Keyboard Packard Bell TM81 TK85 TM82 TM86 TM98 NV50 Gateway NV51 NV53A PT
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Keyboard Packard Bell TM81 TK85 TM82 TM86 TM98 NV50 Gateway NV51 NV53A PT


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Laptop Keyboard With standard NumPad Compatible with Various Models

Version: Portuguese (PT-PT)

Color: Black

State: New

Applicable Models:

Packard Bell EasyNote EN F, EN LE11BGZ, EN LE11BZ, EN LE11-BZ, EN LE69, EN LE69KB, EN LE69-KB, EN LM81, EN LM82, EN LM83, EN LM85, EN LM86, EN LM87, EN LM94, EN LM98, EN LM98GU, EN LX86, EN TE11BZ, EN TE11-BZ, EN TE11HC, EN TE11-HC, EN TE69AP, EN TE69-AP, EN TE69BH, EN TE69-BH, EN TE69BM, EN TE69-BM, EN TE69BMP, EN TE69-BMP, EN TE69CX, EN TE69-CX, EN TE69CXP, EN TE69-CXP, EN TE69HW, EN TE69-HW, EN TE69KB, EN TE69-KB, EN TE69SK, EN TE69-SK, EN TG71BM, EN TG71-BM, EN TK11BZ, EN TK11-BZ, EN TK13BZ, EN TK13-BZ, EN TK36, EN TK37, EN TK81, EN TK81G, EN TK83, EN TK85, EN TK87, EN TM01, EN TM05, EN TM13, EN TM80, EN TM81, EN TM82, EN TM83, EN TM85, EN TM86, EN TM87, EN TM89, EN TM93, EN TM94, EN TM97, EN TM98, EN TM99, EN TX62HR, EN TX69HR, EN TX69-HR, EN TX86, F, LM81, LM82, LM83, LM85, LM86, LM87, LM94, LM98, LM98U, LX86, MS2291, MS2291 , NEW90, NEW95, P5WS6, PEW91, PEW92, Q5WS1, Q5WTC, Q5WV1, TE11, TE11BZ, TE11-BZ, TE11HC, TE11-HC, TE11-HC-665PT, TE11HR, TE69AP, TE69-AP, TE69BH, TE69-BH, TE69BM, TE69-BM, TE69BMP, TE69B-MP, TE69CGX, TE69CX, TE69-CX, TE69CXP, TE69-CXP, TE69HW, TE69-HW, TE69KB, TE69-KB, TE69SK, TE69-SK, TG71BM, TG71-BM, TK11BZ, TK11-BZ, TK13BZ, TK13-BZ, TK36, TK37, TK81, TK83, TK85, TK87, TM01, TM05, TM13, TM80, TM81, TM82, TM83, TM83G, TM85, TM86, TM87, TM89, TM93, TM94, TM97, TM98, TM99, TX62HR, TX62-HR, TX69HR, TX69-HR, TX86, V5WT2, Z5WT1, Z5WT3, Z5WTC

Gateway ID59C, ID79C, NE46R, NE510, NE511, NE512, NE513, NE514, NE51B, NE522, NE527, NE56R, NE56R27U, NE56R31U, NE56R34U, NE56R35U, NE570, NE571, NE571GT, NE572, NE573, NE574, NE71B, NE722, NEW90, NEW90U, NEW95, NS41C, NS51C, NS51I, NS51IG, NS59WC, NV50A, NV51, NV510P, NV51B, NV51M, NV53A, NV55C, NV570P, NV59C, NV59GC, NV73A, NV79, NV-79, NV7901U, NV7902U, NV7906U, NV7919U, NV7920U, NV7921U, NV7922U, NV7923U, NV7925U, NV79C, NV79C17u, NV79C27u, NV79C35u, NV79C36u, NV79C37u, NV79CZ, PEW71, PEW72, PEW76

Part Number 90.4CH07.S06, 9Z.N3M82.F0S, KB.I170G.173, KB.I170G.175, KB.I170G.178, KB.I170G.179, KB.I170G.181, KB.I170G.186, KB.I170G.191, KB.I170G.195, KB.I170G.196, KB.I170G.198, KB.I170G.199, KB.I170G.262, KB.I170G.276, KB.I170G.282, KB.I170G.283, KB.I170G.284, KBI170A222, KBI170G173, KBI170G175, KBI170G178, KBI170G179, KBI170G181, KBI170G186, KBI170G191, KBI170G195, KBI170G196, KBI170G198, KBI170G199, KBI170G262, KBI170G276, KBI170G282, KBI170G283, MP-09B26P0, MP-09B26P0-442, MP-09B26P0-6983, MP-09G36P0-6981W, NK.I1713.010, NK.I1713.013, NK.I1713.017, NK.I1713.019, NK.I1713.01A, NK.I1713.01E, NK.I1713.01G, NK.I1713.01H, NK.I1713.01K, NK.I1713.01M, NK.I1713.01P, NK.I1713.01Q, NK.I1713.01R, NK.I1713.01S, NK.I1713.023, NK.I1713.02K, NK.I1713.02L, NK.I1713.032, NK.I1713.03C, NK.I1713.03Q, NK.I1713.03R, NK.I1713.03U, NK.I1713.03X, NK.I1713.03Z, NK.I1713.040, NK.I1713.041, NK.I1713.042, NK.I1713.045, NK.I1713.047, NK.I1713.048, NK.I1713.04A, NK.I1713.04B, NK.I1713.04C, NK.I1713.04E, NK.I1713.04F, NK.I1713.04G, NK.I1717.003, NK.I1717.00M, NK.I1717.00Z, NK.I1717.012, NK.I1717.016, NK.I1717.017, NK.I1717.018, NK.I1717.019, NK.I1717.01A, NK.I1717.01F, NK.I1717.01G, NK.I1717.01J, NK.I1717.01L, NK.I1717.01N, NK.I1717.01P, NK.I1717.01Q, NK.I1717.01R, NK.I1717.03U, NK.I1717.03Y, NK.I1717.041, NK.I1717.042, NK.I1717.046, NK.I1717.04B, NK.I1717.04F, NK.I1717.04G, NK.I1717.04M, NK.I1717.04Q, NK.I1717.04T, NK.I1717.04U, NK.I1717.04V, NK.I1717.04W, NK.I1717.04X, NK.I1717.04Y, NK.I1717.051, NK.I1717.053, NK.I1717.054, NK.I1717.056, NK.I1717.057, NK.I1717.058, NK.I1717.05A, NK.I1717.05B, NK.I1717.05C, NK.I1717.05D, NKI1713010, NKI1713017, NKI171301R, NKI171303D, NKI171303R, NKI171303X, NKI171303Y, NKI171303Z, NKI1713041, NKI1713042, NKI1713045, NKI1713047, NKI1713048, NKI171304B, NKI171304C, NKI171304E, NKI171304F, NKI171304G, NKI171700M, NKI171700Z, NKI1717016, NKI1717018, NKI1717019, NKI171701A, NKI171701D, NKI171701F, NKI171701G, NKI171701J, NKI171701N, NKI171701P, NKI171701Q, NKI1717049, NKI171704M, NKI171704Q, NKI171704T, NKI171704U, NKI171704V, NKI171704X, NKI1717051, NKI1717053, NKI1717056, NKI1717058, NKI171705B, NKI171705C, NSK-AUF06, NSK-AUF0S, PK130C82013, PK130C91116, PK130C91119, PK130C93A07, PK130C93A16, PK130C93A17, PK130PI2B18, W104730AK1

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