Keyboard Toshiba Satellite Pro R50-C Tecra A50-C Z50-C with Point Stick Backlit PT
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Keyboard Toshiba Satellite Pro R50-C Tecra A50-C Z50-C with Point Stick Backlit PT


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Laptop Keyboard with Standard NumPad Compatible with Various Models

Backlit Keyboard with Point Stick

Version: Portuguese (PT-PT).

Colo: Black

State: New

Applicable Models:

Toshiba Satellite Pro A50-A

A50-A PT63NC-00600W, A50-A PT63NC-04Q00W, A50-A PT64NC-0F201G, A50-A PT64NC-0UY02Y

Toshiba Satellite Pro A50-C

A50-C-100, A50-C-10D, A50-C-10E, A50-C-10F, A50-C-10G, A50-C-10H, A50-C-10J, A50-C-111, A50-C-116, A50-C-117, A50-C-118, A50-C-119, A50-C-11C, A50-C-11F, A50-C-11H, A50-C-11M, A50-C-11T, A50-C-121, A50-C-124, A50-C-125, A50-C-126, A50-C-129, A50-C-12C, A50-C-12H, A50-C-12P, A50-C-12W, A50-C-131, A50-C-135, A50-C-136, A50-C-13H, A50-C-13L, A50-C-13M, A50-C-13N, A50-C-13R, A50-C-13V, A50-C-13W, A50-C-147, A50-C-14C, A50-C-14E, A50-C-14Z, A50-C-15H, A50-C-15T, A50-C-15V, A50-C-169, A50-C-16C, A50-C-16D, A50-C-181, A50-C-18P, A50-C-18Q, A50-C-18T, A50-C-18V, A50-C-18X, A50-C-19P, A50-C-19R, A50-C-1G8, A50-C-1G9, A50-C-1GC, A50-C-1GD, A50-C-1GH, A50-C-1GL, A50-C-1GN, A50-C-1GP, A50-C-1GR, A50-C-1GW, A50-C-1HF, A50-C-1HG, A50-C-1JC, A50-C-1JH, A50-C-1JJ, A50-C-1JK, A50-C-1L1, A50-C-1L2, A50-C-1L3, A50-C-1L4, A50-C-1L5, A50-C-1L6, A50-C-1L9, A50-C-1LJ, A50-C-1LR, A50-C-1ML, A50-C-1MM, A50-C-1MN, A50-C-1MQ, A50-C-1MT, A50-C-1MU, A50-C-1MW, A50-C-1NC, A50-C-1ND, A50-C-1NG, A50-C-1PR, A50-C-1T6, A50-C-1TQ, A50-C-1U1, A50-C-1VM, A50-C-1XZ, A50-C-202, A50-C-204, A50-C-205, A50-C-205 PS575E-0TY02KEP, A50-C-206, A50-C-207, A50-C-208, A50-C-208 PS575E-0U202KEP, A50-C-209, A50-C-209 , A50-C-209 PS57DE-01801MEP, A50-C-20C, A50-C-20C PS57DE-01901MEP, A50-C-211, A50-C-21M, A50-C-21T, A50-C-21U, A50-C-22C, A50-C-23P, A50-C-24C, A50-C-24J, A50-C-24V, A50-C-24W, A50-C-255, A50-C-256, A50-C-263, A50-C-26G, A50-C-26Q, A50-C-27D, A50-C-27F, A50-C-27Q, A50-C-27V, A50-C-28K, A50-C-29H, A50-C-2F6, A50-C-2FR, A50-C-2P5

Toshiba Satellite Pro R50-C

R50-C PS562C-008003, R50-C PS562C-00C003, R50-C PS562C-02U01S, R50-C PS562C-043003, R50-C PS562C-048021, R50-C PS562C-07P021, R50-C PS566C-008002, R50-C PS566C-008003, R50-C PS566C-00C002, R50-C PS571C-005004, R50-C PS571C-00900D, R50-C PS571C-06T03R, R50-C PS571C-07Q03Q, R50-C PS571C-09K03Q, R50-C-100, R50-C-101, R50-C-103, R50-C-104, R50-C-107, R50-C-10F, R50-C-10W, R50-C-10X, R50-C-10Z, R50-C-110, R50-C-111, R50-C-114, R50-C-115, R50-C-116, R50-C-117, R50-C-11E, R50-C-11J, R50-C-11M, R50-C-11P, R50-C-11W, R50-C-11X, R50-C-121, R50-C-122, R50-C-12E, R50-C-12N, R50-C-12P, R50-C-12Q, R50-C-12R, R50-C-12T, R50-C-134, R50-C-138, R50-C-13D, R50-C-13K, R50-C-13R, R50-C-14F, R50-C-14G, R50-C-14H, R50-C-14J, R50-C-14K, R50-C-14K PS571E-06602REP, R50-C-14N, R50-C-14P, R50-C-14X, R50-C-150, R50-C-151, R50-C-152, R50-C-15L, R50-C-15M, R50-C-15P, R50-C-15W, R50-C-15X, R50-C-167, R50-C-16U, R50-C-16V, R50-C-174, R50-C-175, R50-C-179, R50-C-17C, R50-C-1CT, R50-C-1E8, R50-C-1FT, R50-C PS562A

Toshiba Tecra A50-C

A50-C PS569C-02T006, A50-C PS569C-02U006, A50-C PS56DC-00F001, A50-C PS56DC-00G001, A50-C PS56DC-00L001, A50-C PS56DC-00T001, A50-C PS56DC-00U001, A50-C PS56HC-00J00C, A50-C PS579C-04G01C, A50-C PS579C-04H008, A50-C PS579C-04J01C, A50-C PS579C-04K008, A50-C PS57BC-00T006, A50-C PS57BC-01W006, A50-C PS57BC-01X006, A50-C PS57BC-02L010, A50-C-16E, A50-C-16F, A50-C-16G, A50-C-16H, A50-C-16J, A50-C-16K, A50-C-16L, A50-C-16U, A50-C-179, A50-C-17C, A50-C-17E, A50-C-19L, A50-C-1FW, A50-C-1G0, A50-C-1G1, A50-C-1G2, A50-C-1GE, A50-C-1GF, A50-C-1GG, A50-C-1H1, A50-C-1H2, A50-C-1H7, A50-C-1H9, A50-C-1HC, A50-C-1HD, A50-C-1K0, A50-C-1K5, A50-C-1K6, A50-C-1KC, A50-C-1KE, A50-C-1KJ, A50-C-1L7, A50-C-1LN, A50-C-1MV, A50-C-1NH, A50-C-1P7, A50-C-1QG, A50-C-1QK, A50-C-1RL, A50-C-1T7, A50-C-1U2, A50-C-1UF, A50-C-1UG, A50-C-1V0, A50-C-1W2, A50-C-1ZQ, A50-C-1ZR, A50-C-1ZT, A50-C-1ZU, A50-C-1ZV, A50-C-1ZV  PS579E-05501PEP, A50-C-1ZV PS579E-05501PEP, A50-C-1ZW, A50-C-1ZW PS579E-05601PEP, A50-C-1ZZ, A50-C-200, A50-C-201, A50-C-201 PS57HE-01G015EP, A50-C-20C, A50-C-20F, A50-C-20N, A50-C-217, A50-C-218, A50-C-219, A50-C-21C, A50-C-21E, A50-C-21F, A50-C-21G, A50-C-22Q, A50-C-23T, A50-C-24K, A50-C-290, A50-C-29W, A50-C-2CZ, A50-C-2D2, A50-C-2F5

Toshiba Tecra R50-C

R50-C PS571C-04E01R, R50-C PS573C-00D002

Toshiba Tecra Z50-C

Z50-C PS57HA-00K00G, Z50-C PT571C-00D007, Z50-C PT573A-01003, Z50-C PT577C-005002, Z50-C PT577C-030002, Z50-C-10M, Z50-C-10P, Z50-C-10Q, Z50-C-10R, Z50-C-113, Z50-C-114, Z50-C-115, Z50-C-11C, Z50-C-11E, Z50-C-11F, Z50-C-11H, Z50-C-11J, Z50-C-11V, Z50-C-11W, Z50-C-12D, Z50-C-12F, Z50-C-12N, Z50-C-138, Z50-C-139, Z50-C-13C, Z50-C-13D, Z50-C-13D PT577E-03J01DEP, Z50-C-13U, Z50-C-140, Z50-C-143, Z50-C-144, Z50-C-14N, Z50-C-14P, Z50-C-14Z, Z50-C-150, Z50-C-151, Z50-C1550, Z50-C-15P, Z50-C-16L

Part Number: G83C000DP3PT, P000670700

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