Flex Cable LCD Asus A550 X550 D551 R510 1422-01M6000 No Touch Screen 40 Pin
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Flex Cable LCD Asus A550 X550 D551 R510 1422-01M6000 No Touch Screen 40 Pin


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Laptop Flex Cable LCD - LED Webcam Series

Connector 40 Pin

State: New 


Asus A550

A550CL, A550EA, A550EP, A550LA, A550LD, A550LDV, A550MD, A550MJ, A550VL, A550WA, A550WE

Asus A552

A552CL, A552EA, A552LA, A552LD, A552MD, A552MJ, A552WA, A552WE

Asus D552

D552CL, D552EA, D552EP, D552LA, D552LD, D552MD, D552MJ, D552VL, D552WA, D552WE

Asus F550

F550CA, F550CC, F550CL, F550EA, F550EP, F550LA, F550LD, F550LDV, F550LN, F550MD, F550MJ, F550VL, F550WA, F550WE, F550ZE

Asus F552

F552CL, F552CL, F552EA, F552EP, F552LA, F552LD, F552LDV, F552LDV, F552MD, F552MJ, F552VL, F552WA, F552WE, F552WE-SX018H, F554LA

Asus FX550

FX550EA, FX550EP, FX550LA, FX550MJ

Asus K550

K550CL, K550EA, K550EP, K550JD, K550JD-DM028H, K550JD-XX003H, K550JK, K550JK, K550JK-XO014H, K550JK-XO172H, K550JX, K550JX-DM228T, K550JX-XX011T, K550JX-XX076H, K550LA, K550LD, K550MD, K550MJ, K550VL, K550WA, K550WE

Asus P550

P550CA-XO274G, P550CL, P550EA, P550EP, P550LA, P550LAV, P550LD, P550LDV, P550MD, P550MJ, P550VL, P550WA, P550WE

Asus R510

R510C, R510CC, R510CL, R510EA, R510EP, R510JF-XX019, R510JK, R510LA, R510LAV, R510LAV, R510LD, R510LDV, R510MD, R510MJ, R510VL, R510VX-DM004D, R510VX-DM005D, R510VX-DM006D, R510VX-DM010D, R510VX-DM010T, R510VX-DM154T, R510VX-DM221D, R510VX-DM236T, R510VX-DM439T, R510VX-DM576, R510VX-DM577, R510VX-DM579, R510WA, R510WE

Asus R513

R513CL, R513CL, R513EA, R513EP, R513LA, R513LD, R513MD, R513MJ, R513VL, R513WA, R513WE

Asus X550

X550CA, X550CA-P550CA, X550CA-XX103H, X550CC, X550CC-K550CC, X550CC-XX067H, X550CC-XX1047H, X550CL, X550CL-X552CL, X550DP, X550EA, X550EA-X552EA, X550EP, X550IK, X550IK-DM049T, X550IU, X550JD, X550JF, X550JK, X550JK-F554L, X550JX, X550LA, X550LA-F550LA, X550LA-F550LA, X550LAV, X550LB, X550LB-F550LB, X550LB-XO055H, X550LC, X550LC-F550LC, X550LD, X550LD-R510L, X550LD-R510LD, X550LDV, X550LD-XX365H, X550LN, X550LN-R510LN, X550LN-R510LN, X550LN-CN121H, X550LNV, X550MD, X550MD-F552MD, X550MJ, X550VB, X550VC, X550VL, X550VQ, X550VX, X550VX-DM539T, X550VX-DM687T, X550WA, X550WE, X550ZA, X550ZE

Asus X552

X552CL, X552CL-SX019H, X552CL-SX022H, X552CL-SX033H, X552CL-SX047H, X552EA, X552EP, X552LA, X552LAV, X552LAV-SX394H, X552LD, X552LDV, X552MD, X552MJ, X552MJ-SX005T, X552MJ-SX040H, X552MJ-SX076T, X552VL, X552WA, X552WE

Asus Y582

Y582CL, Y582EA, Y582EP, Y582LA, Y582LAV, Y582LD, Y582MD, Y582MJ, Y582VL, Y582WA, Y582WE

Part Number: 1422-01M6000, 14005-00921100

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