Keyboard Asus N56 N56v U500vz N76 R500v R505 Without Frame Backlit Silver PT
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Keyboard Asus N56 N56v U500vz N76 R500v R505 Without Frame Backlit Silver PT


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Laptop Keyboard with Standard NumPad Compatible with various Models

Backlit Keyboard Without Frame

Version: Portuguese (PT-PT).

Color: Silver

State: New

Applicable Models:

Asus ROG G550

G550JK, G550JX

Asus ROG G56

G56JK, G56JN, G56JR, G56JR-CN234H

Asus ROG GL550

GL550JK, GL550JX

Asus N550

N550JA, N550JK, N550JK-CM396H, N550JK-CM493H, N550JK-CN102H, N550JK-CN104H, N550JK-CN456H, N550JK-CN457H, N550JV, N550JV-CN180H, N550JV-CN214H, N550JX, N550LF

Asus N56

N56DP, N56DP-DH11, N56DY, N56JK, N56JN, N56JN-DM119H, N56JR, N56JR-S4048H, N56v, N56VB, N56VJ, N56VJ-S4042H, N56VM, N56VM-RB71, N56VM-S3113V, N56VM-S3129V, N56VM-S3151V, N56VM-S4032V, N56VM-S4125V, N56VM-S4157V, N56VM-SB71, N56VV, N56VZ, N56VZ-4338D, N56VZ-DS71, N56VZ-S4016V, N56VZ-S4022V, N56VZ-S4023V, N56VZ-S4026V, N56VZ-S4035D, N56VZ-S4036V, N56VZ-S4044V, N56VZ-S4049V, N56VZ-S4066V, N56VZ-S4095V, N56VZ-S4165H, N56VZ-S4269H, N56VZ-S4357H, N56X, N56X45DP-SL, N56XI321VM-BL, N56XI323VZ-SL, N56XI363VZ-SL

Asus N750

N750JK, N750JK-T4188H, N750JV, N750JV-T4095H

Asus N76

N76V, N76VB, N76VJ, N76VM, N76VZ, N76Y

Asus Q550

Q550JA, Q550JK, Q550JV, Q550JX, Q550L, Q550LF

Asus R501

R501DP, R501DY, R501JK, R501JN, R501JR, R501VB, R501VJ, R501VM, R501VV, R501VZ

Asus R514

R514J, R514JR, R514VB, R514VJ, R514VM, R514VV, R514VZ

Asus R552

R552JA, R552JK, R552JV, R552JX, R552LF

Asus R701

R701VB, R701VJ, R701VM, R701VZ

Asus R750

R750JK, R750JV

Part Number: 0KN0-N43PO13, 0KNB0-6126PO00, 0KNB0-6621PO00, 0KNB0-6625P000, 0KNB0-6625PO00, 0KNB0-662BPO00, 90NB00K1-R31PO0, 90NB0201-R32PO0, 90NB03Z1-R31PO0, 90NB03Z3-R31PO0, 90NB04L3-R31PO0, 90R-N9J1K1H00Y, 90R-N9J1K1H80U, 90R-N9J1K2H00U, 90R-N9J1K2H80U, 90R-NAL1K3I80Y, 9Z.N8BBU.K06, 9Z.N8BBU.L06, 9Z.N8BSQ.306, AENJ8901010, AENJ8T01010, AENJ8T01020, APIA0KNB0-6621SK0011407A002E, NSK-UPL06, NSK-UPPBC 06, V143962AK1

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