Keyboard Toshiba Satellite / Pro U900 U840 U940 Backlit PT
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Keyboard Toshiba Satellite / Pro U900 U840 U940 Backlit PT


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Laptop Keyboard Compatible with Various Models

Backlit Keyboard

Version: Portuguese (PT-PT).

Color: Black

State: New

Applicable Models:

Toshiba Satellite U800, U840, U845, U845T, U845W

U800W, U840-10M, U840-10N, U840-10Q, U840-10R, U840-10T, U840-10U, U840-10V, U840-10X, U840-110, U840-111, U840-113, U840-116, U840-B7S, U840-B8S, U840-BSS, U840-CLS, U840-E1S, U840-E2S, U840T, U840T-100, U840T-101, U840T-102, U840T-103, U840T-104, U840T-105, U840T-108, U840T-109, U840T-10C, U840W, U840W-107, U840W-108, U840W-109, U840W-10C, U840W-10F, U840W-10J, U840W-10K, U840W-10N, U840W-10P, U840W-10R, U840W-10T, U840W-10U, U840W-10V, U840W-10W, U840W-10X, U840W-C9S, U840W-D8S, U840W-D9S, U840W-F1S, U840 PSU4RA-00Q00C, U840 PSU4RC-00Y00D, U840 PSU4SA-015005, U840 PSU4SC-001001, U840 PSU4WA-006004, U840 PSU4WA-00R004, U840 PSU4WC-001001, U840-SP4201L, U840-SP4260SM, U840-SP4362SM, U845, U840W PSU5RA-002001, U840W PSU5RA-014001, U840W PSU5RC-00H00U, U840W PSU5XA-001006, U840W PSU5XC-00L007, U840W PSU5XC-012007, U845-S402, U845-S404, U845-S406, U845-S409, U845-SP4201L, U845-SP4201SL, U845-SP4260M, U845T, U845T-S4150, U845T-S4150, U845T-S4155, U845T-S4155, U845T-S4165, U845T-S4165, U845T-S4168, U845T-SP4204L, U845W, U845W-S400, U845W-S400, U845W-S410, U845W-S410, U845W-S410P, U845W-S410P, U845W-S414, U845W-S414, U845W-S414P, U845W-S414P, U845W-S415, U845W-S415, U845W-S4170, U845W-S4170, U845W-S4180, U845W-S4180, U845W-S430, U845W-S430, U845W-SP4201L, U845W-SP4201L, U845W-SP4201L, U845W-SP4201SL, U845W-SP4260M, U845W-SP4260SM, U845W-SP4262SM, U845W-SP4302L, U845W-SP4361S, U845W-SP4361SM

Toshiba Satellite U900, U920, U920T, U925, U925T, U940, U945, U945D

U920T PSUL1A-00S001, U920T PSUL1A-01Q001, U920T PSUL1A-01Y001, U920T PSUL1A-023001, U920T PSUL1C-00E005, U920T PSUL1C-00X005, U920T PSUL1C-01G005, U920T PSUL1C-028005, U920T-100, U920T-101, U920T-102, U920T-104, U920T-105, U920T-107, U920T-108, U920T-109, U920T-10D, U920T-10F, U920T-10G, U920T-10H, U920T-10J, U920T-10K, U920T-10L, U920T-10M, U920T-10N, U920T-10P, U920T-10Q, U920T-10R, U920T-10T, U920T-10V, U920T-10W, U920T-10Z, U920T-112, U920T-116, U920T-117, U920T-118, U920T-119, U920T-11C, U920T-11D, U920T-11E, U920T-11F, U920T-11G, U920T-11H, U920T-11J, U920T-11N, U920T-D4S, U925T-S2100, U925T-S2120, U925T-S2130, U925T-S2300, U925T-S2301, U925T-SP2160SM, U940 PSU6SA-01K002, U940 PSU6SA-02F002, U940 PSU6SA-02G002, U940 PSU6SA-02K002, U940 PSU6SC-01R016, U940 PSU6SC-025016, U940 PSU6SC-02V016, U940 PSU6VA-00S002, U940 PSU6VA-018002, U940 PSU6VC-00R00W, U940 PSU6VC-01H00W, U940-100, U940-101, U940-102, U940-103, U940-108, U940-10C, U940-10M, U940-10N, U940-10P, U940-10Q, U940-10U, U940-112, U940-117, U940-118, U940-11C, U940-11D, U940-11F, U940-11G, U940-11J, U940-11L, U940-11N, U940-11P, U940-11R, U940-11T, U940-11U, U940-11V, U940-11X, U940-120, U940-126, U940-127, U940-12C, U940-12F, U940-12N, U940-D4M, U940-DPS, U940-DQS, U945-S4110, U945-S4130, U945-S4140, U945-S4380, U945-S4390, U945-ST4N01, U945-ST4N02

Toshiba Portege U800, U800W, U835, U840, U840T, U840W, U845

Toshiba Portege U900, U920, U920T, U925, U940, U940S, U945

Modelos compatíveis: Has Trackpad Lock Button under Spacebar

Toshiba Portege Z830, Z835

Z830 PT22LA-001001, Z830 PT22LA-00G001, Z830 PT22LA-00T001, Z830 PT22LC-00D00E, Z830 PT22LC-00K00E, Z830 PT22LC-00L00E, Z830 PT22LC-00M00H, Z830-109, Z830-10D, Z830-10E, Z830-10F, Z830-10H, Z830-10J, Z830-10K, Z830-10M, Z830-10Q, Z830-10R, Z830-10T, Z830-10U, Z830-10W, Z830-10Z, Z830-11F, Z830-11G, Z830-11H, Z830-11J, Z830-11K, Z830-11L, Z830-11M, Z830-11N, Z830-11R, Z830-11X, Z830-11Z, Z830-120, Z830-12E, Z830-S8302, Z830-10V, Z835-P370

Toshiba Portege Z930, Z935

Z930 PT23LA-008009, Z930 PT23LA-00D009, Z930 PT23LA-00X00N, Z930 PT23LA-01100N, Z930 PT23LA-01D00N, Z930 PT23LA-01E00N, Z930 PT23LA-01F00N, Z930 PT23LC-001001, Z930 PT23LC-007001, Z930 PT23LC-009001, Z930 PT23LC-01000D, Z930 PT23LC-01300D, Z930 PT23LC-01K00D, Z930 PT23LC-01L00D, Z930-103, Z930-10X, Z930-113, Z930-119, Z930-125, Z930-12Q, Z930-12Z, Z930-130, Z930-132, Z930-13C, Z930-13N, Z930-140, Z930-14F, Z930-14G, Z930-14H, Z930-154, Z930-15X, Z930-164, Z930-16K, Z930-16L, Z930-16W, Z930-17C, Z930-17G, Z930-S9302, Z935-P390

Part Number: A000207880, N860-7837-T415 PO, PK130T71B10, V101562AK1 PO

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