Keyboard Lenovo ThinkPad T570 With Track Stick Backlit PT
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Keyboard Lenovo ThinkPad T570 With Track Stick Backlit PT


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Laptop Keyboard with Standard Numpad Compatible with various Models

Backlit Keyboard with Track Stick

Version: Portuguese (PT-PT).

Color: Black

State: New

Applicable Models:

Lenovo ThinkPad T570 20H9, 20HA, 20JW, 20JX

20H90001PG, 20H90002PG

Lenovo ThinkPad T580 20L9, 20LA

20L9001WPG, 20L9001XPG, 20L9001YPG, 20L90020PG, 20L90021PG, 20L90022PG, 20L90023PG, 20L90024PG, 20L90025PG, 20L90026PG, 20L9002GPG, 20L9003MPG, 20L9003NPG, 20L9003PPG, 20L9003QPG, 20L9003RPG, 20L9003SPG, 20L9003TPG, 20L9003UPG, 20L9003VPG, 20L9003WPG, 20L9003XPG, 20L9003YPG, 20L90040PG, 20L90043PG, 20L9004DPG, 20L9004EPG, 20L9004FPG, 20L9004GPG, 20L9004JPG, 20L9004LPG, 20LA0016PG, 20LA0017PG, 20LA0018PG, 20LA0019PG, 20LA001APG, 20LA001BPG, 20LA001SPG, 20LA001TPG, 20LA001UPG, 20LA001VPG, 20LA0022PG, 20LA0023PG, 20LA0024PG, 20LA0025PG, 20LA0026PG

Lenovo ThinkPad P51S 20HB, 20HC, 20JY, 20K0

20HB000TPG, 20HB000VPG

Lenovo ThinkPad P52S 20LB, 20LC

20LB0005PG, 20LB0006PG, 20LB0007PG, 20LB0008PG, 20LB0009PG, 20LB000APG, 20LB000BPG, 20LB000CPG, 20LB000DPG, 20LB000EPG, 20LB000FPG, 20LB000GPG, 20LB000HPG, 20LB000JPG, 20LB000KPG, 20LB000LPG, 20LB000MPG, 20LB000NPG, 20LB000PPG, 20LB000QPG, 20LB001HPG, 20LB001YPG, 20LB002APG, 20LB002KPG, 20LB002LPG, 20LB002MPG, 20LB002NPG, 20LB002PPG, 20LB002QPG, 20LB002RPG, 20LB002SPG, 20LB002TPG, 20LB002UPG, 20LB002VPG, 20LB002WPG, 20LB002XPG, 20LB002YPG, 20LB0030PG

Part Number: 7960005, 01EN950, 01ER522, 01ER563, 01ER604, 01HX160, 01HX200, 01HX240, 01HX280, 102-16F16LHB01C, 77F0008, 81A000K, 853001L, 86A0006, 89W005C, 8BV0003, 91W0001, 94X0001, 95J0004, BBV0003, FU8361, FU8361BL, LIM16C96P0-4421A, LIM16C96P0-442A, LIM16F16P0J4421A, LIM16F16P0J442A, NBL-POR, SG-85520-2PB 01, SG-85530-2PB 01, SG-85550-2PA, SN20M07828, SN20M07828AA, SN20M07869, SN20M07869AA, SN20M07915, SN20M07915AA, SN20M07956, SN20M07956AA, SN20P41502, SN20P41502AA, SN20P41542, SN20P41582, SN20P41582AA, SN20P41622, SN83611, SN8361BL1, TACBL-106P0, TACBNL-106P0, Tachi BL-POR, Tachi2BL-PT, Tachi2NBL-PT, TachiBL-POR, TachiNBL-POR, Tachl2 NBL-PT, TACNBL-106P0

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