Keyboard Asus X555 X555LA X555LJ X555UA X555UB Without Frame Backlit PT
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Keyboard Asus X555 X555LA X555LJ X555UA X555UB Without Frame Backlit PT


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Laptop Keyboard with Standard NumPad Compatible with various Models

Backlit Keyboard Without Frame

Version: Portuguese (PT-PT).

Color: Black

State: New

Applicable Models:

Asus A501

A501LB, A501LB-DM134T, A501LX, A501UB, A501UQ, A501UW, A501UX, A501UX-DM170T, A501UX-DM191T, A501UX-DM194T

Asus A551


Asus A553

A553MA, A553SA

Asus A555

A555BP, A555DA, A555DG, A555LA, A555LAB, A555LB, A555LD, A555LD-XX664H, A555LF, A555LI, A555LJ, A555LN, A555LNB, A555LP, A555LPB, A555QA, A555QG, A555SJ, A555UA, A555UB, A555UF, A555UJ, A555UQ, A555YA

Asus D550

D550MA, D550MAV

Asus D553

D553MA, D553SA

Asus DX992

DX992DA, DX992LB, DX992LD, DX992LI, DX992LJ, DX992LN, DX992LNB, DX992LP, DX992LPB, DX992SJ, DX992UA, DX992UB, DX992UF, DX992UJ, DX992YI

Asus F51


Asus F530

F530LB, F530LD, F530LJ, F530LN, F530LNB, F530UA, F530UF, F530UN

Asus F551

F551MA, F551MAV, F551MAV-BSX651BR, F551MAV-SX651B, F551MAV-SX996H

Asus F553

F553MA, F553MA-SX361, F553MA-SX361BLK, F553MA-SX624, F553MA-XX421T, F553MA-XX592T, F553SA

Asus F554

F554DA, F554DG, F554LA, F554LAB, F554LA-XX1273H, F554LA-XX2857D, F554LA-XX500H, F554LA-XX526H, F554LA-XX927T, F554LB, F554LD, F554LD-XX618H, F554LD-XX734H, F554LD-XX908H, F554LF, F554LI, F554LJ, F554LJ-XX224H, F554LJ-XX468T, F554LJ-XX468T-BE, F554LJ-XX844T, F554LJ-XX928T, F554LN, F554LNB, F554LP, F554LPB, F554SJ, F554UA, F554UB, F554UF, F554UJ, F554UQ, F554XY, F554YA

Asus F555

F555BA, F555BA-A9AR5PB1, F555BA-A9BR5PB1, F555BA-DM144T, F555BA-DM144T-BE, F555BA-XO059T, F555BA-XX238T, F555BP, F555BP-DM245T, F555BP-DM245T 90NB0D32-M03390, F555BP-XO004T, F555BP-XO067T, F555DA, F555DG, F555DG-XO075T, F555LA, F555LAB, F555LA-XX270D, F555LB, F555LD, F555LDB, F555LD-XX114H, F555LD-XX243H, F555LD-XX320H, F555LF, F555LF-DM186T, F555LF-XO029H, F555LF-XO056H, F555LI, F555LI-XX022H, F555LI-XX023H, F555LI-XX025H, F555LI-XX027H, F555LJ, F555LJ-XO294T, F555LJ-XO717H, F555LJ-XO922T, F555LJ-XX060H, F555LJ-XX111T, F555LJ-XX489H, F555LN, F555LNB, F555LN-XO010D, F555LN-XO128D, F555LN-XO355H, F555LN-XX499H, F555LP, F555LPB, F555LP-XO047H, F555LP-XO062D, F555LP-XO089H, F555LP-XX025H, F555LP-XX026H, F555LP-XX029H, F555LP-XX087H, F555QA, F555QA-DM088T, F555QA-DM320T, F555QA-XO186T, F555QA-XO360T, F555QA-XO361T, F555QA-XO361T 90NB0D52-M04680, F555QG, F555QG-DM188T, F555QG-DM200T, F555QG-DM473T, F555QG-DM473T 90NB0D42-M06530, F555QG-DM473T-BE, F555QG-DM473T-BE 90NB0D42-M06530, F555QG-DM488T, F555QG-DM488T-BE, F555QG-XX033T, F555QG-XX068T, F555QG-XX161T, F555SJ, F555SJ-XX029T, F555UA, F555UA-EH71, F555UA-XO193T, F555UA-XX065T, F555UB, F555UB-XO111T, F555UB-XO129T, F555UF, F555UF-DM031T, F555UF-XO035D, F555UJ, F555UJ-XO044T, F555UJ-XO106T, F555UJ-XO107T, F555UJ-XX009T, F555UQ, F555YA, F555YA-XO015T, F555YA-XX038T, F555YI, F555YI-XO081T, F555YI-XO084T, F555YI-XX058T, F555YI-XX134T

Asus FL5600

FL5600LP, FL5600LPB

Asus FX51


Asus J550

J550LA, J550LAB, J550LD, J550LJ

Asus K501

K501LB, K501LB-DM085H, K501LX, K501LX-DM200T, K501LX-EB71, K501LX-NB52, K501UB, K501UB-DM006T, K501UB-DM021T, K501UB-DM075T, K501UB-DM097T, K501UQ, K501UQ-DM011T, K501UQ-DM021T, K501UQ-DM021T-BE, K501UQ-DM068D, K501UW, K501UW-AB78, K501UW-DM013T, K501UW-DM050T, K501UW-IB74, K501UX, K501UX-DM023T, K501UX-DM085T, K501UX-DM086T, K501UX-WH74

Asus K553

K553MA, K553SA

Asus K555

K555BA, K555BP, K555DA, K555DG, K555DG-XO052T, K555LA, K555LAB, K555LA-MH51, K555LA-Q32B, K555LA-Q32B-CB, K555LA-QB32, K555LA-QB32-CB, K555LA-XX1104H, K555LB, K555LB-DM451T, K555LB-DM576, K555LB-FI551T, K555LB-XO474T, K555LD, K555LD-DM905H, K555LD-XO729H, K555LD-XX1015H, K555LD-XX362D, K555LD-XX391D, K555LD-XX645D, K555LF, K555LF-XO017D, K555LF-XX146D, K555LF-XX421D, K555LI, K555LI-XO063D, K555LI-XO063D 90NB0982-M01310, K555LJ, K555LJ-XO1234D, K555LJ-XO1234D 90NB08I2-M19880, K555LJ-XX131D, K555LJ-XX131D 90NB08IA-M01640, K555LJ-XX135D, K555LJ-XX135D 90NB08IA-M01700, K555LJ-XX974T, K555LN, K555LNB, K555LN-DM091D, K555LN-XO132H, K555LN-XO133H, K555LN-XO134H, K555LN-XO177H, K555LP, K555LPB, K555QA, K555QG, K555QG-A0AR5PB1, K555QG-A0AR5PB11, K555QG-A12, K555SJ, K555UA, K555UA-Q72X, K555UA-Q72X-CB, K555UB, K555UB-Q72X, K555UB-Q72X-CB, K555UB-XO066T, K555UB-XX176T, K555UB-XX177T, K555UF, K555UJ, K555UQ, K555UQ-DM028DC, K555UQ-DM028T, K555UQ-DM045T, K555YA, K555YI

Asus Pro P2520

P2520LA, P2520LA-XO0106E, P2520LA-XO0165G, P2520LA-XO0167t, P2520LA-XO0283R, P2520LA-XO0284R, P2520LA-XO0285R, p2520LA-XO0290g, P2520LA-XO0298E, P2520LA-XO0314D, P2520LA-XO0314g, P2520LA-XO0385E, P2520LA-XO0443R, P2520LA-XO0526D, P2520LA-XO0561d, P2520LA-XO1001T, P2520LJ, P2520LJ-DM0114R, P2520LJ-XO0039G, P2520LJ-XO0171E, P2520SA, P2520SA-XO0044D, P2520SA-YS02, P2520SJ, P2520SJ-XO0015P, P2520SJ-XO0042R

Asus Pro P2525

Asus Pro P2530

P2530MA, P2530UA, P2530UA-XO0081R, P2530UA-XO0119D, P2530UA-XO0207R, P2530UA-XO0381D, P2530UA-XO0382T, P2530UA-XO0922T, P2530UA-XO0923R, P2530UA-XO1280D, P2530UA-XO1281R, P2530UJ

Asus Pro P2540

P2540FA, P2540FA-DM0289, P2540FA-DM0487, P2540FA-GQ0220, P2540FA-GQ0467R, P2540FA-GQ0583, P2540FA-GQ0583 90NX02L1-M07490, P2540FB, P2540FB-DM0214R, P2540FB-DM0350, P2540FB-DM0360R, P2540FB-GQ0155R, P2540MB, P2540NV, P2540NV-YH21, P2540UA, P2540UA-AB51, P2540UA-DM0094T, P2540UA-DM0095T, P2540UA-DM0180R, P2540UA-DM0181R, P2540UA-DM0453D, P2540UB, P2540UBP, P2540UB-XB71, P2540UV, P2540UV-DM0035D, P2540UV-DM0096

Asus P551


Asus Pro P552

P552LA, P552LJ, P552SA, P552SJ

Asus Pro P553

P553MA, P553MA-BING-SX349B, P553MA-BING-SX386B, P553MA-BING-SX387B, P553MA-BING-SX627B, P553MA-SX386B, P553MA-SX387B, P553MA-SX627B, P553MA-XX562D, P553MA-XX562H, P553SA, P553UA, P553UJ

Asus P554

P554NV, P554UA, P554UV

Asus ZenBook R506

R506LB, R506LD, R506LJ, R506LN, R506LNB

Asus ZenBook R51


Asus R511

R511DA, R511DG, R511LA, R511LAB, R511LA-DM769H, R511LA-XO733H, R511LA-XX2661T, R511LB, R511LB-DM533T, R511LD, R511ld - Xx379h, R511LD-XX1027H, R511LD-XX418H, R511LD-XX660H, R511LD-XX863H, R511LF, R511LI, R511LJ, R511LJ-DM878T, R511LJ-XO1482T, R511LJ-XX263T, R511LJ-XX374H, R511LJ-XX375ST, R511LJ-XX545T, R511LN, R511LNB, R511LN-XX158H, R511LN-XX174H, R511LN-XX175H, R511LP, R511LPB, R511SJ, R511UA, R511UB, R511UF, R511UJ, R511UQ, R511YA, R511YI

Asus R512


Asus Transformer Book Flip R515

R515MA, R515SA

Asus R516

R516LB, R516LB-DM054H, R516LB-DM115T, R516LB-XX116T, R516LX, R516LX-DM036H, R516LX-XX096H, R516UB, R516UB-DM030T, R516UB-DM044T, R516UB-XX110T, R516UQ, R516UW, R516UW-DM021T, R516UW-DM022T, R516UW-DM044T, R516UX, R516UX-DM286D, R516UX-RH71

Asus Transformer Book Flip R554

R554LA, R554LAB, R554LA-RH31T, R554LA-RH51T, R554LD, R554LJ, R554LJ-XO009H, R554LJ-XO092H

Asus R556

R556BA, R556BP, R556DA, R556DG, R556DG-DM151T, R556DG-XX056T-BE, R556DG-XX119T-BE, R556LA, R556LAB, R556LA-RH51, R556LA-XX1667T, R556LA-XX1875T, R556la-xx2374t, R556LA-XX790H, R556LB, R556LB-DM158H, R556LB-DM299H, R556LB-DM414H, R556LB-XO154H, R556LB-XO212H, R556LD, R556LF, R556LF-DM261T, R556LF-XO048H, R556LF-XO078H, R556LF-XO078T, R556LF-XX088H, R556LI, R556LJ, R556LJ-XO339H, R556LJ-XX292T, R556LJ-XX335H, R556LJ-XX475H, R556LN, R556LNB, R556LN-DM444H, R556LP, R556LPB, R556QA, R556QG, R556SJ, R556UA, R556UA-XX139T, R556UA-XX273T, R556UB, R556UB-DM079T, R556UB-DM217T, R556UB-XO118T, R556UB-XO146T, R556UF, R556UJ, R556UJ-XX079T, R556UJ-XX090T, R556UJ-XX150T, R556UQ, R556YA, R556YA-XX051T, R556YI, R556YI-DM001T, R556YI-DM198T, R556YI-DM222T, R556YI-XX001T, R556YI-XX200T, R556YI-XX233T

Asus R557

R557DA, R557DG, R557LA, R557LAB, R557LA-XO600H, R557LA-XO851, R557LA-XX749H, R557LD, R557LD-XX886H, R557LI, R557LJ, R557LJ-XX1013T, R557LJ-XX1013T-BE, R557LJ-XX1372T, R557LJ-XX1372T-BE, R557LJ-XX365H, R557LJ-XX365H-BE, R557LN, R557LNB, R557LP, R557LPB, R557UA, R557UF, R557UJ, R557UQ, R557YI

Asus Transformer Book Flip TP550

TP550LA, TP550LAB, TP550LA-CJ028H, TP550LA-CJ060H, TP550LA-CJ070P, TP550LA-CJ127H, TP550LA-CJ130P, TP550LD, TP550LD-CJ001H, TP550LD-CJ030H, TP550LD-CJ033H, TP550LD-CJ034H, TP550LD-CJ036H, TP550LJ, TP550LJ-2B, TP550LJ-CJ024H, TP550LJ-CJ025H

Asus V502

V502LB, V502LX, V502UB, V502UX, V502UX-DM183T

Asus V505

V505LB, V505LX, V505UB, V505UX

Asus VM510

VM510LB, VM510LD, VM510LF, VM510LI, VM510LJ, VM510LN, VM510LNB, VM510LP, VM510LPB, VM510UA

Asus VM590

VM590LB, VM590LB-FI612T, VM590LD, VM590LJ, VM590LN, VM590LNB, VM590UA, VM590UB, VM590UQ, VM590ZA, VM590ZE

Asus ZenBook W509

W509LN, W509LNB, W509LP, W509LPB

Asus W51


Asus W519

W519LB, W519LD, W519LI, W519LJ, W519LN, W519LNB, W519LP, W519LPB

Asus W529

W529LN, W529LNB

Asus X503

X503MA, X503SA

Asus X551

X551MA, X551MAV

Asus X553

X553MA, X553SA

Asus X554

X554BA, X554DA, X554DG, X554LA, X554LAB, X554LA-XO496D, X554LA-XO496H, X554LA-XX370H, X554LA-XX371H, X554LA-XX449H, X554LA-XX534H, X554LA-XX534H 90NB0658-M07910, X554LB, X554LD, X554LD-XX498H, X554LD-XX615H, X554LD-XX667H, X554LD-XX670H, X554LF, X554LI, X554LJ, X554LJ-35A9, X554LJ-35A92PB1, X554LJ-55A92PB1, X554LJ-XX106H, X554LJ-XX510H, X554LN, X554LNB, X554LP, X554LPB, X554QA, X554QG, X554SJ, X554SXE, X554UA, X554UB, X554UF, X554UJ, X554UQ, X554YA, X554YI

Asus X555

X555BA, X555BP, X555BP-DM201T, X555DA, X555DG, X555LA, X555LA-XO077D, X555LA-XO077H, X555LA-XO080H, X555LA-XX2276T, X555LA-XX2717T, X555LA-XX2811D, X555LA-XX290H, X555LA-XX290HA, X555LA-XX290HD, X555LAB, X555LB, X555LB-DM223H, X555LD, X555LD-5X582W, X555LD-XO034H, X555LD-XO549H, X555LD-XO730H, X555LD-XO733H, X555LD-XO821H, X555LD-XX085H, X555LD-XX138H, X555LF, X555LI, X555LJ, X555LJ-3C92W1B, X555LJ-3R92, X555LJ-3R92W1B, X555LJ-5C92W1B, X555LJ-5R92W1B, X555LJ-7C92W1B, X555LJ-7R92, X555LJ-7R92W1B, X555LJ-R392W1B, X555LJ-XO1243T, X555LJ-XO160H, X555LJ-XO186H, X555LJ-XO198H, X555LJ-XO212T, X555LJ-XX443T, X555LN, X555LN-XO244H, X555LN-XO246H, X555LNB, X555LP, X555LPB, X555QA, X555QG, X555SJ, X555UA, X555UB, X555UB-DM141T, X555UB-XO253R, X555UF, X555UJ, X555UQ, X555YA, X555YI

Asus Y583

Y583LN, Y583LNB, Y583LP, Y583LPB

Part Number: 0KN0-R31PO22, 0KNB0-610MPO00, 0KNB0-612RPO00, 0KNB0-662HPO00, 0KNB0-R91PO, 0KNB-612RPO00, 11612N000ZBL, 11612N001L, 11612N001LBL, 13N0-R7A0913, 13NB04X1AP0821, 13NB04X1P0402-1, 13NB0622AP0412, 13NB0622P05021, 90NB0482-R30180, 90NB04X1-R31PO0, 90NB04X2-R31PO0, 90NB04X3-R31PO0, 90NB04X4-R31PO0, 90NB0622-R31PO0, 90NB0623-R31PO0, 90NB0625-R31PO0, 90NB0628-R31PO0, 90NB0629-R31PO0, 90NB0647-R32PO0, 90NB07K2-R31PO0, 90NB07K8-R31PO0, 90NB0A52-R30190, 90NB0D22-R31PO0, 90NB0D42-R31PO0, 90NX0051-R31PO0, 90NX0061-R31PO0, 90NX00S1-R30200, 90NX00S1-R30520, 90NX0131-R31PO0, 90NX0131-R32PO0, 9Z.N8SBQ.Q06, 9Z.N8SLQ.Q01, 9Z.N8SSQ.006, 9Z.N8SSW.A06, AEXJB00110, AEXK5T01010, MP-13K96P0-5283, NSK-USQBQ, OKNOB-6122US0Q

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