Keyboard HP Chromebook 11 G6 EE Without Frame PT
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Keyboard HP Chromebook 11 G6 EE Without Frame PT


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Laptop Keyboard Compatible with various Models

Keyboard without Frame

Version: Portuguese (PT-PT) 

Color: Black

State: New

Applicable Models: 

HP Chromebook 11 G6 EE

HP Chromebook 11 G7 EE

Product Number: 6MS43EA, 9VX09EC

HP Chromebook 11 G8 EE

Product Number: 2T3Y6EC, 3J340EP

HP Chromebook 11A G6 EE

HP Chromebook 11A G8 EE

HP Chromebook 14 G5

Product Number: 5DE04EC, 5DE04ECR, 3GJ74EA, 3GJ74EAR, 3GJ75EA, 3GJ75EAR, 3GJ73EA, 3GJ73EAR, 3GJ76EA, 3GJ76EAR, 3GJ77EA, 3GJ77EAR

HP Chromebook 14 G6

Product Number: 2T4D5EC, 3S212EP

HP Chromebook 14A G5

HP Chromebook 14-CA, 14-CA000, 14-CA100

14-ca000na, 14-ca000no, 14-ca000nr, 14-CA000NR, 14-CA000NR, 14-ca000TU, 14-ca001nf, 14-ca001no, 14-ca001TU, 14-ca002nb, 14-ca002nf, 14-ca002tu, 14-ca002TU, 14-ca002TU, 14-ca003cl, 14-CA003CL, 14-CA003CL, 14-ca003nf, 14-ca003tu, 14-ca003TU, 14-ca003TU, 14-ca004na, 14-ca004nf, 14-ca005cl, 14-CA005CL, 14-CA005CL, 14-ca008nb, 14-ca010nr, 14-CA010NR, 14-CA010NR, 14-ca020nd, 14-ca020nr, 14-CA020NR, 14-ca021nd, 14-ca021nr, 14-CA021NR, 14-CA021NR, 14-ca023nr, 14-CA023NR, 14-CA023NR, 14-ca030nd, 14-ca030nr, 14-CA030NR, 14-ca031nd, 14-ca040nd, 14-ca040nr, 14-CA040NR, 14-CA040NR, 14-ca043cl, 14-CA043CL, 14-CA043CL, 14-ca045cl, 14-CA045CL, 14-CA045CL, 14-ca050na, 14-ca050nd, 14-ca050nr, 14-CA050NR, 14-CA050NR, 14-ca050sa, 14-ca051na, 14-ca051nd, 14-ca051nr, 14-CA051NR, 14-CA051NR, 14-ca051sa, 14-ca051wm, 14-CA051WM, 14-CA051WM, 14-ca052wm, 14-CA052WM, 14-CA052WM, 14-ca053cl, 14-CA053CL, 14-CA053CL, 14-ca060nd, 14-ca060nr, 14-CA060NR, 14-ca061dx, 14-CA061DX, 14-CA061DX, 14-ca061nd, 14-ca064dx, 14-ca070nr, 14-CA070NR, 14-ca079no, 14-ca080no, 14-ca091wm, 14-CA091WM, 14-CA091WM, 14-ca092wm, 14-CA092WM, 14-CA092WM, 14-CA1064DX, 14-CA1064DX, 14-ca137nr

HP Chromebook 14-DB, 14Z-DB, 14-DB0000

14-db0000au, 14-db0000AU, 14-db0000na, 14-db0000nf, 14-db0000no, 14-db0001au, 14-db0001AU, 14-db0001ca, 14-db0001nf, 14-db0002au, 14-db0002AU, 14-db0002ca, 14-db0002nf, 14-db0002ng, 14-db0002no, 14-db0003AU, 14-db0003na, 14-db0003nf, 14-db0003ng, 14-db0003no, 14-db0004AU, 14-db0004ng, 14-db0004no, 14-db0005AU, 14-db0005nf, 14-db0005no, 14-db0006au, 14-db0006AU, 14-db0006no, 14-db0007AU, 14-db0007no, 14-db0008AU, 14-db0008ca, 14-db0008nb, 14-db0009AU, 14-db0010AU, 14-db0010nf, 14-db0011AU, 14-db0012AU, 14-db0013dx, 14-DB0013DX, 14-DB0013DX, 14-db0013nb, 14-db0013nf, 14-db0020nr, 14-DB0020NR, 14-db0021nb, 14-db0023dx, 14-DB0023DX, 14-db0023nb, 14-db0025nr, 14-DB0025NR, 14-DB0025NR, 14-db0030nr, 14-DB0030NR, 14-db0031nb, 14-db0031nr, 14-DB0031NR, 14-db0032nb, 14-db0033dx, 14-DB0033DX, 14-DB0033DX, 14-db0033nb, 14-db0040nr, 14-DB0040NR, 14-db0041wm, 14-DB0041WM, 14-DB0041WM, 14-db0042wm, 14-DB0042WM, 14-DB0042WM, 14-db0043wm, 14-DB0043WM, 14-DB0043WM, 14-db0044nb, 14-db0044wm, 14-DB0044WM, 14-DB0044WM, 14-db0050nr, 14-DB0050NR, 14-db0051cl, 14-DB0051CL, 14-DB0051CL, 14-db0055cl, 14-DB0055CL, 14-DB0055CL, 14-db0060nr, 14-DB0060NR, 14-db0061cl, 14-DB0061CL, 14-DB0061CL, 14-db0070nr, 14-DB0070NR, 14-db0080nr, 14-DB0080NR, 14-db0090nr, 14-DB0090NR, 14-db0098nr, 14-DB0098NR, 14-DB0098NR, 14-db0301ng, 14-db0400nd, 14-db0410nd, 14-db0411nd, 14-db0500na, 14-db0500sa, 14-db0503na, 14-db0503sa, 14-db0690nd, 14-db0800no

Part Number: 9Z.NEUSQ.006, DFEAE0G1T00010826N1CK, L12695-131, L14354-131, L14355-131, L14921-131, L17093-131, L17094-131, L46581-131, L46582-131, L46583-131, L46584-131, L46585-131, L46586-131, L52192-131, L52573-131, L90338-131, L90459-131, L90460-131, L92334-131, L92832-131, L92833-131, NSK-XL0SQ

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