Keyboard Acer Aspire E1-571 E1-571G E1-521 E1-531 E1-531G Travelmate P253-E P273-M PT
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Keyboard Acer Aspire E1-571 E1-571G E1-521 E1-531 E1-531G Travelmate P253-E P273-M PT


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Laptop Keyboard With standard NumPad Compatible with Various Models

Version: Portuguese (PT-PT)

Color: Black

State: New

Applicable Models:

Acer Aspire E1-521, E1-531, E1-531G, E1-571, E1-571G, E1-571GTE, E1-732, E1-732G, E1-732Z, E1-772, E1-772G

Acer Travelmate 5344, 5725, 6594, 8537, 8572, 5344G, 5344Z, 5725G, 5735ZGI, 6594E, 6594EG, 6594G, 6594GZX, 8572G, 8572T, 8572TG, 8572Z

Part Number: 

60.MHPN5.001, 60.MHPN5.002, 60.MHPN5.003, 60.MHPN5.004, 60.MHPN5.005, 60.MHPN5.010, 60.MHPN5.012, 9Z.N3M82.11D, 9Z.N3M82.F1K, KB.I170A.203, KB.I170A.204, KB.I170A.206, KB.I170A.209, KB.I170A.212, KB.I170A.214, KB.I170A.217, KB.I170A.219, KB.I170A.220, KB.I170A.222, KB.I170A.224, KB.I170A.226, KB.I170A.227, KB.I170A.228, KBI170A203, KBI170A204, KBI170A206, KBI170A209, KBI170A212, KBI170A214, KBI170A217, KBI170A219, KBI170A220, KBI170A224, KBI170A226, KBI170A227, KBI170A228, NK.I1713.018, NK.I1713.01B, NK.I1713.01U, NK.I1713.01X, NK.I1713.01Y, NK.I1713.021, NK.I1713.025, NK.I1713.026, NK.I1713.02C, NK.I1713.02E, NK.I1713.02G, NK.I1713.02V, NK.I1713.02W, NK.I1713.02Y, NK.I1713.02Z, NK.I1713.033, NK.I1713.034, NK.I1713.036, NK.I1713.037, NK.I1713.03A, NK.I1713.03D, NK.I1713.03F, NK.I1713.03G, NK.I1713.03H, NK.I1713.03K, NK.I1713.03L, NK.I1713.03M, NK.I1713.03N, NK.I1713.03Y, NK.I1713.04H, NK.I1717.006, NK.I1717.007, NK.I1717.00A, NK.I1717.00B, NK.I1717.00C, NK.I1717.00E, NK.I1717.00F, NK.I1717.00P, NK.I1717.00R, NK.I1717.00T, NK.I1717.00U, NK.I1717.00V, NK.I1717.00W, NK.I1717.01D, NK.I1717.03R, NK.I1717.03S, NK.I1717.03V, NK.I1717.03Z, NK.I1717.040, NK.I1717.043, NK.I1717.048, NK.I1717.049, NK.I1717.04D, NK.I1717.04H, NK.I1717.04J, NK.I171S.00Q, NKI1713013, NKI1713018, NKI1713019, NKI171301A, NKI171301B, NKI171301E, NKI171301G, NKI171301H, NKI171301K, NKI171301M, NKI171301P, NKI171301Q, NKI171301S, NKI171301U, NKI171301X, NKI171301Y, NKI1713021, NKI1713023, NKI1713025, NKI1713026, NKI171302C, NKI171302E, NKI171302G, NKI171302K, NKI171302L, NKI171302V, NKI171302W, NKI171302Y, NKI171302Z, NKI1713032, NKI1713033, NKI1713034, NKI1713036, NKI1713037, NKI171303A, NKI171303C, NKI171303F, NKI171303G, NKI171303H, NKI171303K, NKI171303L, NKI171303M, NKI171303N, NKI171303Q, NKI171303U, NKI1713040, NKI171304A, NKI171304H, NKI1717003, NKI1717006, NKI1717007, NKI171700A, NKI171700B, NKI171700C, NKI171700E, NKI171700F, NKI171700P, NKI171700R, NKI171700T, NKI171700U, NKI171700V, NKI171700W, NKI1717012, NKI1717017, NKI171701L, NKI171701R, NKI171703R, NKI171703S, NKI171703U, NKI171703V, NKI171703Y, NKI171703Z, NKI1717040, NKI1717041, NKI1717042, NKI1717043, NKI1717046, NKI1717048, NKI171704B, NKI171704D, NKI171704F, NKI171704G, NKI171704H, NKI171704J, NKI171704W, NKI171704Y, NKI1717054, NKI1717057, NKI171705A, NKI171705D, NKI171S00Q, NSK-AUF1K, PK130C92A00, PK130PI2B23

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