Keyboard HP Probook 4530s 4535s 4730s Silver Frame PT
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Keyboard HP Probook 4530s 4535s 4730s Silver Frame PT


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NEW items have a limited warranty until 36 months against manufacturing defects.

Laptop Keyboard with Standard NumPad Compatible with various Models

Version: Portuguese (PT-PT) 

Color: Silver Frame / Black Keys

State: New

Applicable Models: 

HP Probook 4530S

Product Number: XY826AV, H0X96EP, SQ582UP, H1Z20US, H1Z19US, LW767ES, LW767ESR, B0X95EA, B0Y04EA, B0Y04EAR, B0Y14EA, LW857EA, LW857EAR, B0W65ES, A6F18EA, A6F18EAR, LW777ES, LW777ESR, LW755ES, LW801ES, LW800ES, LW800ESR, A6G59ES, A6G59ESR, A6G56ES, B0W10ES, B0W10ESR, LH873AV, LH874AV, LH872AV, LH871AV, LW766ES, LW766ESR, LW776ES, LW776ESR, A1F61ES, A1F61ESR, LW804ES, A1F68ES, A2V06LT, A2V06LTR, A1F60ES, A1F60ESR, QB044PP, QB046PP, QA119PA, QA121PA, LH285EA, LH289EA, LH289EAR, LH288EA, LH284EA, LH284EAR, LH286EA, LH286EAR, LH293EA, LH293EAR, A1F97ES, A1F81ES, LW787ES, LW787ESR, QY930US, A1F88ES, A1F88ESR, A1F74ES, LJ531UT, LW794ES, LH449EA, LH449EAR, A6G41ES, LW806ES, LW806ESR, SP343UP, QC502PA, QG628PA, A1F64ES, H2J54UP, A2V36LA, A2V36LAR, LW858EA, LW859EA, LW859EAR, SQ037UP, A6G60ES, A6G60ESR, A7K33LA, LW839EA, LW840EA, LW840EAR, LW851EA, LW851EAR, LW852EA, LW853EA, LW853EAR, LW862EA, LW862EAR, A1D27EA, A1D27EAR, LW854EA, LW854EAR, A1F96ES, A1E85EA, A1E82EA, A1E82EAR, LW841EA, LW841EAR, LW846EA, LW846EAR, A1D32EA, A1D32EAR, A1D33EA, A1D43EA, A1D43EAR, A2N86PA, A6G43ES, A6G43ESR, A6G44ES, H1Z47US, H2H50US, H2X39US, SQ535UP, A1F95ES, A2P02PA, B0M52PA, QG667PA, QG687PA, H2J72UP, A1D14EA, A1D14EAR, A1D34EA, A1D34EAR, A1D35EA, A1D35EAR, A1D49EA, A1D49EAR, A1D50EA, A1D50EAR, A1D51EA, A1D51EAR, A1E59EA, A1E59EAR, A2N87PA, A2N88PA, A6D75ES, A6D75ESR, A6G58ES, A9D82PA, B0W48ES, B2C62LP, B5P97LP, A1D36EA, A1D36EAR, A1D52EA, A1D52EAR, A2N59PA, A3N27PA, A9E15PA, H1W53UP, A1D15EA, A1D15EAR, A1D19EA, A1D19EAR, A1D21EA, A1D22EA, A1D22EAR, A1D24EA, A1E83EA, A1E83EAR, A1E84EA, A1E84EAR, A1G03ES, A1G03ESR, A6D74ES, B0W42ES, B0W42ESR, B0W43ES, B0W43ESR, A6E30EA, B0W89ES, B0W89ESR, B0Y05EA, A6E24EA, A6E24EAR, A6E26EA, A6E26EAR, A6E31EA, B0Y11EA, B0Y11EAR, B0Y12EA, B7B22ES, LY487EA, LY487EAR, A6E27EA, A6E27EAR, B0W32ES, B0W35ES, B0W35ESR, B0W44ES, B0W44ESR, B0W54ES, B0W54ESR, B0Y06EA, B0Y06EAR, B0Y17EA, B7A77ES, A6E15EA, A6E20EA, A6E20EAR, A6E23EA, A6E23EAR, A6F19EA, A6F19EAR, B0X37EA, B0X49EA, B0X65EA, B0X67EA, B0X67EAR, B0X71EA, B0X71EAR, B0X98EA, B0X98EAR, A2N52PA, B0L71PA, B0L89PA, B0W13ES, A3N75PA, A6E02EA, A6E02EAR, A6E03EA, A6E10EA, A6E10EAR, B0L82PA, B0W49ES, B2B83LA, B2X66PA, B2X72PA, B7A37ES, B9W57US, B9X74US, LY472EA, LY472EAR, LY473EA, LY473EAR, LY478EA, LY478EAR, A6C13PA, A9D41PA, B0L88PA, A6C48PA, A6E04EA, A6E05EA, A6E05EAR, A6E12EA, A6E13EA, A6E13EAR, A6E14EA, A6E14EAR, A7K26LA, B0M45PA, B0W25ES, B0W27ES, B2X71PA, B5N36LA, B5P92LA, B7A87ES, B9Y96US, C2G46US, H3R19US, H3R43US, H3R43USR, LY474EA, LY474EAR, LY475EA, LY475EAR, LY480EA, LY480EAR, LY481EA, LY481EAR, LY482EA, LY482EAR, A6E06EA, A6E06EAR, A9D61PA, A9D64PA, B0M53PA, B0M54PA, B0W15ES, B0W15ESR, B0W21ES, B0W21ESR, B0W33ES, B0W34ES, B0W34ESR, B0W69ES, B0W70ES, B0W70ESR, B0W87ES, B0W87ESR, B0W92ES, B0W92ESR, B0W95ES, B2Y13PA, B7C39PA, B8T00LT, LY476EA, LY476EAR, A2N20PA, A6D95EA, A6D95EAR, A6D98EA, A6D98EAR, A6E16EA, A6E17EA, A6E17EAR, A9D62PA, A9D63PA, B0X28EA, B0X28EAR, B0X39EA, B0X50EA, B0X57EA, B0X57EAR, B0X59EA, B0X59EAR, B0X60EA, B0X60EAR, B0X63EA, B0X63EAR, B4U92PA, H2U77US, LH455EA, XY014EA, LW768ES, LW768ESR, A1F89ES, LH457EA, A1F30EA, B2C46LP, A1F90ES, A1F90ESR, QA120PA, LH456EA, LY991LP, LH282EA, LH282EAR, LH297EA, LH297EAR, LV743PA, QA140PA, QB045PP, XY025EA, XY025EAR, LH283EA, LH283EAR, QA118PA, XY022EA, XY022EAR, QA134PA, QC507PA, A1F87ES, A1F87ESR, LC582EP, LC582EPR, A1F62ES, QZ987US, SN396UP, A1F63ES, A1F63ESR, A1F92ES, A1F92ESR, A1F93ES, A1F93ESR, QY931US, A1F79ES, A1F79ESR, LW785ES, LW790ES, LW790ESR, LW860EA, H1X13UP, A6G46ES, A6G46ESR, A1D28EA, A1D28EAR, LW837EA, LW837EAR, A1D30EA, A1D30EAR, A6G52ES, A6G52ESR, A1E96EA, A1G04ES, A1G04ESR, LW838EA, LW838EAR, LW842EA, LW842EAR, LW843EA, LW843EAR, LW848EA, LW848EAR, LW856EA, LW856EAR, A2N53PA, A2N54PA, B0L72PA, B0L73PA, A1D46EA, A1D46EAR, A3N76PA, A6C26PA, B0L83PA, B2X67PA, B2X68PA, B4U86PA, B0M51PA, A2P01PA, QG688PA, QG688PAR, B0L90PA, A1D16EA, A1D25EA, A1D25EAR, A1D37EA, A1D48EA, A1D48EAR, B0M33PA, B4U96PA, H1Z97US, LW865EA, LW865EAR, A1D26EA, A1D26EAR, A1D38EA, A1D38EAR, A1D47EA, A1D47EAR, A1E97EA, A1E97EAR, A2N44PA, A2N89PA, A2N90PA, A2V31LA, A2V31LAR, A2V31LT, A2V31LTR, A9D83PA, A9D84PA, LW863EA, LW863EAR, H1R79US, A1D12EA, A1D12EAR, A1D13EA, A1D13EAR, A1D17EA, A1D17EAR, A1D18EA, A1D18EAR, A1D23EA, A1D23EAR, A1D39EA, A1D39EAR, A1D40EA, A1D40EAR, A1E99EA, A1E99EAR, A1G00ES, A1G00ESR, A2P07PA, A6C00PA, QG666PA, A2N24PA, A2N58PA, A9E14PA, A6E00EA, A6E00EAR, LY471EA, LY471EAR, A6E18EA, B0W45ES, B0W45ESR, B0W66ES, B0W88ES, B0W88ESR, B0Y13EA, B0Y13EAR, B0Y16EA, LY486EA, A6F26EA, A6F26EAR, B0W51ES, B0W51ESR, B0Y15EA, B7B21ES, A6E01EA, A6E01EAR, B0W36ES, A6E19EA, A6E21EA, A6E21EAR, A6E22EA, A6E22EAR, A6E28EA, A6E28EAR, A6F25EA, A6F25EAR, B0X30EA, B0X30EAR, B0X48EA, B0X48EAR, B0W31ES, B0X27EA, B0X38EA, B0X51EA, B0X51EAR, B0X64EA, B0X64EAR, B0X66EA, B0X66EAR, B0X73EA, B0X73EAR, B0X96EA, B0X96EAR, B0X97EA, B0X97EAR, B0X99EA, B0Y08EA, B0X29EA, B0W94ES, B0W94ESR, B0Y09EA, B0Y10EA, B0Y10EAR, A9D68PA, B4V03PA, A6E32EA, B0W14ES, B0W80ES, B0W80ESR, B2X76PA, H2F04US, H2X95US, LY483EA, LY483EAR, A6D99EA, A6D99EAR, A6E07EA, A6E07EAR, A6E11EA, A6E11EAR, A6F08EA, A6F08EAR, A6F32EA, A6F35EA, A7K22LT, A7K22LTR, A7K24LA, A7K24LAR, A7K27LA, B0L64PA, B0M31PA, B0M32PA, B0M55PA, B0M56PA, B0W28ES, B0W73ES, B0W73ESR, B2C74LP, B2X77PA, B5P93LA, B7A31ES, B7B17ES, B8T01LT, C1M48ES, H0X98EP, H2V25US, LY470EA, LY470EAR, LY477EA, LY477EAR, LY479EA, LY479EAR, LY485EA, LY485EAR, A6C14PA, A6C15PA, A6C16PA, A6D93EA, A6D93EAR, A6D94EA, A6D94EAR, A6D96EA, A6D96EAR, A6D97EA, A6D97EAR, A6E08EA, A6E08EAR, A6E09EA, A6E09EAR, A9D42PA, A9D65PA, A9D66PA, A9D67PA, A9D69PA, A9E26PA, A6C18PA, B0W30ES, B0W30ESR, B0X33EA, B0X34EA, B0X35EA, B0X35EAR, B0X42EA, B0X44EA, B0X44EAR, B0X45EA, B0X45EAR, B0X46EA, B0X46EAR, B0X47EA, B0X47EAR, B0X61EA, B0X62EA, B0X62EAR, B0L66PA, B2Y14PA, H2X72US, A6E94EA, A6E94EAR, A6F24EA, A6F24EAR, B0W47ES, B0X69EA, B0X69EAR, B0X72EA, B0X72EAR, B7B16ES, LY990LP, QA117PA, A6C67PA, H2F02US, QG637PA, B0W24ES, B7A41ES, B9Y89US, C1H73UP, H2V04US, QZ896US, A2N18PA, B0W22ES, B0W22ESR, B7A32ES, C4B46US, H2T61US, H3D43US, QZ867US, QZ989US, SQ552UP, A2P00PA, A6D79ES, H3R56US, A6C27PA, A6C28PA, B2X93PA, B2X94PA, B2X95PA, B2X96PA, QC508PA, QC509PA, B2X75PA, A7H94LA, C2V16US, H2V03US, B2X25PA, B5P00LA, LJ475LA, LV744PA, QA115PA, QA116PA, A7K25LA, A7K25LAR, LJ532UT, LJ532UTR, QC522PA, QC595PA, A6G50ES, A6G50ESR, A3N28PA, A7K23LA, A7K23LT, A7K23LTR, A7K60LA, B7C40PA, LJ521LA, LJ521LAR, LJ521LT, A6G49ES, A6G49ESR, A6G51ES, A6G51ESR, A2N91PA, A2P06PA, A3M84PA, A6C17PA, A9E07PA, B0W57ES, B0W57ESR, QG665PA, B4V01PA, B4V02PA, B8V93LP, C1D44LP, QV140US, QV260US, QT758US, QW182US, QX004US, QU665US, QU668US, QV739US, QT102US, QT102USR, QT248US, QV354US, QV363US, QV363USR, QV678US, QT669US, QS577US, QT864US, QU686US, QU687US, QV812US, QU667US, XZ702AV, XZ701AV, XB174AV, XZ700AV, XB173AV, LW780ES, A2A65PP, QG647PA, LW807ES, QY929US, QZ005US, SQ534UP, SN577UP, A2N50PA, A2N51PA, B0L69PA, B0L70PA, A1D41EA, A1D41EAR, A3N74PA, A6F05EA, B0L61PA, B0L80PA, B0L81PA, B0W16EA, B0W16EAR, B2X65PA, B2X73PA, B2X74PA, B2X78PA, H2J55UP, H2X40US, H3B29UP, LY484EA, LY484EAR, SQ533UP, B0W77ES, B0W77ESR, B0W90ES, B0W90ESR, B2X29PA, LW754ES, LW782ES, LW802ES, A2F84EC, A1F66ES, B7B03ES, B7B03ESR, B0W58ES, B0W58ESR, B7A79ES, B7A82ES, A2P15PA, A9D60PA, LH281EA, LH290EA, LH290EAR, LH294EA, LH294EAR, LH298EA, LH298EAR, LH300EA, LH301EA, LH301EAR, LH305EA, LH305EAR, LH306EA, LH306EAR, LH309EA, LH309EAR, LH310EA, LH310EAR, LH311EA, LH311EAR, LH313EA, LH313EAR, LH315EA, LH315EAR, LH318EA, LH318EAR, LH319EA, LH319EAR, LH320EA, LH320EAR, LH322EA, LH322EAR, LH323EA, LH323EAR, LH325EA, LH430EA, LH430EAR, LH435EA, LH435EAR, LH450EA, LH450EAR, LH451EA, LH452EA, LH452EAR, LH453EA, LH453EAR, LH454EA, LH454EAR, LH460EA, LH460EAR, LH484ES, LH484ESR, LH485ES, LH485ESR, LH931PA, LH976PA, LH977PA, LH978PA, LH979PA, LJ763PA, LJ766PA, LJ807PA, LJ821PA, LJ822PA, LJ823PA, LQ254AA, LQ255AA, LQ256AA, 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XX999EAR, XY001EA, XY002EA, XY002EAR, XY003EA, XY004EA, XY005EA, XY006EA, XY009EA, XY009EAR, D3H92U8, D3H92U8R, A2A88PP, A8W17PP, LJ518UT, LJ518UTR, LJ519UT, LJ519UTR, LJ484UT, LJ520UT, LJ520UTR, LJ475UT, LJ475UTR, LJ521UT, LJ521UTR, A5W05AV, A5W06AV, A5W07AV, A5W04AV, B5N44U8, B5N44U8R, A7K07UT, A7K07UTR, A7K05UT, A7K05UTR, A7K06UT, A7K06UTR, B5N71UT, B5N71UTR, A7K35UT, A7K35UTR, B2A87UT, B5N72UT, B5N72UTR, B2A97UT, LA409AV

HP Probook 4535S

Product Number: B0W19ES, QZ362US, SQ547UP, QZ021US, A7J60LA, LJ533UT, B0W86ES, B0Y23EA, LY427EA, B7B11EA, A6E33EA, B0X76EA, H3S36US, H3S36USR, A6F37EA, LY489EA, B7B12EA, A6E37EA, B0X52EA, LY500ES, B8V74LA, H2Y69US, H2E81US, H2T36US, H3D69US, C1M63ES, B0W62ES, A6E35EA, A6E38EA, A6E39EA, B0X80EA, B0Y20EA, B0Y21EA, B0W64ES, H2J26US, H3F68US, A6E97EA, C1M29ES, C1M29ESR, A6E34EA, A6E34EAR, A6E36EA, A6E40EA, A6E40EAR, LY488EA, B0X77EA, B0X77EAR, B0X82EA, C2E43US, B2B04LP, B0Y07EA, B0Y19EA, B0W17EA, B0X75EA, LL132AV, XH236AV, LL131AV, XH235AV, LL136AV, LL135AV, LL134AV, LL133AV, B8V91U8, LJ523UT, LJ522UT, LJ522UTR, A7K08UT, B5N73UT, B5N73UTR, B5N96UT, A7K36UT, B5P40UT, B5P41UT, QC057AA, A0X89LA, A1E73EA, A1E73EAR, A1E74EA, A1E74EAR, A1E76EA, A1E76EAR, A1E86EA, A1F16EA, A1F17EA, A1F18EA, A1F18EAR, A1F21EA, A1F21EAR, A1F22EA, A1F22EAR, A1F83ES, A1F83ESR, LG845EA, LG845EAR, LG846EA, LG847EA, LG847EAR, LG848EA, LG848EAR, LG849EA, LG849EAR, LG850EA, LG850EAR, LG851EA, LG852EA, LG852EAR, LG853EA, LG854EA, LG855EA, LG855EAR, LG856EA, LG856EAR, LG857EA, LG857EAR, LG858EA, LG859EA, LG859EAR, LG862EA, LG862EAR, LG863EA, LG863EAR, LG864EA, LG864EAR, LG865EA, LG865EAR, LG866EA, LG866EAR, LG867EA, LG867EAR, LG868EA, LG868EAR, LG869EA, LG869EAR, LJ487UT, LJ487UTR, LJ488LA, LJ488LAR, LJ488UT, LJ488UTR, LJ502UT, LJ502UTR, QC053AA, QC054AA, QC055AA, QC056AA, QV776US, B8V010LA, 470065-638

HP Probook 4730S

Product Number: A1D53EA, A1D55EA, A1D56EA, A1D59EA, A1D60EA, A1D60EAR, A1D61EA, A1D63EA, A1D64EA, A1D66EA, A1D67EA, A1D68EA, A1D69EA, A1D70EA, A1D71EA, A1E70EA, A1E71EA, A1E72EA, A1F10EA, A1F11EA, A1F12EA, A1F13EA, A1F28EA, A1F29EA, A1G01ES, A1G10ES, A2N60PA, A2N68PA, A2N92PA, A2N93PA, A2V66LP, A3N02PA, A3N39PA, A5W08AV, A5W09AV, A5W10AV, A5W11AV, A6C29PA, A6C30PA, A6C31PA, A6C32PA, A6C33PA, A6C68PA, A6E43EA, A6E44EA, A6E44EAR, A6E45EA, A6E45EAR, A6E46EA, A6E47EA, A6E48EA, A6E48EAR, A6E49EA, A6E49EAR, A6E50EA, A6E51EA, A6E51EAR, A6E52EA, A6E53EA, A6E93EA, A6F16EA, A6F36EA, A6F36EAR, A7K09UT, A7K09UTR, A7K37UT, A7K37UTR, A9D71PA, A9D72PA, A9D73PA, A9D81PA, A9E09PA, A9E16PA, B0M34PA, B0W26ES, B0W56ES, B0W56ESR, B0W59ES, B0W59ESR, B0W74ES, B0X31EA, B0X32EA, B0X36EA, B0X40EA, B0X41EA, B0X43EA, B0X53EA, B0X54EA, B0X55EA, B0X84EA, B0X84EAR, B0X85EA, B0X88EA, B0X89EA, B0X91EA, B0Y29EA, B0Y30EA, B0Y30EAR, B0Y31EA, B0Y31EAR, B0Y32EA, B0Y32EAR, B0Y33EA, B0Y34EA, B2Y15PA, B4U99PA, B4V00PA, B7A38ES, B7A38ESR, B7A39ES, B7A39ESR, BOX40EA, BOX41EA, H2H95US, H2H95USR, LG728EA, LG729EA, LG870EA, LH335EA, LH335EAR, LH336EA, LH336EAR, LH337EA, LH337EAR, LH339EA, LH339EAR, LH340EA, LH340EAR, LH341EA, LH341EAR, LH343EA, LH343EAR, LH344EA, LH344EAR, LH346EA, LH346EAR, LH347EA, LH348EA, LH348EAR, LH349EA, LH349EAR, LH350EA, LH350EAR, LH351EA, LH351EAR, LH352EA, LH352EAR, LH354EA, LH355EA, LH355EAR, LH356EA, LH356EAR, LH357EA, LH357EAR, LH875AV, LH876AV, LH877AV, LJ460UT, LJ476UT, LJ477UT, LJ524UT, LJ525UT, LV745PA, LV746PA, LW795ES, LW805ES, LW909AA, LW910AA, LW911AA, LW911AAR, LY490EA, LY491EA, LY492EA, LY492EAR, LY493EA, QA104PA, QA105PA, QA106PA, QA107PA, QA132PA, QA136PA, QA137PA, QA141PA, QC546PA, QC557PA, QC558PA, QG662PA, QG663PA, QG664PA, QU799US, QV172US, QV849US, QX096US, QZ838US, XB175AV, XU076UT, XY010EA, XY010EAR, XY026EA, XZ703AV, XZ704AV

HP Probook 4880S

Part Number: 646300-131

Data sheet