Keyboard Asus F556 K556 R558 Without Frame PT
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Keyboard Asus F556 K556 R558 Without Frame PT


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Laptop Keyboard with Standard NumPad Compatible with various Models

Keyboard Without Frame

Version: Portuguese (PT-PT).

Cor: Black

State: New

Applicable Models:

Asus A556

A556U, A556UA, A556UB, A556UF, A556UJ, A556UQ, A556UR, A556UV

Asus A756


Asus VivoBook F556

F556LJ, F556UA, F556UB, F556UF, F556UJ, F556UQ, F556UQ-DM497T, F556UR, F556UR-DM295T, F556UR-DM366T, F556UR-XX356T, F556UV, F556UV-DM153T, F556UV-DM245T, F556UV-XX307T

Asus F756

F756UA, F756UB, F756UJ, F756UQ, F756UV, F756UW, F756UX, FL5900U, FL5900UB, FL5900UQ

Asus VivoBook K556

K556UA, K556UA-DM492T, K556UB, K556UF, K556UJ, K556UJ-XX032D, K556UQ, K556UR, K556UR-57A93, K556UR-57A93AB1, K556UR-77A93, K556UR-77A93AB1, K556UR-77A93AB2, K556UR-77A93AB4, K556UR-77A93B1, K556UR-77B93AB1, K556UR-77B93AB3, K556UR-77B93AB4, K556UV

Asus K756

K756UA, K756UB, K756UJ, K756UQ, K756UV, K756UV-TY096T, K756UW, K756UX

Asus P2720


Asus P2730

P2730UA, P2730UQ, P2730UV

Asus P2740

P2740UJ, P2740UQ, P2740UV

Asus P756

P756UA, P756UA-T4577D, P756UA-TY438R, P756UB, P756UJ, P756UQ, P756UV, P756UW, P756UX

Asus VivoBook R558

R558UA, R558UA-DM121T, R558UB, R558UF, R558UJ, R558UQ, R558UQ-DM741T, R558UR, R558UV

Asus R753

R753UA, R753UA-T4170T, R753UA-TY246T, R753UA-TY253T-BE, R753UA-TY369T-BE, R753UA-TY573T, R753UB, R753UB-TY128T, R753UB-TY132T, R753UJ, R753UJ TY049T, R753UJ-TY043T, R753UQ, R753UV, R753UW, R753UX, R753UX-T4039T, R753UX-T4115D, R753UX-T4115T, R753UX-T4116T

Asus VivoBook VM591

VM591UA, VM591UB, VM591UF, VM591UJ, VM591UQ, VM591UR, VM591UV

Asus VivoBook X556

X556UA, X556UB, X556UF, X556UF-XO007T, X556UF-XO007TB, X556UF-XO032T, X556UF-XO033T, X556UF-XO034T, X556UJ, X556UQ, X556UQ-DM1269T, X556UQ-DM761T, X556UQ-XO437T, X556UR, X556UV, X556UV-XO007T, X556UV-XO288T

Asus X756

X756UA, X756UA-TY160T, X756UA-TY265T, X756UA-TY313T, X756UA-TY338T, X756UB, X756UB-T4089T, X756UB-TY028T, X756UJ, X756UJ-TY035T, X756UQ, X756UQK, X756UQ-T4288T, X756UQ-TY016T, X756UQ-TY193T, X756UQ-TY204T, X756UV, X756UV-TY059T, X756UV-TY205T, X756UV-TY206T, X756UW, X756UX, X756UX-T4181T, X756UX-T4244T, X756UX-T4336T

Part Number: 13N0-POA0401, 13NB09S3P03112, 90NB09S1-R31PO0, 90NB09S1-R31PO0, 90NB09S2-R31PO0, 90NB0BG2-R31PO0, 90NB0BG5-R31PO0

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