Keyboard HP ProBook 450 G5 470 G5 Silver Frame with Point Stick Backlit PT
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Keyboard HP ProBook 450 G5 470 G5 Silver Frame with Point Stick Backlit PT


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Laptop Keyboard with Standard NumPad Compatible with various Models

Backlit Keyboard with Point Stick

Version: Portuguese (PT-PT) 

Color: Silver Frame / Black Keys

State: New

Applicable Models: 

HP ProBook 450 G5

Product Number: 1LU50AV, 1LU51AV, 1LU52AV, 1LU53AV, 1LU54AV, 1LU55AV, 1LU56AV, 1LU57AV, 1LU58AV, 1ZR94LA, 1ZR94LT, 1ZR95LA, 1ZR95LT, 1ZR96LA, 1ZR96LT, 1ZS07LA, 2NX52AA, 2NX53AA, 2NX54AA, 2NX55AA, 2NX56AA, 2NX57AA, 2RJ37LT, 2RN03LT, 2RS03EA, 2RS03EAR, 2RS04EA, 2RS04EAR, 2RS05EA, 2RS05EAR, 2RS06EA, 2RS06EAR, 2RS07EA, 2RS07EAR, 2RS08EA, 2RS08EAR, 2RS09EA, 2RS09EAR, 2RS10EA, 2RS11EA, 2RS11EAR, 2RS12EA, 2RS12EAR, 2RS13EA, 2RS13EAR, 2RS14EA, 2RS15EA, 2RS15EAR, 2RS16EA, 2RS16EAR, 2RS18EA, 2RS18EAR, 2RS19EA, 2RS20EA, 2RS20EAR, 2RS22EA, 2RS22EAR, 2RS23EA, 2RS23EAR, 2RS24EA, 2RS24EAR, 2RS25EA, 2RS25EAR, 2RS26EA, 2RS26EAR, 2RS27EA, 2RS27EAR, 2RZ72AA, 2SF15LT, 2SF16LA, 2ST00UT, 2ST00UTR, 2ST02UT, 2ST02UTR, 2ST03UT, 2ST03UTR, 2ST09UT, 2ST09UTR, 2SU19UT, 2SU19UTR, 2SX89EA, 2SX89EAR, 2SX90EA, 2SX90EAR, 2SX97EA, 2SX97EAR, 2SX98ES, 2SX99ES, 2SX99ESR, 2SY00ES, 2SY22EA, 2SY22EAR, 2SY23EA, 2SY23EAR, 2SY27EA, 2SY27EAR, 2SY28ET, 2SY28ETR, 2SY29EA, 2SY29EAR, 2TA27UT, 2TA27UTR, 2TA30UT, 2TA30UTR, 2TA31UT, 2TA31UTR, 2UB53EA, 2UB53EAR, 2UB54EA, 2UB54EAR, 2UB55EA, 2UB55EAR, 2UB56EA, 2UB56EAR, 2UB57EA, 2UB57EAR, 2UB65EA, 2UB65EAR, 2UB66EA, 2UB66EAR, 2UB68EA, 2UB68EAR, 2UB69EA, 2UB69EAR, 2UB70EA, 2UB70EAR, 2UB71EA, 2UB71EAR, 2UB80ET, 2UB80ETR, 2UB81ET, 2UB81ETR, 2UB82ET, 2UB82ETR, 2UB83ET, 2UB83ETR, 2UB84ET, 2UB84ETR, 2VB73PA, 2VB74PA, 2VL66PT, 2VP38EA, 2VP38EAR, 2VP84EA, 2VP84EAR, 2VP92EA, 2VP92EAR, 2VP99ES, 2VP99ESR, 2VQ00ES, 2VQ00ESR, 2VQ16EA, 2VQ16EAR, 2VQ17ET, 2VQ17ETR, 2VQ18ET, 2VQ18ETR, 2VQ28ET, 2VQ28ETR, 2VQ29ET, 2VQ33EA, 2VQ33EAR, 2WJ92PA, 2WJ93PA, 2WJ95PA, 2WJ96PA, 2WK04PA, 2WK08PA, 2WL75PA, 2WM10PA, 2WM13PA, 2WM84PA, 2WM85PA, 2WM86PA, 2WM87PA, 2WV85LA, 2WV86LA, 2WV99LT, 2WW04LA, 2WW05LA, 2WW50LA, 2WW51LA, 2WW76LA, 2WX10PA, 2WX18PA, 2WY80PA, 2WY81PA, 2XG17PA, 2XG18PA, 2XG19PA, 2XG20PA, 2XG21PA, 2XG22PA, 2XG23PA, 2XG24PA, 2XR60PA, 2XR66PA, 2XR67PA, 2XW92PC, 2XW93PC, 2XY34EA, 2XY34EAR, 2XY35EA, 2XY35EAR, 2XY36EA, 2XY36EAR, 2XY37EA, 2XY37EAR, 2XY58ES, 2XY58ESR, 2XY63EA, 2XY63EAR, 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HP ProBook 455 G5

HP ProBook 470 G5

Product Number: 2RR73EAR, 2RR89EAR, 2VQ23EAR

Part Number: L01027-131, L01028-131

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