W519LN, W519LNB

Asus VM410


Asus VM490

VM490LD, VM490LDB, VM490LN, VM490LNB

Asus VM510

VM510LN, VM510LNB, VM510LP, VM510LPB

Asus VM590

VM590LN, VM590LNB, VM590UB, VM590UQ

Asus W41


Asus W51


Asus W409

W409LD, W409LDB

Asus W419

W419LD, W419LDB

Asus W429

W429LD, W429LDB

Asus W509

W509LN, W509LNB, W509LP, W509LPB

Asus W519

W519LN, W519LNB, W519LP, W519LPB

Asus W529

W529LN, W529LNB

Asus X454

X454LA, X454LAB, X454LB, X454LD, X454LDB, X454LF, X454LJ, X454LN, X454WA, X454WE, X454YA, X454YI

Asus X455

X455L, X455LA, X455LAB, X455L, X455LB, X455LD, X455LDB, X455LF, X455LJ, X455LN, X455LNB, X455WA, X455WE, X455YA, X455YI

Asus X554

X554BA, X554DA, X554DG, X554LA, X554LA-XO496D, X554LA-XO496H, X554LA-XX370H, X554LA-XX371H, X554LA-XX449H, X554LA-XX534H 90NB0658-M07910, X554LAB, X554LB, X554LD, X554LD-XX498H, X554LD-XX615H, X554LD-XX667H, X554LD-XX670H, X554LF, X554LI, X554LJ, X554LJ-35A9, X554LJ-35A92PB1, X554LJ-55A92PB1, X554LJ-XX106H, X554LJ-XX510H, X554LN, X554LNB, X554LP, X554LPB, X554QA, X554QG, X554SJ, X554UA, X554UB, X554UF, X554UJ, X554UQ, X554YA, X554YI

Asus X555

X555BA, X555BP, X555BP-DM201T, X555DA, X555DG, X555LA, X555LA-XO077D, X555LA-XO077H, X555LA-XO080H, X555LA-XX2276T, X555LA-XX2717T, X555LA-XX2811D, X555LA-XX290H, X555LA-XX290HA, X555LA-XX290HD, X555LAB, X555LB, X555LB-DM223H, X555LD, X555LD-5X582W, X555LD-XO034H, X555LD-XO549H, X555LD-XO730H, X555LD-XO733H, X555LD-XO821H, X555LD-XX085H, X555LD-XX138H, X555LF, X555LI, X555LJ, X555LJ-3C92W1B, X555LJ-3R92, X555LJ-3R92W1B, X555LJ-5C92W1B, X555LJ-5R92W1B, X555LJ-7C92W1B, X555LJ-7R92, X555LJ-7R92W1B, X555LJ-R392W1B, X555LJ-XO1243T, X555LJ-XO160H, X555LJ-XO186H, X555LJ-XO198H, X555LJ-XO212T, X555LJ-XX443T, X555LN, X555LN-XO244H, X555LN-XO246H, X555LNB, X555LP, X555LPB, X555QA, X555QG, X555SJ, X555UA, X555UB, X555UB-DM141T, X555UB-XO253R, X555UF, X555UJ, X555UQ, X555YA, X555YI

Asus Y483

Y483LD, Y483LDB

Asus Y583

Y583LN, Y583LNB, Y583LP, Y583LPB

Asus Z450

Z450LA, Z450UA


Z550MA, Z550SA

Part Number: 13NB0621T05011, 13NB0621T05021, 13NB06A1AM1001, 13NB06A1AM1301, 13NB06A1AM1601, 13NB06A1AM1701, 13NB06B1AM1501, 13NB06C1AM0901, 13NB06C1AM1401, 13NB06C1AM1402, 13NB07P1AM1001, 13NB0621AM0101, 13NB0621AM0303, 13NB09B1AM0102, 13NB09C0AM0101, 13NB0AG0AM0102, 13NB0AG0AM0101, MF60070V1-C370-S9A

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