Keyboard Lenovo ThinkPad T470 With Point Stick Backlit PT
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Keyboard Lenovo ThinkPad T470 With Point Stick Backlit PT


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Laptop Keyboard Compatible with various Models

Backlit Keyboard with Point Stick

Version: Portuguese (PT-PT).

Color: Black

State: New

Applicable Models:

Lenovo ThinkPad A475 20KL, 20KM

Lenovo ThinkPad A485 20MU, 20MV

20MU000CPG, 20MU000DPG, 20MU000EPG, 20MU000FPG, 20MU000GPG, 20MU001DPG, 20MU001EPG, 20MV0000PG, 20MV0001PG, 20MV0002PG, 20MV0003PG

Lenovo ThinkPad T470 20HD, 20HE, 20JM, 20JN

20HD0000PG, 20HD0001PG, 20HD0002PG, 20HD000DPG, 20HD000EPG, 20HD000LPG, 20HD000MPG, 20HD000NPG, 20HD000PPG, 20HD001BPG, 20HD001CPG, 20HD001DPG, 20HD001EPG, 20HD001FPG, 20HD002HPG, 20HD002JPG, 20HD002KPG, 20HD003SPG, 20HD003TPG, 20HD0043PG, 20HD0048PG, 20HD0049PG, 20HD0054PG, 20HD0055PG, 20HD005NPG, 20HD005PPG, 20HD005QPG, 20HD005RPG, 20HD005SPG, 20HD0062PG, 20HD0065PG, 20HD006GPG, 20HD0074PG, 20HDA02GPG, 20HE0053PG, 20HE0054PG, 20HE0055PG, 20JM0000PG, 20JM0008PG, 20JM0015PG, 20JM0016PG, 20JN000GPG, 20JN000HPG, 20JN000JPG

Lenovo ThinkPad T480 20L5, 20L6

20L50000PG, 20L50001PG, 20L50002PG, 20L50003PG, 20L50004PG, 20L50005PG, 20L50006PG, 20L50007PG, 20L50008PG, 20L50009PG, 20L5000APG, 20L5000BPG, 20L5003TPG, 20L5003UPG, 20L50043PG, 20L5004SPG, 20L5004UPG, 20L5004VPG, 20L5004WPG, 20L5004XPG, 20L5004YPG, 20L50050PG, 20L50051PG, 20L50052PG, 20L50055PG, 20L50056PG, 20L50057PG, 20L50058PG, 20L5005TPG, 20L5005UPG, 20L5005VPG, 20L5005WPG, 20L50062PG, 20L50063PG, 20L60013PG, 20L60014PG, 20L60015PG, 20L60016PG, 20L60017PG, 20L6001MPG, 20L6001NPG, 20L6002CPG, 20L6002DPG, 20L6002EPG, 20L6002FPG, 20L60033PG, 20L60034PG, 20L60035PG, 20L60036PG, 20L6003PPG

Part Number: 8930006, 9350007, 01AX386, 01AX427, 01AX468, 01AX509, 01AX550, 01AX591, 01HX320, 01HX360, 01HX400, 01HX440, 01HX480, 01HX520, 767001C, 844008Z, 84B0053, 8AF000G, 8AS0006, 95N0007, 9BF0004, 9Z.NDBBT.006, 9Z.NDBBT.B01, A004, A006, FU53601, FU5360BL, LIM16C16P0-G62A, LIM16C16PO-G62A, NBL-PT, NSK-ZB0BT, NSK-ZB0BT 06, NSK-ZB0ST 06, PK1312D2A22, PK1312D2B22, PK1312D4B22, SG-85510-2PA, SN20L72695, SN20L72748, SN20L72789, SN20L72830, SN20L72871, SN20L72912, SN20L72B71, SN20P41662, SN20P41702, SN20P41782, SN20P41822, SN20P41862, SN5360, SN5360BL, SN5360BL1, WIDBL-85P0, WIDNBL-85P0, Windu NBL-PT, Windu2 BL-PT, WinduBL-PT, WinduMBL-PT

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