Keyboard Asus A540 R540 F540 Without Frame PT
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Keyboard Asus A540 R540 F540 Without Frame PT


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Laptop Keyboard with standard NumPad Compatible with various Models

Keyboard without Frame

Version: Portuguese (PT-PT).

Color: Black

State: New

Applicable Models:

Asus VivoBook A540

A540BA, A540BP, A540LA, A540LA-34BHDPB1, A540LA-35BHDPB1, A540LA-DM625D, A540LA-XX014R, A540LA-XX016, A540LA-XX016D, A540LA-XX016T, A540LA-XX039D, A540LA-XX202T, A540LA-XX289T, A540LA-XX373T, A540LA-XX521R, A540LJ, A540LJ-34A92, A540LJ-34A92PB1, A540LJ-35A92, A540LJ-35A92PB1, A540NA, A540NV, A540SA, A540SA-C3AHD, A540SA-C3AHDPB1, A540SA-C3AHDPB2, A540SA-C3AHDPB4, A540SA-C3BHDSB1, A540SA-C3BHDSB2, A540SA-C3CHDPB1, A540SC, A540SC-P3B91SB1, A540UA, A540UB, A540UP, A540UP-G0064D, A540UP-GO064D, A540UP-GO095T, A540UP-GO140D, A540UV, A540YA, A540YA-DM, A540YA-DM077T, A540YA-DM200T, A540YA-DM329T, A540YA-XO059T

Asus VivoBook A543

A543UA, A543UB

Asus VivoBook D540

D540NA, D540NV, D540YA

Asus VivoBook F540

F540BA, F540BP, F540LA, F540LA-XX040T, F540LA-XX219T, F540LA-XX716T, F540LJ, F540LJ-XX488T, F540NA, F540NA-C3AHD, F540NA-GQ076T, F540NA-GQ078T, F540NV, F540SA, F540SA-XX444T, F540SC, F540SC-DM005T, F540SC-XX008T, F540SC-XX030T, F540UA, F540UA-GQ135T, F540UB, F540UP, F540UV, F540YA, F540YA-E2AR2, F540YA-E2AR2CB1, F540YA-E2AR2SB1, F540YA-E2BR2PB1, F540YA-E2BR2PS1, F540YA-XO543T

Asus VivoBook F543

F543BA, F543UA

Asus VivoBook FL5700


Asus VivoBook K540

K540BA, K540BP, K540LA, K540LA-XX659T, K540LJ, K540LJ-XX032D, K540LJ-XX035D, K540LJ-XX122D, K540LJ-XX624T, K540NA, K540SA, K540SC, K540UA, K540UA-DM233T-BE, K540UB, K540UP, K540UV

Asus VivoBook K543

K543BA, K543UA, K543UB

Asus VivoBook P540


Asus VivoBook R540

R540BA, R540BP, R540LA, R540LA-DM870T, R540LA-XX1068R, R540LA-XX1104T, R540LJ, R540LJ-XX858T, R540NA, R540NA-DM112T-BE, R540NV, R540SA, R540SA-DM267T, R540SC, R540UA, R540UA-DM184T-BE, R540UB, R540UP, R540UV, R540YA

Asus VivoBook R543

R543UA, R543UB

Asus VivoBook UX502


Asus VivoBook X540

X540BA, X540BP, X540LA, X540LA-DM687T-BE, X540LA-XX010T, X540LA-XX117T, X540LA-XX265T, X540LA-XX312, X540LA-XX312T, X540LA-XX538T, X540LJ, X540LJ-XX001T, X540LJ-XX403T, X540NA, X540NA-GQ151T, X540NV, X540SA, X540SA-XX311D, X540SA-XX311T, X540SA-XX577T, X540SC, X540UA, X540UA-DM029T, X540UA-DM1130T, X540UA-DM437R, X540UA-DM746T, X540UB, X540UP, X540UV, X540YA, X540YA-XO107D

Asus VivoBook X543

X543BA, X543NA, X543UA, X543UB

Part Number: 0KNB0-610TPO00, 0KNB0-610UPO00, 11511669-00, 13NB0B01AP0301, 90NB0B01-R30190, 90NB0B01-R30191, 90NB0B01-R30470, 90NB0B01-R30580, 90NB0B02-R30080, 90NB0B02-R30470, 90NB0B03-R30080, 90NB0B04-R30470, 90NB0B05-R30080, 90NB0B05-R30290, 90NB0B11-R30080, 90NB0B11-R30190, 90NB0B11-R30580, 90NB0B13-R30080, 90NB0B14-R30080, 90NB0B15-R30080, 90NB0B21-R31PO0, 90NB0B21-R32PO0, 90NB0B23-R31PO0, 90NB0B31R31PO0, 90NB0B31-R31PO0, 90NB0B31-R32PO0, 90NB0B33-R31PO0, 90NB0B33-R32PO0, 90NB0CN1-R30081, 90NB0CN1-R30190, 90NB0CN1-R30192, 90NB0CN3-R30081, 90NB0CN3-R30191, 90NB0CN3-R30193, 90NB0DE3-R31PO0, 90NB0FL1-R33PO1, 90NB0HF1-R31PO2, 90NB0HF1-R31PO3, 90NB0HG1-R31PO2, 90NB0HG1-R32PO0, 90NB0HG1-R32PO1, 90NB0HG1-R32PO2, AEXKAE00020, MP-13K93PO-9209, MP-13K93PO-G50, MP-13K96P0-920A

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