Keyboard HP EliteBook 830 G5 With Point Stick Silver Frame Backlit PT
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Keyboard HP EliteBook 830 G5 With Point Stick Silver Frame Backlit PT


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Laptop Keyboard Compatible with various Models

Backlit Keyboard with Point Stick

Version: Portuguese (PT-PT) 

Color: Silver Frame / Black Keys

State: New

Applicable Models: 

HP EliteBook 735 G5

Product Number: 4QD43LP, 4NE58LP, 4FG09EC, 5ZZ61EC, 5ZZ62EC, 5ZZ63EC, 5ZZ64EC, 7ZU58EP, 7CY40EP, 7CY24EP, 5JM12EC, 6AB39EC, 7CY25EP, 7QF95UP, 3PJ63AA, 3PJ63AW, 3PJ63AWR, 3PJ64AA, 3PJ64AW, 3PJ65AA, 3PJ66AA, 3PJ67AA, 3PJ68AA, 3PJ69AA, 3PJ70AA, 3PJ71AA, 3PJ72AA, 3UN62EA, 3UN62EAR, 3UN63EA, 3UN63EAR, 3UN64EA, 3UN64EAR, 3UN65EA, 3UN66EA, 3UN66EAR, 3UN67EA, 3UN67EAR, 3UN68EA, 3UP29EA, 3UP29EAR, 3UP30EA, 3UP31EA, 3UP31EAR, 3UP32EA, 3UP33EA, 3UP33EAR, 3UP34EA, 3UP35EA, 3UP35EAR, 3UP47EA, 3UP47EAR, 3UP48EA, 3UP63EA, 3VL98AA, 3VL99AA, 3VM00AA, 4DX92EC, 4DX92ECR, 4DX93EC, 4EE28EC, 5HK47EP, 5HM06EP, 5HK48EP, 5HK48EPR, 6CZ05UP, 6DQ66UP, 6FQ37EC, 6RZ18UC, 6RZ19UC, 6QG88EP, 2LQ14LC, 4QQ71UC, 4QQ71UCR, 4WW82EP, 5KA89UP, 5YH11UC, 6QG62EP, 6UX80UP, 6ZU59UC, 7YE06UC, 7YE07UC, 4QQ72UC, 4QQ72UCR, 6YD48UP, 7MW34UP, 4VV75UP, 5CZ78UC, 5CZ78UCR, 5WM37UP, 7MW29UP, 5FL11AW, 7MW36UP, 6QJ29UP, 7FT63UC, 7MW33UP, 7FT62UC, 7MW31UP

HP EliteBook 830 G5

Product Number: 4PJ36UP, 4PJ38UP, 4YZ18UP, 3TU18EC, 3TU18ECR, 3TU21EC, 3TU21ECR, 5QG17EP, 5GB43UP, 4DU15ECR, 4DU06ECR, 4DU07ECR, 4YZ04UP, 6MF41PC, 6WV87EP, 6WV87EPR, 4YH97EP, 4NQ58LP, 4WF55ECR, 4WW22LP, 5DN62UP, 5DN62UPR, 5KA00UP, 5LE03EP, 6MF40PC, 4QQ50UC, 4QQ51UC, 5CK23UPR, 3JW83EA, 3JW83EAR, 3JW84EA, 3JW84EAR, 3JW85EA, 3JW85EAR, 3JW86EA, 3JW86EAR, 3JW87EA, 3JW87EAR, 3JW88EA, 3JW88EAR, 3JW89EA, 3JW89EAR, 3JW90EA, 3JW90EAR, 3JW91EA, 3JW91EAR, 3JW92EA, 3JW92EAR, 3JW93EA, 3JW93EAR, 3JW94EA, 3JW94EAR, 3JW95EA, 3JW95EAR, 3JW96EA, 3JW96EAR, 3JX24EA, 3JX24EAR, 3JX26EA, 3JX26EAR, 3JX36EA, 3JX36EAR, 3JX37EA, 3JX37EAR, 3JX42EA, 3JX42EAR, 3JX53ET, 3JX53ETR, 3JX68EA, 3JX68EAR, 3JX69EA, 3JX69EAR, 3JX70EA, 3JX70EAR, 3JX71EA, 3JX71EAR, 3JX72EA, 3JX72EAR, 3JX73EA, 3JX73EAR, 3JX74EA, 3JX74EAR, 3JX78EA, 3JX78EAR, 3JX86EA, 3JX86EAR, 3JX92EA, 3JX92EAR, 3JX93EA, 3JX93EAR, 3JX96ET, 3JX96ETR, 3JX98EA, 3JX98EAR, 3JY03ET, 3JY03ETR, 3JY04ET, 3JY04ETR, 3KA29AW, 3KA29AWR, 3KA30AW, 3KA31AW, 3KA31AWR, 3KA32AW, 3KA33AW, 3KA33AWR, 3KA34AW, 3KA35AW, 3KA36AW, 3KJ76AA, 3KJ77AA, 3KJ78AA, 3KJ79AA, 3KJ80AA, 3KJ81AA, 3KJ82AA, 3KJ83AA, 3KJ84AA, 3KJ85AA, 3KJ86AA, 3KJ87AA, 3KJ88AA, 3KJ89AA, 3KJ90AA, 3KJ91AA, 3PY97UT, 3PY97UTR, 3PY98UT, 3PY98UTR, 3PY99UT, 3PY99UTR, 3PZ00UT, 3PZ00UTR, 3PZ01UT, 3PZ02UT, 3PZ03UT, 3PZ03UTR, 3PZ04UT, 4RB56UP, 4RB56UPR, 5FW34PCR, 4KK69UP, 5AR93ECR, 5FV89UP, 4SA21EC, 4TB54UPR, 5JL88EC, 5ZU80EC, 6FP48EC, 6FP96EC, 3WR08EC, 3WR08ECR, 4JA80ECR, 5RR16UP, 5PG72EP, 6NP32EP, 4WX76PCR, 5DA96PCR, 4LJ58UC, 4NR48UP, 6KF89EC, 3VP29UC, 3VP29UCR, 3XJ78UC, 4VR66ECR, 4CE69UP, 5MA03UC, 5WN48UP, 6RY50UC, 6VV83UC, 6VW78UC, 3UE30EP, 3UE30EPR, 3UE31EP, 3VQ01UC, 3WE87UPR, 3XG25EC, 3XG25ECR, 3YG98UCR, 3YH00UCR, 3ZC20UP, 4CF21UP, 4CF21UPR, 4DS35UC, 4NT21UC, 4QB12ECR, 4YE98EP, 4YF26UP, 4YF27UP, 4YZ65EC, 5CK69UP, 5DU57ECR, 5LJ28UP, 5TN50UP, 6RH32EC, 6TH59EC, 7NZ22EC, 7PA19EC, 8AF14LP, 4QG96EC, 4HH31UP, 4SC06UP, 4YF51UP, 4YJ69EP, 4YK06EC, 4YK40UC, 5DX29EC, 5DX29ECR, 6KE23EC, 6KE24EC, 6PN40PC, 6YS48UP, 8AF15LP, 5YR24UP, 6GS98UP, 4HJ52UP, 3VQ27UP, 4CS23UP, 4LB06UP, 4LB06UPR, 4LB09UP, 4LJ57UC, 4LJ57UCR, 4QB11ECR, 5SN32UC, 5SN32UCR, 6QH56EP, 3VQ19UP, 3XJ72UC, 4JQ34PC, 4JQ34PCR, 4KY64UP, 4LQ35UP, 4NT37UC, 6NB22UP, 6RB17UC, 8US49EP, 3XJ48UC, 4CS76UP, 4KY49UP, 4KY63UP, 5FD43UC, 5KG66UC, 6EE86UP, 7KQ11EP, 4LB10UP, 4YZ08UP, 5PZ80EP, 5GC06UP, 5LT70EC, 5LV12EPR, 4YZ07UP, 4VN91UC, 5VY51UP, 5XD86EC, 6WY93EP, 5DS20UP, 6SB29UP, 5DP37LP, 5DS18UP, 5DW19UP, 5KA87UP, 5MA08UC, 5SC37UC, 6RC39EC, 8HR93UC, 4HH68UP, 4HW22UPR, 4YK09EC, 4HJ61UP, 3TR72EP, 4KY46UP, 4LS29UP, 4VD32UC, 4VG08UC, 7HS69EC, 5FT32EC

HP EliteBook 836 G5

HP EliteBook 735 G6

Product Number: 9GQ69EC, 9MS86EP, 8QL32EC, 9GQ74EC, 9MT15EP, 8QJ55EC, 8QJ56EC, 8ZF13EC, 8QJ53EC, 8QJ53ECR, 8QJ54EC, 8SU16EC, 151L1EP, 9GQ72EC, 8QA87UP, 9DC19EC, 9DC25EC, 9FT15EA, 9WM95EC, 2J6Y2UP, 9GR40EC, 9MT19EP, 9TC99EP, 9TH15EP, 9TC19EP, 189P7EC, 17K76EC, 1E7S4EC, 1E7S5EC, 1S0M8EC, 1S1N7UP, 3N686EP, 9TH75EC, 9UK02EP, 9UK12EP, 9WY08EP, 1D857UP, 1X7R6EP, 1X7W7EP, 263Y7EP, 2Y555EP, 2Z209EP, 8TD75EC, 2Y544EP, 2Z009UP, 3N722EP, 7DX38AW, 7DX38AWR, 7XF71UP, 7YB01UP, 8TD74EC, 9DC36EP, 9TK44EC, 9VH65UP, 9VV21UP, 8TD77EC, 8TD76EC, 7YE82UCR, 159B4UP, 1G147UC, 1W075UC, 3N267EP, 7ZT25UP, 8KC11UP, 9LL19EP, 9UK10EP, 9YG78UP, 1D854UP, 7DX40AW, 7DX40AWR, 7ZF13UP, 9YG76UP, 19F04UC, 1V995UC, 7ZF12UP, 7ZT38UP, 9EC16EC, 9WR86EC, 7KP19EA, 7KP19EAR, 7ZF11UP, 7ZF11UPR, 1S967EC, 6LP42UP, 1S1P0UP, 1G5S6EC, 7XF86UP, 8GE44UC, 3N7V7E8, 3N7V7E8R, 6XE81EAR

HP EliteBook 830 G6

Product Number: 1B147EC, 8QJ49EC, 8QJ49ECR, 8DV17LP, 8QJ48EC, 8QJ48ECR, 8QJ52EC, 9ZH49LP, 151L2EP, 1F5S1EC, 8BE55EC, 8NW86EC, 8NW83ECR, 7UM58EC, 9NH94EC, 6XD20EAR, 6XD22EAR, 6XE59EA, 6XE59EAR, 6XD27EAR, 6XD28EAR, 7KP10EA, 7KP10EAR, 9FN51EC, 1E453PC, 1S0K5UP, 236D5UC, 262J6UC, 3S014UP, 6YE29AW, 6YE29AWR, 7FS62EC, 7FS62ECR, 7ZY83UP, 7ZZ48UP, 8QK13EC, 8UQ91EC, 8ZR16UP, 1E860PC, 1S0T3UP, 1X7V7EP, 8FY70PC, 8FY70PCR, 9JD13EC, 9XL82PC, 7YF01UC, 7YF02UC, 8HR17UC, 8HR18UC, 9JW31UC, 9JW37UC, 9JW51UC, 7YD25UC, 8TD63EC, 9AE99EC, 151L5EP, 151L5EPR, 6YE27AW, 6YE27AWR, 7JQ47UCR, 7MT79UPR, 7UN57ECR, 7ZV80UP, 7ZW24UP, 8AG18UC, 8BZ50EPR, 8EB74ECR, 8FZ33PC, 8NX42EP, 8NX42EPR, 8TD62EC, 8XU74EC, 9AU34EC, 9EC15EC, 9UN17UP, 9WE06EC, 9WR85EC, 8JZ32EC, 8TD65EC, 7HS78ECR, 7ZV60UPR, 7ZW21PCR, 8TD64EC, 6XE16EA, 6XE16EAR, 6XD23EAR, 7KP09EA, 8PZ73UP, 9EJ42EC, 1B249UP, 1B8A5UC, 1S0N0UP, 1W013UC, 3R498UC, 7FT87UC, 7HT56EC, 7ZV62UP, 7ZW25UP, 7ZY65UP, 8NB65UP, 8PY30UP, 8VB56EP, 9ZF06UP, 151K2EP, 1P6Z0UP, 1S0V3UP, 1W4J3UC, 1W9A8UC, 3R488UC, 7HT57EC, 7ZV65UP, 8AG25UC, 8NK24UP, 1B8N9UC, 1Y731UP, 262R0UC, 7HT58EC, 7HT59EC, 8BC88UP, 1Y9C9UP, 2N2U2EC, 6XE17EAR, 1B145EC, 1V946UC, 1L9Z5UC, 1N4M8UC, 9DB55EC, 1B140UC, 7YF03UC, 7YF04UC, 8HR19UC, 8HR20UC, 9JW30UC, 9JW36UC, 9JW39UC, 9JW40UC, 151H9EP, 6YE31AWR, 9JW14UC, 16W61EP, 7YC45UPR, 9TJ15EC, 9TJ16EC, 6XE61EAR, 7KN47EAR, 6XD24EAR, 6XD29EA, 8DW78UP, 9LA43UC, 8TN67PP, 9LB25UC, 9VB18PC, 9WN95EC

Part Number: L13698-131, L13697-131, L15500-131, L13691-131

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