Keyboard Asus N551J N551 N551JB N551JK N551JM Without Frame Backlit Silver PT
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Keyboard Asus N551J N551 N551JB N551JK N551JM Without Frame Backlit Silver PT


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Laptop Keyboard with Standard NumPad Compatible with various Models

Backlit Keyboard Without Frame

Version: Portuguese (PT-PT).

Color: Silver

State: New

Applicable Models:

Asus ROG G551

G551J, G551JB, G551JK, G551JM, G551JQ, G551JW, G551JW-DS71, G551JX, G551VW, G551ZU

Asus ROG G58

G58J, G58JB, G58JK, G58JM, G58JQ, G58JW, G58JX, G58VW, G58ZU

Asus ROG G741

G741JK, G741JM, G741JW, G741JX

Asus ROG G771

G771JK, G771JM, G771JM-T7031D, G771JM-T7031H, G771JW, G771JX

Asus ROG GL551

GL551JK, GL551JM, GL551JM-CN212H, GL551JW, GL551JW-CN085H, GL551JW-CN254T, GL551JX, GL551VW, GL551VW-FW135T

Asus ROG GL771

GL771JK, GL771JM, GL771JM-T4034H, GL771JW, GL771JW-T7046T, GL771JX

Asus N551

N551JB, N551JK, N551JK-CN034H, N551JK-DM088H, N551JK-DM193H, N551JM, N551JQ, N551JQ-DM035H, N551JQ-DM038H, N551JW, N551JW-CN067H, N551JW-CN068H, N551JX, N551JX-CN043H, N551JX-CN123H, N551VW, N551VW-FY197T, N551ZU

Asus N552

N552VW, N552VW-FI202T, N552VW-FY058T, N552VW-FY204T, N552VW-FY254T, N552VX, N552VX-76A95, N552VX-76A95SB1, N552VX-76C95, N552VX-FW027T, N552VX-FW140T, N552VX-FY070T, N552VX-FY104T, n552VX-FY105t, n552VX-FY162t, n552VX-FY187t, N552VX-FY200T

Asus N751

N751JK, N751JK-T4086H, N751JK-T7246H, N751JM, N751JW, N751JX, N751JX-T4023H, N751JX-T7034H, N751JX-T7162

Asus N752

N752VX, N752VX-GC084T, N752VX-GC114T, N752VX-GC131T, N752VX-GC146T, N752VX-GC189T

Asus R555

R555JB, R555JK, R555JM, R555JQ, R555JW, R555JX, R555VW, R555ZU

Asus R751

R751JK, R751JM, R751JW, R751JX

Part Number: 15375000079, 15445000030, 4000543200020, 0KNB0-662BPO00, 0KNB0-662BPO0015375000079, 0KNB0-662CPO00, 11535A002A, 11538A001L, 59C000A02A, 5AR000A05B, 90NB05T1-R31PO0, 90NB05T1-R31PO0, 90NB06K1-R31PO0, 90NB06K1-R31PO0, 90NB06R2-R30200, 90NB06R2-R30200, 90NB0756-R31PO0, 90NB0756-R31PO0, 90NB09P1-R31PO0, 90NB09P1-R31PO0, 90NB0AH1-R31PO0, 90NB0AH2-R31PO0, 9Z.N8BBC.P06, 9Z.N8BBQ.P06, 9Z.N8BBQ.Q06, AEBK3T00010, AEBK3T02010 3A, APIA0KNB0-662CPO00, NSK-UPPBC 06, NSK-UPPBQ 06, NSK-UPQBQ 06, PK13183130S, PK13183130SDAR2105AR000A05B

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