Keyboard Toshiba Satellite / Pro S50-A S50D-A S50DT-A S50T-A S55-A S55D-A S55DT-A S55T-A PT
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Keyboard Toshiba Satellite / Pro S50-A S50D-A S50DT-A S50T-A S55-A S55D-A S55DT-A S55T-A PT


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Laptop Keyboard with Standard NumPad Compatible with Various Models

Version: Portuguese (PT-PT).

Colo: Black

State: New

Applicable Models:

Toshiba Satellite C70-A, C70D-A, C70DT-A, C70T-A, C75-A, C75D-A, C75DT-A, C75T-A

C70-A-107, C70-A-108, C70-A-13D, C70-A-14M, C70-A-14Z, C70-A-156, C70-A-15K, C70-A-15U, C70-A-16L, C70-A-16P, C70-A-16Z, C70-A-170, C70-A-17C, C70-A-17N, C70-A-17T, C70D-A-108, C70D-A-111, C70D-A-114, C70D-A-11C, C70D-A-11E, C75-A-10P, C75-A-10R, C75-A-12R, C75-A-13C, C75-A-13N, C75-A-13P, C75-A-13X, C75-A-140, C75-A-146, C75-A-14C, C75-A-14D, C75-A-14F, C75-A-14X, C75-A-156

Toshiba Satellite C70-B, C70D-B, C70DT-B, C70T-B, C75-B, C75D-B, C75DT-B, C75T-B

C70-B-12Z, C70-B-135, C70-B-20V, C70-B-20W, C70-B-20X, C70-B-31M, C70-B-31Q, C70-B-326, C70-B-33J, C70-B-33L, C70-B-34G, C70-B-34T, C70-B-34U, C70-B-353, C70-B-35L, C70D-B-103, C70D-B-107, C70D-B-10U, C70D-B-11G, C70D-B-300, C70D-B-302, C70D-B-307, C70D-B-30D, C70D-B-316, C70D-B-32F, C70D-B-32G, C70D-B-34L

Toshiba Satellite L50-A, L50D-A, L50DT-A, L50T-A, L55-A, L55D-A, L55T-A

L50-A-1CU, L50-A-103, L50-A-104, L50-A-105, L50-A-111, L50-A-122, L50-A-14T, L50-A-14V, L50-A-15X, L50-A-165, L50-A-16E, L50-A-18T, L50-A-18U, L50-A-1CU, L50-A-1CW, L50-A-1D9, L50-A-1DN, L50-A-1E3, L50-A-1E7, L50-A-1EF, L50-A-1EK, L50-A-1F2, L50-A-1FD, L50-A-21Z, L50T-A-11U, L50DT-A-10C, L50T-A-11U, L50T-A-130, L50T-A-131, L50T-A-135, L50T-A-13E, L50T-A-145, L50T-A-146, L50T-A-14H

Toshiba Satellite L70-A, L70D-A, L70T-A, L75-A, L75D-A, L75T-A

L70-A-10K, L70-A-139, L70-A-13P, L70-A-146

Toshiba Satellite L70-B, L70D-B, L70T-B, L75-B, L75D-B, L75T-B

L70-B-10J, L70-B-10P, L70-B-10R, L70-B-119, L70-B-11C, L70-B-126, L70-B-12U, L70-B-134, L70-B-14Q, L70-B-14Z, L70-B-150

Toshiba Satellite M50-A, M50D-A, M50DT-A, M50T-A, M55-A, M55D-A, M55T-A

M50-A-100, M50-A-106, M50-A-108, M50-A-10F, M50-A-10G, M50-A-10H, M50-A-110, M50-A-113, M50-A-115, M50-A-116, M50-A-117, M50-A-118, M50-A-119, M50-A-11C, M50-A-11G, M50-A-11H, M50-A-11J, M50-A-11L, M50-A-11N, M50-A-11P, M50-A-11Q, M50D-A-100, M50D-A-101, M50D-A-103, M50D-A-10D, M50D-A-10E, M50D-A-10K, M50D-A-10L, M50D-A-10N, M50D-A-10P, M50D-A-10Q, M50D-A-10R, M50D-A-10V, M50D-A-10W, M50D-A-10X, M50D-A-10Z, M50D-A-111, M50D-A-112, M50D-A-118, M50DT-A-103, M50DT-A-105, M50DT-A-106, M50DT-A-210, M50DT-A-211, M50DT-A-214, M50T-A-103, M50T-A-10F, M50T-A-10G

Toshiba Satellite S50-A, S50D-A, S50T-A, S55-A, S55T-A, S55D-A

S50-A-10V, S50-A-10W, S50-A-115, S50D-A-10F, S50D-A-10G, S50D-A-10H, S50T-A-104, S50T-A-117, S50T-A-118, S50T-A-11F, S50T-A-11U

Toshiba Satellite S70-A, S70D-A, S70DT-A, S70T-A, S75-A, S75D-A, S75DT-A, S75T-A

S70-A-103, S70-A-10C, S70-A-11E, S70-A-11H, S70-A-11L, S70T-A-10W, S70T-A-115, S70T-A-117

Toshiba Satellite S70-B, S70D-B, S70DT-B, S70T-B, S75-B, S75D-B, S75T-B

S70-B-110, S70-B-10N, S70-B-10U, S70-B-10V

Toshiba Satellite U50-A, U50D-A, U50T-A, U55-A, U55D-A, U55DT-A, U55T-A

U50T-A-100, U50T-A-105, U50T-A-109, U50T-A-10E, U50T-A-10F, U50T-A-10G, U50T-A-10H

Toshiba Satellite Pro C70-A

C70-A-111, C70-A-11M, C70-A-11N, C70-A-11Q, C70-A-11V, C70-A-11Z, C70-A-125, C70-A-12C, C70-A-12D, C70-A-12F, C70-A-12H, C70-A-12T, C70-A-13L, C70-A-13Q, C70-A-13R, C70-A-13T, C70-A-13Z, C70-A-140, C70-A-148, C70-A-14V, C70-A-14W, C70-A-14X, C70-A-152, C70-A-153, C70-A-155, C70-A-159, C70-A-15L, C70-A-15M, C70-A-15N, C70-A-15P, C70-A-16D, C70-A-16F, C70-A-16G, C70-A-17D, C70-A-17L 

Toshiba Satellite Pro C70-B

C70-B-109, C70-B-10C, C70-B-10D, C70-B-10E, C70-B-10F, C70-B-11E, C70-B-11T, C70-B-12Z, C70-B-133, C70-B-135, C70-B-136, C70-B-13P, C70-B-14H, C70-B-14J, C70-B-14X, C70-B-14Z, C70-B-34L, C70-B-34T, C70-B-34U, C70-B-34V

Toshiba Satellite Pro L50-A, L50D-A, L50T-A, L55-A, L55D-A, L55T-A

L50-A-14U, L50-A-12L, L50-A-12L, L50-A-12Q, L50-A-126, L50-A-13T, L50-A-133

Toshiba Satellite Pro L70-A

L70-A-10W, L70-A-110, L70-A-11T, L70-A-13R, L70-A-13T, L70-A-13U, L70-A-13Z, L70-A-140, L70-A-142, L70-A-14R, L70-A-14T, L70-A-14W

Toshiba Satellite Pro L70B

Part Number: 9Z.N7USV.M1K, 6037B0083322, 132350098

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