Keyboard HP EliteBook 850 G5 755 G5 With Point Stick Silver Frame Backlit PT
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Keyboard HP EliteBook 850 G5 755 G5 With Point Stick Silver Frame Backlit PT


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Laptop Keyboard With standard NumPad Compatible with various Models

Backlit Keyboard with Point Stick

Version: Portuguese (PT-PT) 

Color: Silver Frame / Black Keys

State: New

Applicable Models: 

HP EliteBook 755 G5

Product Number: 15J53EC, 2LQ12LC, 2LQ13LC, 2MN14AV, 2MN15AV, 2MN16AV, 2Z146EP, 3B933EP, 3C629EP, 3PK93AW, 3PK93AWR, 3PK94AW, 3PK95AA, 3PK96AA, 3PK97AA, 3PK98AA, 3PK99AA, 3PL00AA, 3PL01AA, 3PL02AA, 3UN70EA, 3UN70EAR, 3UN78EA, 3UN79EA, 3UN79EAR, 3UN80EA, 3UP41EA, 3UP42EA, 3UP42EAR, 3UP43EA, 3UP65EA, 3UP65EAR, 3VP07AA, 3VP08AA, 3VP09AA, 5FL61AW, 5FL61AWR, 5HK53EPR, 9TK34EC, 9ZE89EP

HP EliteBook 850 G5

Product Number: 3JX12EAR, 3JX13EAR, 3JX14EAR, 3JX16EAR, 3JX19EAR, 3JX21EAR, 3JX22EAR, 3JX23EAR, 3JZ52AW, 3JZ52AWR, 3RU05ECR, 3RU06EC, 3RU06ECR, 3RU07EC, 3RU07ECR, 3TP34EC, 3TP34ECR, 3WQ25ECR, 3WR26EC, 3YG72UCR, 3YG73UCR, 3YG95UCR, 3YH06UC, 3YH06UCR, 4CG74EP, 4CH03EP, 4CH03EPR, 4CS30UP, 4CS67UP, 4CX85ECR, 4DR87UC, 4DR88UC, 4DR91UC, 4DR92UC, 4DR95UC, 4DR95UCR, 4DR96UC, 4DR96UCR, 4HW11UP, 4JC29UP, 4LJ60UC, 4LJ61UC, 4LJ61UCR, 4LJ62UC, 4LL99EP, 4ME39EC, 4ME41EC, 4ME41ECR, 4PA55EC, 4PA55ECR, 4PA59EC, 4PA59ECR, 4PD08EC, 4PZ35EPR, 4QC11ECR, 4RC05UP, 4RU33EC, 4RU33ECR, 4RU35EC, 4RU37EC, 4RU39EC, 4TS59UP, 4WD17EC, 4WF80ECR, 4WH54ECR, 4WL65ECR, 4WN41UC, 4WN41UCR, 4YJ99EC, 4YK15EC, 4ZL34ECR, 5DA66UP, 5DB86EP, 5DT47EC, 5DT84ECR, 5DU58EC, 5DU68EC, 5DU68ECR, 5FC97UC, 5FC97UCR, 5FT34EC, 5HC19EC, 5JX81UP, 5KH02UC, 5KM42UP, 5LB55EP, 5LN95EC, 5LP83UP, 5PF51EP, 5PF51EPR, 5QB17EP, 5VB65EC, 5VB65ECR, 5VB81EC, 6FP49EC, 6FP76ECR, 6FP97EC, 6FR04EC, 6FR09EC, 6FR18EC, 6FR19EC, 6FR20EC, 6FR21EC, 6JW79EC, 6JY75EC, 6JY96EC, 6KE25EC, 6KE27EC, 6KE44EC, 6KE45EC, 6KE46EC, 6KE47EC, 6NX96UP, 6VV56UC, 6VV76UC, 6WV84EP, 6YB72UP, 7AK90UP, 7EX28PC, 7FU25UC, 7FU26UC, 7NY81EC, 7PA45EC

HP EliteBook 850 G6

Product Number: 151K4EP, 151L3EP, 151N7EP, 151Z4EP, 1B162EC, 1E7H2EP, 1P6V4EC, 1P6Y8EC, 1P6Z1EC, 1V7Q9EC, 1V969UC, 1Y501UP, 209V9EP, 2Z361EC, 2Z598EC, 3N448EP, 6XD55EA, 6YP85AWR, 6YP87AWR, 7HT61ECR, 7JQ38UCR, 7QV56UP, 7UL93EC, 7UL94EC, 7UM92ECR, 7ZE79PC, 8JZ18ECR, 8NW84ECR, 8QK19EC, 8QK19ECR, 8TD70EC, 8TD71EC, 8TD72EC, 8TD73EC, 8TN75PP, 9AK65EC, 9EB04EC, 9ED03EC, 9EJ47EC, 9EJ48EC, 9EN47UP, 9EQ06EC, 9JW15UC, 9LE82EP, 9LK49UP, 9LL96EC, 9NF71EC, 9TJ31EC, 9UQ90EP, 9WD96EC, 9WN88EC, 9WR37EC, 9WS21EC, 9WS22EC

HP Zbook 15U G5

Product Number: 2ZC04EA, 2ZC04EAR, 2ZC04ET, 2ZC04ETR, 2ZC05EA, 2ZC05EAR, 2ZC05ET, 2ZC05ETR, 2ZC06EA, 2ZC06EAR, 2ZC06ET, 2ZC06ETR, 2ZC07EA, 2ZC07EAR, 2ZC07ET, 2ZC07ETR, 2ZC08EA, 2ZC08EAR, 2ZC08ET, 2ZC08ETR, 2ZC27ES, 2ZC28ES, 2ZC28ESR, 2ZC29ES, 2ZC29ESR, 2ZC30ES, 2ZC30ESR, 2ZC37EA, 2ZC37EAR, 2ZC37ET, 3JZ96AW, 3JZ96AWR, 3JZ97AW, 3JZ98AW, 3JZ98AWR, 3JZ99AW, 3KA00AA, 3KA01AA, 3KA02AA, 3KA03AA, 3KA04AA, 3KA05AA, 3KA06AA, 3KA07AA, 3KA08AA, 3KA09AA, 3KA10AA, 3UJ23UC, 3UJ23UCR, 3VJ11PA, 3VJ13PA, 3WQ11EC, 3WX92LA, 3WX93LA, 3WX96LA, 3WX97LA, 3WX99LA, 3XF96EC, 3XG36PA, 3XG40PA, 3XG41PA, 3XG42PA, 3XG44PA, 3YD78UT, 3YF87UA, 3YF97UT, 3YF97UTR, 3YG07UT, 3YG07UTR, 3YG60UC, 3YG82UC, 3YH08UC, 3YH08UCR, 3YT69PA, 3YT70PA, 3YV75US, 3YV77UA, 3YV78UA, 3YV80UA, 3YV81UA, 3YV81UAR, 3YV84UC, 3YV85UT, 3YV86UT, 3YV94UT, 3YV94UTR, 3YV95UT, 3YV95UTR, 3YV96UT, 3YV96UTR, 3YV97UT, 3YV97UTR, 3YV98UT, 3YV98UTR, 3YV99UT, 3YV99UTR, 3YW00UT, 3YW00UTR, 3YW01UT, 3YW01UTR, 3YW02UT, 3YW02UTR, 3YW20UT, 3YW20UTR, 3YW58UT, 3YW58UTR, 3YW83UP, 3YW83UPR, 3YW84UP, 3YX54US, 3YY61US, 3ZC13US, 3ZC32US, 3ZC47US, 3ZC81US, 3ZX03US, 4AG73US, 4AJ67US, 4AJ67USR, 4BC32UC, 4BC33UC, 4BL39LA, 4BR71US, 4BR74UP, 4BR74UPR, 4BS35EP, 4BS49EP, 4BW66US, 4CA61PA, 4CQ93UC, 4DZ07UP, 4FH76US, 4FU73US, 4FZ04US, 4HJ80US, 4HK09US, 4HM08EC, 4HN55UP, 4HN55UPR, 4HP02US, 4HP23LA, 4HP29LA, 4HP62US, 4JE52US, 4JF53US, 4JF75UP, 4KU08US, 4KU39US, 4KU46US, 4KU87US, 4KU88US, 4KU90US, 4LF11US, 4LJ79UC, 4LJ79UCR, 4LU11UP, 4LW99US, 4LX64US, 4MB93PA, 4MC50EP, 4MF31UP, 4NW21US, 4NW24US, 4PB33US, 4PB34US, 4PC02US, 4PG33PA, 4PT97UC, 4PT97UCR, 4PZ38US, 4QB33EC, 4QB33ECR, 4QB40EC, 4QH08EA, 4QH08ET, 4QH09EA, 4QH09EAR, 4QH09ET, 4QH23EA, 4QH23EAR, 4QH23ET, 4QH28ES, 4QH64ES, 4QH77ES, 4QJ62US, 4QJ62USR, 4QJ67US, 4QQ14US, 4QQ24UP, 4RJ20UP, 4RY69US, 4SJ48LP, 4SJ72US, 4SJ93LP, 4ST17US, 4SY57US, 4TE40US, 4TH88US, 4TH89US, 4TK54US, 4TL13PA, 4UX43UP, 4VQ45UP, 4VQ45UPR, 4VS77US, 4VV47US, 4VX76US, 4WD28UC, 4WD28UCR, 4WL19UP, 4WL67US, 4WP47US, 4WS97US, 4WS97USR, 4WT10US, 4WX58US, 4XA92US, 4XB13US, 4XP06UC, 4XP32UC, 4XP68UC, 4XR96US, 4XS84US, 4YJ45US, 4YL00US, 4YY64UP, 4ZE50US, 4ZF33UP, 4ZY26UT, 4ZY81US, 5AX23US, 5AX58US, 5BA00UP, 5BN41US, 5CK19US, 5CN01US, 5CP16US, 5CY98UC, 5CY99UC, 5CZ00UC, 5CZ01UC, 5CZ86UC, 5CZ86UCR, 5DC26US, 5DC26USR, 5DJ12US, 5DJ12USR, 5DJ16US, 5DM48US, 5DQ62US, 5DQ79US, 5DR03US, 5DR91US, 5DR91USR, 5DZ36US, 5DZ95US, 5EA02US, 5EB32EC, 5EB44US, 5EG90EP, 5EG92US, 5EH12US, 5EY95U8, 5EY95U8R, 5FC43EC, 5FD80UC, 5FD80UCR, 5FE11UC, 5FE27LA, 5FF17US, 5FN54US, 5FQ23US, 5FT48UP, 5FT71US, 5FT75UP, 5FT76US, 5FT77US, 5FT84UP, 5FV34US, 5FW82PA, 5FW84PA, 5GA70US, 5GA70USR, 5GA90US, 5GB25US, 5GP43UP, 5GP76US, 5GP89US, 5GP89USR, 5HD94US, 5HG36UP, 5HG72UP, 5HH15UP, 5HH18UP, 5HH23UP, 5HK72US, 5HQ02EP, 5HQ76US, 5HS91UP, 5HT12US, 5HU09US, 5HX52US, 5HX89UP, 5JA90US, 5JB82US, 5JB82USR, 5JD88US, 5JH21LA, 5JH23LA, 5JH27LA, 5JH28LA, 5JH29LA, 5JH30LA, 5JH38UP, 5JH99US, 5JP77US, 5JQ84US, 5JV74US, 5JX91U8, 5JX91U8R, 5JY51US, 5JZ46US, 5KD83US, 5KE57US, 5KE57USR, 5KG19UC, 5KG19UCR, 5KG96UC, 5KL79US, 5KV33UP, 5KV33UPR, 5KW17LP, 5LA21PA, 5LA77PA, 5LA93PA, 5LB45PA, 5LE63US, 5LE74US, 5LE84US, 5LK11US, 5LL01US, 5LN51UC, 5LN69UC, 5LR31EC, 5LW59US, 5LX95EP, 5LY98UC, 5LZ13UC, 5LZ14UC, 5LZ14UCR, 5MB74UP, 5MB74UPR, 5MB86US, 5MF91UP, 5MQ62US, 5MT84UP, 5MX67PA, 5MX70PA, 5MY02US, 5NC52UP, 5NQ67US, 5NV91UP, 5NW60US, 5NW87US, 5NX44US, 5NX77US, 5RR34UP, 5RZ35UP, 5UC40EA, 5UC40EAR, 5UT77UC, 6KE13EC, 6KJ31EC, 6KK87EC, 6KP02EA, 6KP22EA, 7HA08EC, 8MQ69UP

HP Zbook 15U G6

Product Number: 111B0EA, 111B0EAR, 111B1EA, 1G4U2EC, 1N5P3UC, 1V981UC, 1V981UCR, 1X7Y3EP, 1X7Y3EPR, 242Z3UC, 2V2P4UC, 3N417UP, 3N754UP, 6TP51EA, 6TR73EA, 6TR73EAR, 7YE79UC, 7YE80UC, 8JL71EA, 8JL81EA, 8JL81EAR, 9AE92EC, 9JG22EC, 9TH73EC

Part Number: 6037B0136009, BGZUV01LKDGFGK, E164844, HPM17G2, HPM17G26P069301, L12000-131, L14366-131, L14367-131, L17970-131, L17971-131, L29477-131, L32575-131, L38064-131, V162826FK2

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