Keyboard Toshiba Satellite / Pro C850 C855 C855D C870 Qosmio PT
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Keyboard Toshiba Satellite / Pro C850 C855 C855D C870 Qosmio PT


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NEW items have a limited warranty until 36 months against manufacturing defects.

Laptop Keyboard with Standard NumPad Compatible with Various Models

Version: Portuguese (PT-PT).

Colo: Black

State: New

Applicable Models:

Toshiba Satellite C850, C850D, C855, C855D, C870, C870D, C875, C875D

C850-101, C850-108, C850-10C, C850-119, C850-11C, C850-11L, C850-11Q, C850-11V, C850-124, C850-125, C850-126, C850-127, C850-12K, C850-12M, C850-12R, C850-12V, C850-131, C850-132, C850-138, C850-13C, C850-13D, C850-13E, C850-13G, C850-13H, C850-13P, C850-13V, C850-13X, C850-140, C850-148, C850-14X, C850-15L, C850-161, C850-168, C850-16P, C850-16Q, C850-16R, C850-16W, C850-175, C850-176, C850-17E, C850-17G, C850-187, C850-18W, C850-18Z, C850-190, C850-195, C850-196, C850-197, C850-198, C850-199, C850-19D, C850-19L, C850-19Q, C850-19Z, C850-1C0, C850-1C1, C850-1C2, C850-1C4, C850-1C5, C850-1C8, C850-1C9, C850-1CC, C850-1CD, C850-1CE, C850-1CF, C850-1CL, C850-1CR, C850-1D2, C850-1DD, C850-1DH, C850-1DN, C850-1DV, C850-1DW, C850-1E4, C850-1E7, C850-1EN, C850-1F0, C850-1F1, C850-1F2, C850-1F7, C850-1FC, C850-1FG, C850-1FW, C850-1G2, C850-1G3, C850-1G5, C850-1GC, C850-1GE, C850-1GF, C850-1GG, C850-1GJ, C850-1GL, C850-1GP, C850-1GQ, C850-1H0, C850-1H6, C850-1JV, C850-1JW, C850-1JZ, C850-1K7, C850-1K9, C850-1KD, C850-1KM, C850-1KN, C850-1KR, C850-1KW, C850-1KX, C850-1KZ, C850-1LD, C850-1LE, C850-1LH, C850-1LJ, C850-1LK, C850-1LL, C850-1LQ, C850-1LW, C850-1LX, C850-1M8, C850-1M9, C850-1MC, C850-1MD, C850-1MF, C850-1MG, C850-1MH, C850-1MJ, C850-1ML, C850-1MN, C850-1MT, C850-1MU, C850-1MZ, C850-1NJ, C850-1NM, C850-1NU, C850-1PM, C850-B1K, C850-B2K, C850-B3K, C850-B6K, C850-B6W, C850-B7K, C850-BKK, C850-BLK, C850-BMK, C850-BPK, C850-BQK, C850-C1K, C850-C1R, C850-C1S, C850-C1W, C850-C2K, C850-C2W, C850-C3K, C850-C3S, C850-C4K, C850-C5K, C850-C6K, C850-CUK, C850-CVK, C850-D1K, C850-D1P, C850-D1R, C850-D1W, C850-D2K, C850-D2P, C850-D3K, C850-D4K, C850-D6W, C850-D7S, C850-D8K, C850-D9K, C850-DJK, C850-DKK, C850-E1K, C850-E3K, C850-E3S, C850-E3W, C850-E7K, C850-E8K, C850-E9K, C850-F03K, C850-F04K, C850-F23L, C850-G1K, C850-G2K, C850D-100, C850D-101, C850D-102, C850D-103, C850D-104, C850D-105, C850D-106, C850D-107, C850D-108, C850D-109, C850D-10F, C850D-10H, C850D-10J, C850D-10K, C850D-10T, C850D-10U, C850D-113, C850D-114, C850D-115, C850D-117, C850D-118, C850D-119, C850D-11C, C850D-11F, C850D-11G, C850D-11K, C850D-11P, C850D-11Q, C850D-11R, C850D-11W, C850D-121, C850D-125, C850D-12C, C850D-12L, C850D-12P, C850D-12Q, C850D-12U, C850D-12V, C850D-137, C850D-C2R, C850D-C3W, C850D-C4S, C850D-C7K, C850D-C8K, C850D-D6S, C850D-DPK, C850D-DRK, C850D-DSK, C855-109, C855-10G, C855-10J, C855-10K, C855-10M, C855-10N, C855-10P, C855-10T, C855-10W, C855-10X, C855-10Z, C855-111, C855-112, C855-11F, C855-11G, C855-11R, C855-127, C855-128, C855-129, C855-12C, C855-12D, C855-12E, C855-12F, C855-12G, C855-12J, C855-12K, C855-12L, C855-12M, C855-12N, C855-12P, C855-12Q, C855-12R, C855-12T, C855-12W, C855-12X, C855-133, C855-135, C855-139, C855-13F, C855-13T, C855-141, C855-145, C855-146, C855-147, C855-148, C855-149, C855-14C, C855-14D, C855-14E, C855-14Q, C855-14R, C855-14T, C855-14U, C855-14W, C855-14X, C855-14Z, C855-150, C855-152, C855-155, C855-158, C855-15E, C855-15F, C855-15H, C855-15J, C855-15K, C855-15Q, C855-15U, C855-16M, C855-177, C855-17C, C855-17M, C855-17N, C855-17Q, C855-17R, C855-17T, C855-17X, C855-17Z, C855-184, C855-18C, C855-18D, C855-18J, C855-18L, C855-18N, C855-18P, C855-18R, C855-18U, C855-18V, C855-18Z, C855-190, C855-192, C855-193, C855-196, C855-197, C855-198, C855-19U, C855-19V, C855-19W, C855-19X, C855-19Z, C855-1C0, C855-1C1, C855-1C2, C855-1C3, C855-1C4, C855-1C6, C855-1C9, C855-1CC, C855-1CF, C855-1CH, C855-1CK, C855-1CL, C855-1CM, C855-1CQ, C855-1CR, C855-1CT, C855-1CW, C855-1CX, C855-1D0, C855-1D1, C855-1DD, C855-1DJ, C855-1DK, C855-1DM, C855-1DZ, C855-1E2, C855-1E7, C855-1ED, C855-1EE, C855-1EF, C855-1EL, C855-1EM, C855-1FG, C855-1GE, C855-1GN, C855-1GP, C855-1GQ, C855-1GR, C855-1GU, C855-1H8, C855-1HE, C855-1HK, C855-1HL, C855-1HM, C855-1HT, C855-1HU, C855-1J0, C855-1J1, C855-1J2, C855-1J7, C855-1J8, C855-1JC, C855-1JP, C855-1KG, C855-1KH, C855-1KN, C855-1KP, C855-1L1, C855-1L5, C855-1L6, C855-1L9, C855-1LC, C855-1LD, C855-1LP, C855-1LQ, C855-1LW, C855-1M1, C855-1MD, C855-1ME, C855-1MR, C855-1MU, C855-1MV, C855-1MW, C855-1MZ, C855-1N0, C855-1N1, C855-1N2, C855-1N3, C855-1N4, C855-1N7, C855-1N9, C855-1NF, C855-1NJ, C855-1PM, C855-1PP, C855-1Q2, C855-1Q5, C855-1Q9, C855-1QD, C855-1QG, C855-1QH, C855-1QJ, C855-1QK, C855-1QP, C855-1QQ, C855-1QR, C855-1QV, C855-1QZ, C855-1R0, C855-1R1, C855-1R2, C855-1R4, C855-1R5, C855-1R6, C855-1R8, C855-1RH, C855-1RK, C855-1RL, C855-1RM, C855-1RN, C855-1RP, C855-1RT, C855-1RU, C855-1RV, C855-1RX, C855-1T2, C855-1T3, C855-1T4, C855-1T5, C855-1T7, C855-1T9, C855-1TC, C855-1TD, C855-1TE, C855-1TF, C855-1TG, C855-1TH, C855-1TJ, C855-1TK, C855-1TL, C855-1TM, C855-1TN, C855-1TQ, C855-1TT, C855-1TV, C855-1TW, C855-1TX, C855-1TZ, C855-1U0, C855-1U1, C855-1U2, C855-1U3, C855-1U4, C855-1U5, C855-1U7, C855-1U8, C855-1UD, C855-1UJ, C855-1UK, C855-1UN, C855-1UQ, C855-1UR, C855-1UU, C855-1UW, C855-1V3, C855-1V6, C855-1V8, C855-1VL, C855-1VN, C855-1VT, C855-1VU, C855-1VV, C855-1VX, C855-1W3, C855-1W4, C855-1W7, C855-1W8, C855-1W9, C855-1WC, C855-1WF, C855-1WH, C855-1WM, C855-1WP, C855-1WQ, C855-1WR, C855-1WT, C855-1WU, C855-1WZ, C855-1XC, C855-1XD, C855-1XE, C855-1XH, C855-1XJ, C855-1Z4, C855-1ZU, C855-204, C855-20M, C855-20N, C855-20P, C855-20Q, C855-210, C855-211, C855-212, C855-21C, C855-21D, C855-21F, C855-21L, C855-21M, C855-21P, C855-21Q, C855-21U, C855-21V, C855-21W, C855-21Z, C855-220, C855-223, C855-224, C855-226, C855-22E, C855-22G, C855-22L, C855-22N, C855-22P, C855-22Q, C855-22T, C855-237, C855-238, C855-23C, C855-23F, C855-23G, C855-23H, C855-23Z, C855-241, C855-244, C855-245, C855-246, C855-248, C855-24C, C855-24E, C855-24F, C855-24J, C855-24N, C855-24V, C855-251, C855-253, C855-255, C855-25L, C855-25P, C855-25Q, C855-25T, C855-25W, C855-26H, C855-26N, C855-26P, C855-26R, C855-26T, C855-26U, C855-26V, C855-26W, C855-26X, C855-270, C855-276, C855-27L, C855-27U, C855-27V, C855-283, C855-284, C855-285, C855-287, C855-28H, C855-28U, C855-28W, C855-294, C855-29L, C855-29M, C855-29N, C855-2C0, C855-2C5, C855-2CD, C855-2CE, C855-2CG, C855-2CJ, C855-2CK, C855-2CL, C855-2CM, C855-2CP, C855-2CQ, C855-2CU, C855-2D1, C855-2DG, C855-2DR, C855-2EC, C855-2EE, C855-2EF, C855-2EG, C855-2EJ, C855-2EK, C855-2ER, C855-2ET, C855-2EU, C855-2EV, C855-2EZ, C855-2F0, C855-2F1, C855-2F2, C855-2F3, C855-2F7, C855-2F8, C855-2F9, C855-2FC, C855-2FE, C855-2FF, C855-2FJ, C855-2FK, C855-2FM, C855-2FN, C855-2FP, C855-2FQ, C855-2FR, C855-2FT, C855-2FV, C855-2G1, C855-2G4, C855-2G5, C855-2G6, C855-2G7, C855-2G8, C855-2G9, C855-2GC, C855-2GE, C855-2GF, C855-2GH, C855-2GQ, C855-2H8, C855-2H9, C855-2HG, C855-2HV, C855-2HW, C855-2J0, C855-2J1, C855-2J2, C855-2J3, C855-2J4, C855-2J5, C855-2JE, C855-2JN, C855-2JP, C855-2JQ, C855-2JW, C855-2K1, C855-2K2, C855-2KK, C855-2KL, C855-2KR, C855-2L6, C855-2L9, C855-2LH, C855-2LJ, C855-2LK, C855-2M3, C850D-117, C850D-125, C855D-101, C855D-102, C855D-10F, C855D-10G, C855D-10J, C855D-10K, C855D-10W, C855D-11W, C855D-11X, C855D-121, C855D-124, C855D-127, C855D-12C, C855D-12D, C855D-12E, C855D-12F, C855D-12G, C855D-12J, C855D-12K, C855D-12M, C855D-12P, C855D-12T, C855D-12W, C855D-135, C855D-137, C855D-13G, C855D-13J, C855D-13T, C855D-13W, C855D-142, C855D-149, C855D-14C, C855D-14M, C855D-14Q, C855D-150, C855D-154, C855D-15U, C855D-15W, C855D-15X, C855D-15Z, C855D-160, C855D-162, C855D-166, C855D-168, C855D-16C, C855D-16H, C855D-16J, C855D-16T, C855D-16U, C855D-16V, C855D-16X, C855D-171, C855D-172, C855-S5107, C855-S5108, C855-S5111, C855-S5115, C855-S5118, C855-S5122, C855-S5123, C855-S5132NR, C855-S5133, C855-S5134, C855D-S5100, C855D-S5103, C855D-S5104, C855D-S5105, C855D-S5106, C855D-S5109, C855D-S5110, C855D-S5116, C855D-S5135NR, C855D-S5196, C870-10L, C870-10N, C870-10R, C870-111, C870-11F, C870-11G, C870-11H, C870-11J, C870-11K, C870-121, C870-123, C870-129, C870-12E, C870-12F, C870-12L, C870-12P, C870-12R, C870-12T, C870-12V, C870-133, C870-134, C870-13D, C870-13E, C870-13H, C870-13L, C870-13M, C870-13P, C870-142, C870-143, C870-147, C870-149, C870-14F, C870-14G, C870-14V, C870-14W, C870-155, C870-156, C870-15E, C870-15J, C870-15K, C870-15L, C870-15M, C870-15X, C870-15Z, C870-162, C870-165, C870-169, C870-16J, C870-177, C870-17D, C870-17E, C870-17F, C870-17G, C870-17H, C870-17L, C870-17P, C870-17T, C870-17U, C870-17V, C870-183, C870-186, C870-188, C870-18C, C870-18D, C870-18F, C870-18M, C870-18P, C870-18R, C870-18V, C870-18W, C870-18X, C870-18Z, C870-190, C870-191, C870-192, C870-193, C870-196, C870-198, C870-199, C870-19C, C870-19F, C870-19H, C870-19K, C870-19L, C870-19R, C870-19V, C870-19X, C870-1C1, C870-1C2, C870-1C3, C870-1CH, C870-1CK, C870-1D2, C870-1DD, C870-1DH, C870-1DJ, C870-1DP, C870-1EW, C870-1EX, C870-1EZ, C870-1F3, C870-1F6, C870-1FD, C870-1FE, C870-1FF, C870-1FX, C870-1FZ, C870-1G0, C870-1GD, C870-1GE, C870-1GF, C870-1GH, C870-1GL, C870-1GU, C870-1GV, C870-1GW, C870-1GX, C870-1GZ, C870-1H0, C870-1H2, C870-1H9, C870-1HD, C870-1HE, C870-1HG, C870-1HH, C870-1HN, C870-1HP, C870-1HR, C870-1HT, C870-1J4, C870-1J6, C870-1JE, C870-1JL, C870-1JM, C870-1JQ, C870-1JR, C870-1JV, C870-1K1, C870-B3W, C870-B9K, C870-BJK, C870-C7W, C870-CLK, C870-CMK, C870-CNK, C870-CPK, C870-CTK, C870-D4W, C870-D5W, C870-D7K, C870-D8W, C870-DJW, C870-DMK, C870-DNK, C870-DNW, C870-DQK, C870-E2K, C870-E2W, C870-G3K, C870D-105, C870D-107, C870D-108, C870D-109, C870D-10C, C870D-10D, C870D-10M, C870D-10T, C870D-10X, C870D-114, C870D-115, C870D-116, C870D-117, C870D-119, C870D-11E, C870D-11F, C870D-11H, C870D-11K, C870D-11L, C870D-11M, C870D-11P, C870D-11T, C870D-11V, C870D-11X, C870D-11Z, C870D-120, C870D-121, C870D-122, C870D-12F, C870D-12M, C870 PSC8AC-022009, C870 PSCBAC-09803H, C870-BT2N11, C870-BT3N11, C870-ST2N01, C870-ST2N02, C870-ST2N03, C870-ST3NX1, C870-ST3NX2, C870-ST3NX3, C870D PSCA2C-00G00G, C870D PSCA2C-00H00G, C870D PSCBEC-00M005, C870D PSCBGC-00L007, C870D-BT2N11, C875-100, C875-101, C875-102, C875-10T, C875-114, C875-126, C875-12D, C875-12K, C875-12T, C875-130, C875-131, C875-134, C875-135, C875-136, C875-13E, C875-13F, C875-13J, C875-13L, C875-13N, C875-14H, C875-14U, C875-14W, C875-14X, C875-14Z, C875-150, C875-152, C875-153, C875-154, C875-15F, C875-15G, C875-15H, C875D-107, C875D-10E, C875D-137, C875-S7103, C875-S7132, C875-S7132NR, C875-S7205, C875-S7228, C875-S7303, C875-S7304, C875-S7340, C875-S7341, C875-S7344, C875D-S7105, C875D-S7120, C875D-S7220, C875D-S7222, C875D-S7223, C875D-S7225, C875D-S7226, C875D-S7330, C875D-S7331, C875D-S7345, C899D-A

Toshiba Satellite Pro C850, C850D, C855, C870, C870D

C850-10L, C850-10N, C850-10R, C850-10T, C850-10U, C850-10V, C850-10W, C850-10X, C850-10Z, C850-111, C850-113, C850-114, C850-116, C850-11N, C850-128, C850-12C, C850-12D, C850-12Z, C850-130, C850-136, C850-13K, C850-13L, C850-13Q, C850-147, C850-14C, C850-14D, C850-14K, C850-152, C850-154, C850-157, C850-158, C850-15N, C850-15Q, C850-15T, C850-15V, C850-160, C850-16T, C850-16U, C850-16X, C850-172, C850-173, C850-19F, C850-19G, C850-19J, C850-19N, C850-19W, C850-19X, C850-1C3, C850-1C6, C850-1CV, C850-1CW, C850-1D3, C850-1D4, C850-1D6, C850-1DC, C850-1DE, C850-1DL, C850-1DX, C850-1E1, C850-1EQ, C850-1ER, C850-1F3, C850-1F4, C850-1F5, C850-1FJ, C850-1FN, C850-1FR, C850-1G4, C850-1G8, C850-1GR, C850-1GU, C850-1H0, C850-1H8, C850-1HD, C850-1HE, C850-1HG, C850-1HH, C850-1HK, C850-1HL, C850-1HM, C850-1J4, C850-1J5, C850-1JQ, C850-1K0, C850-1K1, C850-1K2, C850-1K3, C850-1K4, C850-1KU, C850-1L2, C850-1LC, C850-1LN, C850-1LP, C850-1LV, C850-1LZ, C850-1M3, C850-1M7, C850-1MM, C850-1MV, C850-1MW, C850-1MX, C870-10F, C870-112, C870-118, C870-11R, C870-11V, C870-12G, C870-12J, C870-12U, C870-131, C870-141, C870-14J, C870-15H, C870-15P, C870-15V, C870-15W, C870-171, C870-172, C870-176, C870-178, C870-187, C870-18U, C870-19D, C870-19E, C870-19J, C870-19N, C870-1C0, C870-1C4, C870-1CJ, C870-1CQ, C870-1CR, C870-1DW, C870-1E2, C870-1E3, C870-1E9, C870-1EJ, C870-1EV, C870-1FL, C870-1FU, C870-1FW, C870-1G1, C870-1G2, C870-1HW, C850 PSCBXA-00Q004, C850 PSCBXA-00Y005, C850 PSCBXA-010005, C850 PSCBXA-015005, C850 PSCBXA-023005, C850 PSCBXA-024004, C850 PSCBXA-033005, C850 PSCBXC-001002, C850 PSCBXC-006002, C850 PSCBXC-01T002, C870 PSC8BC-006005, C870 PSC8FA-00E00R, C870 PSC8FC-00800S, C870 PSCBBC-001009, C870 PSCBBC-00D009, C870 PSCBBC-00J009, C870 PSCBDA-004005, C870 PSCBDC-001001, C870 PSCBDC-009001

Part Number: H000039110, H000039300, H000039490, H000044050, H000044280, H000044510


Compatible Models: The Difference is that it’s with Frame


Toshiba Satellite L850, L850D, L855, L855D, L870, L870D, L875, L875D

L850-10G, L850-10J, L850-10W, L850-113, L850-114, L850-117, L850-118, L850-11D, L850-11Q, L850-126, L850-127, L850-129, L850-12H, L850-12K, L850-12T, L850-12U, L850-12V, L850-12W, L850-12X, L850-130, L850-131, L850-132, L850-138, L850-139, L850-13D, L850-13M, L850-13N, L850-13P, L850-13Q, L850-13R, L850-13U, L850-142, L850-143, L850-14C, L850-14H, L850-14J, L850-14K, L850-14L, L850-14V, L850-150, L850-153, L850-154, L850-15F, L850-15J, L850-15K, L850-15L, L850-15M, L850-15X, L850-15Z, L850-161, L850-162, L850-166, L850-167, L850-168, L850-169, L850-16C, L850-16D, L850-16H, L850-16Q, L850-16T, L850-16V, L850-16Z, L850-17D, L850-17E, L850-17F, L850-17K, L850-17Z, L850-188, L850-18E, L850-18M, L850-18N, L850-18T, L850-18W, L850-18Z, L850-199, L850-19C, L850-19D, L850-19E, L850-1C9, L850-1CC, L850-1CX, L850-1D4, L850-1D5, L850-1EK, L850-1EV, L850-1EW, L850-1F0, L850-1FF, L850-1FG, L850-1FJ, L850-1FK, L850-1FL, L850-1G7, L850-1HK, L850-1HL, L850-1HM, L850-1HP, L850-1HQ, L850-1HR, L850-1HT, L850-1HZ, L850-1J1, L850-1J2, L850-1J3, L850-1J4, L850-1JE, L850-1JG, L850-1JH, L850-1JM, L850-1JQ, L850-1JR, L850-1JT, L850-1JW, L850-1JX, L850-1JZ, L850-1K0, L850-1K1, L850-1K3, L850-1K6, L850-1K8, L850-1KD, L850-1KG, L850-1KT, L850-1L1, L850-1L7, L850-1L8, L850-1LD, L850-1LE, L850-1LF, L850-1LJ, L850-1LK, L850-1LL, L850-1LN, L850-1LW, L850-1LX, L850-1LZ, L850-1MG, L850-1MK, L850-1MT, L850-1N1, L850-1N3, L850-1N9, L850-1ND, L850-1NE, L850-1NF, L850-1NP, L850-1NU, L850-1P6, L850-1P9, L850-1PC, L850-1PD, L850-1Q2, L850-1Q4, L850-1R2, L850-1R4, L850-1R5, L850-1R6, L850-1R7, L850-1R8, L850-1RC, L850-1RE, L850-1RF, L850-1RH, L850-1RJ, L850-1RK, L850-1RL, L850-1RM, L850-1RN, L850-1RX, L850-1RZ, L850-1T0, L850-1T2, L850-1T5, L850-1T7, L850-1TE, L850-1TW, L850-1TX, L850-1TZ, L850-1UD, L850-1UE, L850-1UP, L850-1UR, L850-1UT, L850-1UW, L850-1V0, L850-1V1, L850-1V2, L850-1V3, L850-1V4, L850-1V5, L850-1V6, L850-1V7, L850-1V8, L850-1VC, L850-1VF, L850-1VH, L850-1VQ, L850-1VR, L850-1VV, L850-1W5, L850-1W8, L850-1W9, L850-1WC, L850-1WU, L850-1WZ, L850-1XE, L850-1XF, L850-1XW, L850-1Z2, L850-B1S, L850-B1W, L850-B2W, L850-B4K, L850-B4S, L850-B5K, L850-C1B, L850-C3R, L850-C4W, L850-C5S, L850-C6S, L850-C9K, L850-CJK, L850-D1B, L850-D1S, L850-D2B, L850-D2S, L850-D7W, L850-DDS, L850-DES, L850-DFS, L850-DJS, L850-DLK, L850-DLW, L850-E4K, L850-E8S, L850-E9S, L850D-101, L850D-102, L850D-10V, L850D-114, L850D-117, L850D-11G, L850D-11M, L850D-11N, L850D-11P, L850D-121, L850D-126, L850D-127, L850D-128, L850D-12P, L850D-12Q, L850D-12T, L850D-132, L850D-135, L850D-136, L850D-138, L850D-139, L850D-13F, L850D-B1R, L850D-B7W, L850D-BJS, L850D-BNK, L850D-C4R, L850D-C5W, L850D-C6W, L850D-C7S, L850D-C8S, L850D-D3B, L850D-D5K, L850D-D6K, L850 PSKACA-03D011, L850 PSKACA-03S011, L850 PSKB4A-005004, L850 PSKDGC-01X00K, L850 PSKDGC-02200K, L850 PSKDGC-02R00K, L850 PSKDGC-02S00K, L850 PSKDLA-09200R, L850 PSKDLA-0C800R, L850 PSKDLA-0C800S, L850D PSKE8C-00M001, L850D PSKE8C-00S001, L850D PSKE8C-00V001, L850D PSKGCC-003002, L850D PSKGCC-00C002, L850D PSKGCC-00D002, L850D PSKGCC-00F002, L850D PSKGEC-00J007, L850D-BT2N22, L850D-BT3N22, L855-10P, L855-10Q, L855-10R, L855-10T, L855-10U, L855-10W, L855-10X, L855-10Z, L855-113, L855-118, L855-11C, L855-11F, L855-11G, L855-11K, L855-11P, L855-11P-2, L855-11W, L855-126, L855-12G, L855-12N, L855-12Q, L855-12R, L855-12T, L855-12V, L855-12X, L855-12Z, L855-132, L855-135, L855-136, L855-13L, L855-13M, L855-13N, L855-13Q, L855-148, L855-149, L855-14C, L855-14D, L855-14E, L855-14F, L855-14K, L855-14L, L855-14M, L855-14N, L855-14P, L855-14Q, L855-14R, L855-14T, L855-14U, L855-14W, L855-14Z, L855-150, L855-151, L855-159, L855-15J, L855-15L, L855-15U, L855-15X, L855-162, L855-166, L855-16H, L855-16M, L855-16N, L855-16Q, L855-16R, L855-16U, L855-16W, L855-16X, L855-171, L855-172, L855-175, L855-176, L855-179, L855-17F, L855-17M, L855-17Q, L855-17R, L855-17V, L855-17Z, L855-180, L855-184, L855-187, L855-188, L855-189, L855-B1M, L855-B2M, L855-B3M, L855-C1M, L855-C2M, L855-D1M, L855-D3M, L855D-100, L855D-104, L855D-10G, L855D-10H, L855D-10J, L855D-10K, L855D-10L, L855D-10Z, L855D-D2M, L855D-D5M, L855 PSKDGC-01Y00K, L855 PSKDGC-03000K, L855 PSKG6C-024001, L855-S5112, L855-S5113, L855-S5119, L855-S5121, L855-S5136, L855-S5136NR, L855-S5138NR, L855D PSKE8C-00P001, L855D PSKE8C-00W001, L855D PSKGEC-00L007, L855D-S5114, L855D-S5117, L855D-S5139NR, L855D-S5220, L855D-S5242, L855D-SP5261M, L855D-SP5266KM, L870-10V, L870-10W, L870-10Z, L870-111, L870-114, L870-11J, L870-11W, L870-120, L870-12L, L870-12N, L870-136, L870-13V, L870-13W, L870-140, L870-141, L870-143, L870-147, L870-14X, L870-15W, L870-15X, L870-15Z, L870-160, L870-165, L870-166, L870-169, L870-16C, L870-16E, L870-16G, L870-16V, L870-170, L870-177, L870-178, L870-17C, L870-17D, L870-17E, L870-17G, L870-17H, L870-17K, L870-17M, L870-182, L870-18C, L870-18D, L870-18E, L870-18J, L870-18K, L870-18M, L870-18Q, L870-18V, L870-18X, L870-192, L870-193, L870-194, L870-196, L870-198, L870-199, L870-19C, L870-19D, L870-19N, L870-B6S, L870-C8W, L870-C9W, L870-D2W, L870-D5S, L870-DCS, L870-E1W, L870D-10L, L870D-10N, L870D-10P, L870D-10V, L870D-10W, L870D-B4W, L870D-B5W, L870D-CJW, L870D-D3W, L870 PSKBGC-01C00K, L870 PSKBGC-01D00K, L870 PSKFLC-00G007, L870 PSKFLC-00N007, L870 PSKFLC-08D007, L870 PSKFLC-08M007, L870-BT2N22, L870-BT3N22, L870-ST2N01, L870-ST2N02, L870D PSKBQC-00P001, L870D PSKBQC-00R001, L870D PSKFQC-005005, L870D PSKFQC-00C005, L870D PSKFQC-00E005, L870D-BT2N22, L870D-BT3N22, L870D-ST2NX1, L870D-ST3NX1, L875-10D, L875-10E, L875-10G, L875-10V, L875-116, L875-11H, L875-11P, L875-11T, L875-11U, L875-11X, L875-123, L875-124, L875-12J, L875-12K, L875-12L, L875-12M, L875-12P, L875-12R, L875-12U, L875-12V, L875-130, L875-131, L875-132, L875-136, L875-137, L875-139, L875-13C, L875-13D, L875-B4M, L875-B5M, L875-B6M, L875-C3M, L875-D7M, L875D-100, L875D-103, L875D-104, L875D-105, L875D-106, L875D-10E, L875D-10H, L875D-10N, L875D-10R, L875D-B7M, L875D-C4M, L875D-S7131NR, L875D-S7135, L875D-S7210, L875D-S7230, L875D-S7232, L875D-S7332, L875D-S7342, L875D-S7343, L875-S7108, L875-S7110, L875-S7153, L875-S7208, L875-S7209, L875-S7243, L875-S7245, L875-S7308, L875-S7377

Toshiba Satellite L950, L950D, L955, L955D, L970, L970D, L975, L975D

L950-101, L950-101, L950-106, L950-106, L950-107, L950D-100, L950D-DBS, L955-100, L955-102, L955-108, L955-10D, L955-10F, L955-10J, L955-10K, L955-10M, L955-10N, L955-10P, L955-10Q, L955-D6M, L955D-100, L955D-104, L955D-105, L955D-107, L955D-108, L955D-10E, L955D-10F, L955D-10K, L955D-10L, L950 PSKGGC-009006, L950 PSKGGC-014006, L950D PSKGJC-00L005, L950D PSKGJC-00M005, L950D PSKGJC-00L005, L950D PSKGJC-00M005, L955-S5142, L955-S5142NR, L955-S5152, L955-S5330, L955-S5360, L955-S5362, L955-S5370, L955-S5370N, L955-SP5161SM, L955-SP5301WL, L955D-S5140NR, L955D-S5364, L955D-SP5162SM, L955D-SP5260SM

Toshiba Satellite P850, P850D, P855, P855D, P870, P870D, P875, P875D

P850-12X, P850-12Z, P850-131, P850-132, P850-133, P850-135, P850-138, P850-13C, P850-304, P850-30H, P850-30L, P850-30P, P850-30Q, P850-30R, P850-30V, P850-30W, P850-31L, P850-31M, P850-31N, P850-31T, P850-31W, P850-31X, P850-31Z, P850-320, P850-321, P850-32C, P850-32D, P850-32L, P850-32M, P850-32R, P850-32X, P850-32Z, P850-332, P850-334, P850-335, P850-336, P850-337, P850-338, P850-33D, P850-33E, P850-33G, P850-33J, P850-33M, P855- 33N, P855-102, P855-107, P855-108, P855-109, P855-10E, P855-10G, P855-10H, P855-10J, P855-10L, P855-10Q, P855-10Z, P855-11Q, P855-11R, P855-12M, P855-300, P855-305, P855-307, P855-30E, P855-30F, P855-30G, P855-30H, P855-30L, P855-30N, P855-30Q, P855-30W, P855-30X, P855-31V, P855-323, P855-325, P855-328, P855-32C, P855-32E, P855-32F, P855-32G, P855-32J, P855-32K, P855-32M, P855-32N, P855-32U, P855-32V, P855-32Z, P855-335, P855-337, P855-339, P855-33C, P855-33D, P855-33N, P855-33Q, P855-33T, P855-33U, P855-33X, P855-340, P855-341, P855-345, P855-347, P855-348, P855-349, P855-34C, P855-34D, P855-34E, P855-34G, P855-34J, P855-34K, P855-34L, P855-34M, P855-34N, P855-34P, P855-34Q, P855-B2S, P855-BLS, P855-CJS, P855-DRS, P855-DSS, P855-DVS, P855-DWS, P870-10G, P870-11H, P870-11J, P870-11K, P870-11M, P870-11N, P870-303, P870-306, P870-308, P870-30C, P870-30D, P870-30F, P870-319, P870-31C, P870-31D, P870-31E, P870-31G, P870-31J, P870-31K, P870-31Z, P870-320, P870-325, P870-326, P870-327, P870-328, P870-32C, P870-32F, P870-32P, P870-32T, P870-32X, P870-330, P870-332, P870-333, P870-334, P870-336, P870-338, P875-100, P875-101, P875-102, P875-105, P875-10R, P875-10T, P875-10U, P875-300, P875-304, P875-305, P875-309, P875-30C, P875-30D, P875-30E, P875-30G, P875-30K, P875-319, P875-31C, P875-31D, P875-31E, P875-31G, P875-31J, P875-31L, P875-31P, P875-31Q, P875-31R, P875-31T, P875-320, P875-323, P875-327, P875-328, P875-329, P875-32F, P875-32G, P875-32H, P875-32J, P875-32K, P875-32L, P875-BMS, P875-BNS, P875-DTS, P850 PSPKBA-03000U, P850 PSPKBA-04000U, P850 PSPKBA-04P00U, P850 PSPKBA-05F00U, P850 PSPKBC-057010, P850 PSPKFA-02C001, P850 PSPKFA-049001, P850 PSPKFA-099001, P850 PSPKFA-0E9001, P850 PSPKFC-00E004, P855-S5102, P855-S5200, P855-S5312, P855-SP5163SM, P855-SP5201L, P855-SP5201SL, P855-SP5261M, P855-SP5261SM, P855-SP5302SL, P855-SP5362SM, P870 PSPLBA-02300S, P870 PSPLBA-02700S, P870 PSPLBC-02L00R, P870 PSPLFA-017001, P870 PSPLFA-019001, P870 PSPLFA-01C001, P870 PSPLFA-026001, P870 PSPLFA-05P001, P870 PSPLFA-061001, P870 PSPLFC-004003, P875-S7102, P875-S7200, P875-S7310, P875-SP7260M

Toshiba Satellite Pro L850, L850D, L855, L855D, L870

L850-110, L850-112, L850-11R, L850-11T, L850-11U, L850-11V, L850-11W, L850-11X, L850-120, L850-13F, L850-15D, L850-170, L850-178, L850-1C2, L850-1C4, L850-1DN, L850-1DP, L850-1DQ, L850-1DR, L850-1DT, L850-1DV, L850-1DW, L850-1DZ, L850-1EF, L850-1EQ, L850-1ER, L850-1G5, L850-1G8, L850-1G9, L850-1J5, L850-1KM, L850-1KN, L850-1KR, L850-1L2, L850-1L3, L850-1L4, L850-1L5, L850-1MH, L850-1MJ, L850-1N7, L850-1NQ, L850-1NR, L850-1NX, L850-1P3, L850-1P7, L850-1P8, L850-1PG, L850-1QP, L850-1U7, L850-1U8, L850-1UJ, L850-1UK, L850-1Z8, L870-122, L870-124, L870-127, L870-12W, L870-130, L870-139, L870-13U, L870-149, L870-14E, L870-14F, L870-14G, L870-14T, L870-15D, L870-15E, L870-15F, L870-15G, L870-15H, L870-161, L870-16D, L870-16P, L870-16Z, L870-171, L870-172, L870-173, L870-179, L870-17L, L870-17R, L870-17X, L870-185, L870-18G, L870-18L, L870-18R, L870-19E, L850 PSKDHA-00R00J, L850 PSKG9A-009001, L850 PSKG9A-00C001, L850 PSKG9A-00L001, L850 PSKG9A-00R001, L870 PSKFPA-008002, L870 PSKFPA-00N002

Toshiba Satellite / Pro S850, S850D, S855, S855D, S870, S870D, S875, S875D

S850 PSSESA-0F201K, S850 PSSESC-003001, S850 PSSESC-004001, S850 PSSESC-07D00S, S850 PSSESC-07E00S, S850 PSSESC-08800S, S850 PSSESC-08900S, S850-BT2G22, S850-BT3G22, S850-BT3N22, S855 PSKA8C-04301M, S855 PSKACC-04401R, S855 PSKACC-04501R, S855 PSKACC-05001R, S855 PSKFWC-01K008, S855 PSKFWC-01L008, S855 PSKFWC-068008, S855D PSKAYC-00T001, S855D PSKAYC-00U001, S855D PSKB4C-007001, S855D PSKG2C-00L008, S855D PSKG4C-001001, S855D PSKG4C-00D001, S855D-S5120, S855D-S5148, S855D-S5253, S855D-S5256, S855-S5164, S855-S5165, S855-S5168, S870-BT2G22, S870-BT3N22, S875 PSKBGC-01300K, S875 PSKBLC-03R015, S875 PSKFNC-004004, S875D PSKBUC-009008, S875D PSKBUC-00E008, S875D PSKFSC-002002, S875D-S7239, S875D-S7350, S875-S7136, S875-S7140, S875-S7240, S875-S7242, S875-S7248, S875-S7356, S875-S7370

Toshiba Satellite / Pro S950, S950D, S955D, S970, S975, S975D

Toshiba Qosmio X870, X875

X870 PSPLXA-00T00E, X870 PSPLXC-02500F, X870 PSPLXC-02600F, X870 PSPLXC-02700F, X870 PSPLXC-02G00F, X870 PSPLZA-016003, X870 PSPLZA-080003, X870 PSPLZA-081003, X870 PSPLZC-010007, X870 PSPLZC-01H007, X870-116, X870-117, X870-119, X870-11D, X870-11F, X870-11G, X870-11H, X870-11J, X870-11P, X870-11Q, X870-11R, X870-11W, X870-11X, X870-11Z, X870-120, X870-124, X870-126, X870-127, X870-139, X870-13C, X870-13D, X870-13E, X870-13H, X870-13K, X870-13L, X870-13M, X870-13P, X870-13Q, X870-13T, X870-13U, X870-13V, X870-13Z, X870-140, X870-141, X870-142, X870-143, X870-144, X870-147, X870-149, X870-14F, X870-14G, X870-14H, X870-14P, X870-14Q, X870-14W, X870-150, X870-152, X870-154, X870-156, X870-157, X870-158, X870-159, X870-15D, X870-15E, X870-15F, X870-15G, X870-15H, X870-15K, X870-15L, X870-15T, X870-15V, X870-162, X875-BPS, X875-BQS, X875-DUS, X875-Q7190, X875-Q7280, X875-Q7290, X875-Q7291, X875-Q7380, X875-Q7390, X875-SP7201L, X875-SP7201SL, X875-SP7260KM, X875-SP7262KM

Part Number: 6037B0069810, 6037B0076210, H000040030, MP-11B56P0-698W, MP-11B56P0-930W, MP-11B96PO-9301, PK1300T1H12

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