Keyboard Lenovo IdeaPad 330S-15ARR Dark Grey Without Frame Backlit PT
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Keyboard Lenovo IdeaPad 330S-15ARR Dark Grey Without Frame Backlit PT


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Laptop Keyboard with Standard NumPad Compatible with various Models

Backlit Keyboard Without Frame

Version: Portuguese (PT-PT).

Color: Dark Grey

State: New

Applicable Models:

Lenovo IdeaPad 330S-15ARR 81FB, 81JQ

81FB0078PG, 81FB0079PG, 81FB00AQPG, 81FB00CDPG, 81FB00CFPG, 81FB00CGPG, 81FB00E9PG, 81FB00EAPG, 81FB00F4PG

Lenovo IdeaPad 330S-15ARR U

Lenovo IdeaPad 330S-15ARR D

Lenovo IdeaPad 330S-15AST 81F9

Lenovo IdeaPad 330S-15AST U

Lenovo IdeaPad 330S-15AST D

Lenovo IdeaPad 330S-15IKB 81F5, 81JN

81F500H3PG, 81F500H4PG, 81F500H5PG, 81F500H6PG, 81F500H7PG, 81F500QPPG, 81F500QQPG, 81F500QRPG, 81F500QSPG, 81F500W1PG, 81F500W2PG, 81F500WRPG, 81F500WSPG, 81F500WTPG, 81F500WUPG, 81F5010TPG, 81F5013TPG, 81F5013UPG, 81F5013VPG, 81F5013WPG, 81F5013XPG, 81F5013YPG, 81F5018NPG, 81F5018PPG, 81F5018QPG, 81F5018RPG, 81F5018SPG, 81F501B9PG, 81F501FCPG

Lenovo IdeaPad 330S-15IKB U

Lenovo IdeaPad 330S-15IKB D

Lenovo IdeaPad 330S-15IKB GTX1050 81GC, 81JT

Lenovo IdeaPad S340-15API 81NC, 81QG

81NC005NPG, 81NC0080PG, 81NC009VPG, 81NC00A5PG, 81NC00D5PG

Lenovo IdeaPad S340-15IIL 81VW, 81WL


Lenovo IdeaPad S340 Touch-15IIL 81WW

Lenovo IdeaPad S340-15IML 81NA, 81QL

81NA001CPG, 81NA0068PG, 81NA007QPG, 81NA007RPG, 81NA007TPG, 81NA007UPG, 81NA0089PG

Lenovo IdeaPad S340-15IWL 81N8, 81RK

81N80032PG, 81N8004TPG, 81N8005CPG, 81N8007RPG, 81N800DWPG, 81N800DXPG, 81N800DYPG, 81N800NUPG, 81N800U2PG, 81N800U3PG, 81N80101PG, 81N80103PG, 81N80104PG, 81N8011SPG, 81N8013NPG, 81N8013PPG, 81N8013QPG

Lenovo IdeaPad S340 Touch-15IWL 81QF

Lenovo V15 G1-IML 82NB, 82NQ

82NB0012PG, 82NB0019PG, 82NB001EPG, 82NB0030PG, 82NB0031PG, 82NB0035PG, 82NB0036PG, 82NB0037PG, 82NB0038PG, 82NB0039PG, 82NB003LPG, 82NB003WPG, 82NB003XPG, 82NB003YPG, 82NB0040PG, 82NB0041PG, 82NB0042PG, 82NB0043PG, 82NB0044PG, 82NB004VPG, 82NB004WPG, 82NB0066PG, 82NB0067PG, 82NB0068PG

Lenovo V17-IIL 82GX

82GX0000PG, 82GX0019PG, 82GX002JPG, 82GX003TPG, 82GX0053PG, 82GX007MPG, 82GX007WPG, 82GX007XPG, 82GX007YPG, 82GX0087PG, 82GX008DPG, 82GX008EPG, 82GX008FPG, 82GX008GPG, 82GX008JPG, 82GX008LPG, 82GX008NPG, 82GX008PPG, 82GX008QPG, 82GX008SPG, 82GX008TPG, 82GX008WPG, 82GX0090PG, 82GX0091PG

Lenovo IdeaPad V130-15IGM 81HL

81HL0019PG, 81HL001APG, 81HL001CPG, 81HL001EPG, 81HL001GPG, 81HL001JPG, 81HL0025PG, 81HL0026PG, 81HL002KPG, 81HL002LPG, 81HL002MPG, 81HL002PPG, 81HL002RPG, 81HL002TPG, 81HL002YPG, 81HL003HPG, 81HL0048PG, 81HL004SPG, 81HL004TPG, 81HL004UPG, 81HL004VPG, 81HL004WPG, 81HL004XPG, 81HL0051PG, 81HL0053PG, 81HL0054PG

Lenovo IdeaPad V130-15IKB 81HN

81HN00DWPG, 81HN00DYPG, 81HN00E0PG, 81HN00E1PG, 81HN00E4PG, 81HN00E6PG, 81HN00E8PG, 81HN00EBPG, 81HN00EDPG, 81HN00EVPG, 81HN00EXPG, 81HN00EYPG, 81HN00F4PG, 81HN00F7PG, 81HN00F8PG, 81HN00FAPG, 81HN00FBPG, 81HN00FCPG, 81HN00FDPG, 81HN00FEPG, 81HN00FFPG, 81HN00FHPG, 81HN00FJPG, 81HN00FKPG, 81HN00FLPG, 81HN00FMPG, 81HN00FYPG, 81HN00G4PG, 81HN00G5PG, 81HN00GFPG, 81HN00GGPG, 81HN00GWPG, 81HN00H0PG, 81HN00H1PG, 81HN00H2PG, 81HN00H4PG, 81HN00H5PG, 81HN00H6PG, 81HN00H7PG, 81HN00H8PG, 81HN00H9PG, 81HN00HVPG, 81HN00HXPG, 81HN00J0PG, 81HN00J8PG, 81HN00J9PG, 81HN00JEPG, 81HN00K2PG, 81HN00KVPG, 81HN00LHPG, 81HN00LRPG, 81HN00LSPG, 81HN00M0PG, 81HN00MGPG, 81HN00MLPG, 81HN00MSPG, 81HN00N1PG, 81HN00N2PG, 81HN00N3PG, 81HN00NCPG, 81HN00NEPG, 81HN00NGPG, 81HN00NHPG, 81HN00NPPG, 81HN00NXPG, 81HN00NYPG, 81HN00P1PG, 81HN00P2PG, 81HN00P3PG, 81HN00P6PG, 81HN00P7PG, 81HN00P9PG, 81HN00PAPG, 81HN00PBPG, 81HN00PDPG, 81HN00PEPG, 81HN00PFPG, 81HN00PGPG, 81HN00PHPG, 81HN00PKPG, 81HN00PLPG, 81HN00PNPG, 81HN00PPPG, 81HN00PQPG, 81HN00PRPG, 81HN00PSPG, 81HN00PTPG, 81HN00PXPG, 81HN00Q0PG, 81HN00QPPG, 81HN00QQPG, 81HN00QVPG, 81HN00R0PG, 81HN00R1PG, 81HN00R2PG, 81HN00RMPG, 81HN00RPPG, 81HN00RUPG, 81HN00RXPG, 81HN00RYPG, 81HN00S0PG, 81HN00S2PG, 81HN00S5PG, 81HN00S6PG, 81HN00S9PG, 81HN00SAPG, 81HN00SCPG, 81HN00SDPG, 81HN00SEPG, 81HN00SFPG, 81HN00SKPG, 81HN00SLPG, 81HN00STPG, 81HN00SUPG, 81HN00SVPG, 81HN00SWPG, 81HN00SYPG, 81HN00T8PG, 81HN00TQPG, 81HN00TRPG, 81HN00TSPG, 81HN00TUPG, 81HN00TXPG, 81HN00U0PG, 81HN00U3PG, 81HN00U8PG, 81HN00V3PG, 81HN00VBPG, 81HN00VRPG, 81HN00VSPG, 81HN00VTPG, 81HN00VVPG, 81HN00W0PG, 81HN00W6PG, 81HN00WJPG, 81HN00WKPG, 81HN00WMPG, 81HN00WUPG, 81HN00WVPG, 81HN00X0PG, 81HN00X3PG, 81HN00X6PG, 81HN00X9PG, 81HN00XAPG, 81HN00XLPG, 81HN00XMPG, 81HN00XPPG, 81HN00Y7PG, 81HN00YCPG, 81HN00YHPG, 81HN010JPG, 81HN010KPG, 81HN010LPG

Lenovo IdeaPad V330-15IKB 81AX

81AX000UPG, 81AX0014PG, 81AX0015PG, 81AX0016PG, 81AX0017PG, 81AX0018PG, 81AX0019PG, 81AX001APG, 81AX001BPG, 81AX001CPG, 81AX001DPG, 81AX001EPG, 81AX001FPG, 81AX001GPG, 81AX001HPG, 81AX006BPG, 81AX006CPG, 81AX006DPG, 81AX006SPG, 81AX006UPG, 81AX006VPG, 81AX006YPG, 81AX0070PG, 81AX0071PG, 81AX0072PG, 81AX0073PG, 81AX0074PG, 81AX00A7PG, 81AX00A8PG, 81AX00ARPG, 81AX00C6PG, 81AX00C7PG, 81AX00C8PG, 81AX00C9PG, 81AX00CAPG, 81AX00CBPG, 81AX00CCPG, 81AX00CDPG, 81AX00CEPG, 81AX00CNPG, 81AX00CQPG, 81AX00DFPG, 81AX00DGPG, 81AX00DHPG, 81AX00E7PG, 81AX00E8PG, 81AX00FFPG, 81AX00FGPG, 81AX00FHPG, 81AX00FLPG, 81AX00FRPG, 81AX00FSPG, 81AX00FYPG, 81AX00J0PG, 81AX00J1PG, 81AX00J2PG, 81AX00JUPG, 81AX00P2PG, 81AX00PCPG, 81AX00QBPG, 81AX00SQPG, 81AX00VMPG, 81AX00W6PG, 81AX00W9PG, 81AX00XCPG, 81AX00XKPG, 81AX00Y0PG, 81AX00YJPG, 81AX010FPG, 81AX010HPG, 81AX010JPG, 81AX010SPG, 81AX010TPG, 81AX0115PG, 81AX011KPG, 81AX011LPG, 81AX011MPG, 81AX011QPG, 81AX0127PG, 81AX012LPG, 81AX012RPG, 81AX012SPG, 81AX0137PG, 81AX016YPG, 81AX0179PG, 81AX017BPG, 81AX017CPG, 81AX0197PG, 81AX019FPG, 81AX019TPG, 81AX01A7PG, 81AXA070PG

Lenovo IdeaPad V330-15ISK 81AW

Lenovo IdeaPad 3-15ADA05 81W1

81W1001MPG, 81W1001NPG, 81W1005FPG, 81W100ANPG, 81W100BGPG, 81W100CCPG, 81W100CLPG, 81W100CMPG, 81W100DQPG, 81W100DRPG, 81W100EDPG, 81W100EEPG, 81W100EFPG, 81W100F0PG, 81W100F1PG, 81W100F2PG, 81W100F3PG, 81W100F5PG, 81W100F6PG, 81W100LJPG, 81W100PCPG, 81W100UWPG, 81W1012JPG, 81W1012KPG, 81W101GBPG, 81W101GCPG, 81W101GDPG, 81W101GEPG, 81W101GFPG, 81W101GHPG, 81W101GJPG, 81W101GKPG, 81W101GSPG, 81W101GTPG, 81W101GUPG, 81W101V7PG, 81W101V8PG, 81W101V9PG, 81W101VAPG, 81W101VBPG, 81W101VCPG, 81W101VDPG, 81W101VEPG, 81W101VFPG, 81W101VGPG, 81W101WEPG, 81W101WFPG

Lenovo IdeaPad 3-15ARE05 81W4

81W4000WPG, 81W4008SPG, 81W4008TPG, 81W400BPPG, 81W400BQPG

Lenovo IdeaPad 3-15IGL05 81WQ, 82BU

Lenovo IdeaPad 3-15IIL05 81WE

81WE0083PG, 81WE009FPG, 81WE009GPG, 81WE00BVPG, 81WE00H8PG, 81WE00M7PG, 81WE00M8PG, 81WE01GFPG, 81WE01HSPG, 81WE01K9PG, 81WE01Q3PG, 81WE01Q4PG, 81WE01R7PG

Lenovo IdeaPad 3-15IJL05 82ML

Lenovo IdeaPad 3-15IML05 81WB, 81WR, 82BS

81WB002LPG, 81WB002MPG, 81WB002NPG, 81WB002PPG, 81WB002QPG, 81WB002RPG, 81WB002SPG, 81WB004CPG, 81WB004DPG, 81WB0073PG, 81WB0074PG, 81WB0078PG, 81WB0089PG, 81WB009CPG, 81WB009DPG, 81WB009EPG, 81WB00L3PG, 81WB00L4PG, 81WB00L5PG, 81WB00MWPG, 81WB00MXPG, 81WB00WWPG, 81WB016NPG, 81WB016QPG, 81WB016TPG, 81WB01DSPG, 81WB01FWPG

Lenovo IdeaPad 3-15ITL05 81X8

81X80071PG, 81X80072PG, 81X8007APG, 81X800KMPG, 81X800KNPG, 81X800L9PG

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 17ADA05 81W2

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 17ARE05 81W5

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 17IML05 81WC

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 17IIL05 81WF

Lenovo IdeaPad 15SARE 2020 82CC

Lenovo IdeaPad 15SIIL 2020 81WE

Lenovo IdeaPad 15SIML 2020 81WB

Part Number: 5CB0Q59969, 5CB0Q59976, 5CB0Q59999, 5CB0Q60017, 5CB0Q60033, 5CB0Q60158, 5CB0Q60190, 5CB0Q60245, 5CB0R07244, 5CB0R07264, 5CB0R07271, 5CB0R07281, 5CB0R07380, 5CB0R07390, 5CB0R28223, 5CB0R34639, 5CB0R34647, 5CB0R34662, 5CB0R34675, 5CB0R34719, 5CB0R34791, 5CB0R41640, 5CB0R41649, 5CB0R41774, 5CB0R41797, 5CB0R57647, 5CB0R57706, 5CB0R58123, 5CB0R58158, 5CB0S18643, 5CB0S18674, 5CB0S18705, 5CB0S18736, 5CB0S18768, 5CB0S18800, 5CB0X56781, 5CB0X56811, 5CB0X56841, 5CB0X56871, 5CB0X57452, 5CB0X57482, 5CB0X57512, 5CB0X57542, 5CB0X57572, 5CB0X57602, 5CB0X57632, 5CB0X57662, 5CB0Z47743, 5CB0Z48317, 5CB1C15059, 5CB1C15119, 5CB1C17148, 5CB1C17208, 5CB1C17268, 5CB1C17349, 5CB1C17450, 5CB1D02004, 5CB1D02035, 5CB1D02066, 5CB1D02097, 5CB1D03534, 5CB1D03633, 5CB1D03664, 5CB1D03695, 5CB1D03726, KT01-18B6AK01PORA000, KT01-18B6BK01PORA000, L1CZ871006E, LCM16K26PO-686, LCM16K3, LCM16K36POJ689, PC5CB-POR, SG-86420-2PA, SG-90230-2PA, SN20M62768, SN20M62806, SN20M62902, SN20M62963, SN20S69962, SN20S69975

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