Keyboard HP EliteBook 850 G3 850 G4 ZBook 15u G3 Com Point Stick Moldura Prata PT
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Keyboard HP EliteBook 850 G3 850 G4 ZBook 15u G3 Com Point Stick Moldura Prata PT


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Laptop Keyboard with Standard NumPad Compatible with various Models

Keyboard with Point Stick

Version: Portuguese (PT-PT) 

Color: Silver Frame / Black Keys

State: New

Applicable Models: 

HP EliteBook 755 G3

Product Number: P2T19AW, P2T20AW, P2T21AA, P2T22AA, P2T25AA, P2T26AA, P4T44EA, P4T44EAR, P4T45EA, P4T45EAR, P4T46EA, T0B36AA, T3L73UT, T3L73UTR, T3L74UA, T3L74UT, T3L74UTR, T3L75UT, T3L75UTR, T3L76UA, T3L76UT, T3L76UTR, T3L77UT, T3L77UTR, T3L78UT, T3L78UTR, T4H59EA, T4H59EAR, T4H60EA, T4H63EA, T4H68EA, T4H98EA, T4M59LT, T4M60LT, T4M61LT, T4M85LT, T4M86LT, T4Z22AA, T4Z23AA, T5L23PA, T6Z85UP, T7J01US, T9J89US, T9J89USR, T9X77EA, V1A65EA, V1A65EAR, V1A66EA, V1D86UC, V1J82EP, V1J83EP, V1J87EP, V2K82US, V2M27US, V2M81US, V2M91US, V3Z25UP, V5B74US, V5B74USR, V8H46US, W0S94LT, W0T36US, W0W45UP, W0W46UP, W4W40LA, W4W71AW, W4W72AW, W4W73AW, W4W73AWR, W4W74AW, W5L62UP, W5L63UP, W5P49US, W8T52US, X1K99US, X1L48US, X1N60US, X1N76US, X1N76USR, X1V26UC, X1V26UCR, X2F18EA, X2G11ES, X2G11ESR, X5F49US, X5G27US, X5M74EP, X7L63US, X7Z39EC, X8Q59LA, X9L80US, X9P51US, X9P51USR, Y0E31UP, 1AR41AW, P4T46EAR, T4H60EAR, T4H98EAR, T9X77EAR

HP EliteBook 850 G3

Product Number: Y9B34EP, 1XL79UP, 2LU42EP, 3RR97EP, 3SF38EC, 3SG14EC, 2WM75EPR, 3VM56EC, 3VM56ECR, 2QV49UC, L3D22AV, L3D23AV, L3D24AV, L3D25AV, L3D26AV, L3D27AV, L3D28AV, L3D29AV, L3D31AV, L5H50AV, L5H51AV, L5H52AV, L5H53AV, P3E47LT, T6F31LT, T6F32LT, T6F33LT, T7U85AW, T7U85AWR, T7U86AW, T7U87AW, T7U87AWR, T7U88AW, T7U89AA, T7U90AA, T7U91AA, T7U92AA, T7U94AA, T7U95AA, T7U96AA, T9X18EA, T9X18EAR, T9X18ET, T9X18ETR, T9X19EA, T9X19EAR, T9X34EA, T9X34EAR, T9X34ET, T9X34ETR, T9X35EA, T9X35EAR, T9X36EA, T9X36EAR, T9X37EA, T9X37EAR, T9X38EA, T9X38EAR, T9X39EA, T9X39EAR, T9X56EA, T9X56EAR, T9X71EA, T9X71EAR, T9X77ET, T9X77ETR, V0F70AA, V1B10EA, V1B10EAR, V1B23ES, V1B41EA, V1B41EAR, V1B52EA, V1B52EAR, V1B57ES, V1B66ET, V1B66ETR, V1B83ES, V1B83ESR, V1B84ES, V1B86ES, V1B86ESR, V1B87ES, V1B87ESR, V1B88ES, V1B88ESR, V1C01ES, V1C01ESR, V1C02ES, V1C02ESR, V1C07EA, V1C07EAR, V1C13EA, V1C13EAR, V1C48EA, V1C48EAR, V1C49EA, V1C49EAR, V1C50EA, V1C50EAR, V1C54EA, V1C54EAR, V1C66ES, V1C66ESR, V1C91ES, V1C92ES, V1C99EA, V1C99EAR, V1D08ES, V1G70LA, V1G73LA, V1G83LA, V1G84LA, V1G93LT, V1H16UA, V1H16UT, V1H16UTR, V1H17UA, V1H17UT, V1H17UTR, V1H18UT, V1H18UTR, V1H19UA, V1H19UAR, V1H19UT, V1H19UTR, V1H20UA, V1H20UAR, V1H20UT, V1H20UTR, V1H21UA, V1H21UAR, V1H21UT, V1H21UTR, V1H22UA, V1H22UAR, V1H22UT, V1H22UTR, V1H38LT, V1H39LT, V1P45UA, V1P45UAR, V1P45UT, V1P45UTR, V1T18AA, V1T48AA, V2L99US, V2W72UT, V2W72UTR, V2X76AA, V4A69UP, V4A69UPR, V5A72US, V5A84US, V5A84USR, V5C10US, V6B47UC, V6D71PA, V6D72PA, V6D73PA, V6D74PA, V6D75PA, V6D86PA, V6D87PA, V6D94PA, V6E41PA, V6E53PA, V6H97EC, V6J12EC, V6J25EC, V6J26EC, V6J39EC, V6J39ECR, V6J41EC, V6J43EC, V6J48EC, V6J48ECR, V6J53EC, V6J53ECR, V6J79EC, V6J79ECR, V6J80EC, V6J80ECR, V6J83EC, V6J83ECR, V7B61UC, V7B61UCR, V7B62UC, V8F60US, V8F63US, V8J30US, V8J30USR, V8J31US, V8J32US, W0B26US, W0B27US, W0B27USR, W0B41US, W0B54US, W0B66US, W0B66USR, W0B88US, W0B88USR, W0B95US, W0C33US, W0C48US, W0C48USR, W0C56US, W0C57US, W0C58US, W0C66UP, W0C89US, W0D01US, W0D10US, W0D51US, W0D54US, W0D76US, W0D77US, W0P71EP, W0P87EP, W0P91EC, W0P97EP, W0R44LP, W0R98US, W0R98USR, W0S15UT, W0S15UTR, W0S16UT, W0S16UTR, W0S80UP, W0T32US, W0V36UP, W0V60UP, W0V77UP, W0V96UP, W0V96UPR, W0W09UP, W0W10UP, W0W16UP, W0W19UP, W0W21UP, W0W61UP, W0W61UPR, W0W62UP, W0W62UPR, W0W70UP, W0W70UPR, W0W95US, W0X00US, W0X02US, W1Y76US, W1Y76USR, W1Y86US, W1Z03US, W1Z25US, W1Z30US, W1Z56US, W1Z57US, W1Z58US, W1Z59US, W1Z60US, W1Z79US, W1Z83US, W1Z83USR, W1Z92US, W2A18US, W2A20US, W2A25US, W2A48US, W2A50US, W2A56US, W2A65US, W2A80US, W2A84US, W2A94US, W2B11US, W2B28US, W2G62AV, W3F20US, W3F22US, W3F27US, W3F42US, W3F68US, W3F99US, W3F99USR, W3G13US, W3G66UP, W3G67UP, W3G82UP, W3G82UPR, W3G86UP, W3H06UP, W3H06UPR, W3H38UP, W3H38UPR, W3H42UP, W3H63UP, W3H71UC, W3H71UCR, W3J76LT, W3P34US, W3P35US, W3P37US, W3P62US, W3P77US, W3P77USR, W3P84US, W3P84USR, W3P92US, W3P93US, W3P93USR, W3P97US, W3P99US, W3P99USR, W3Q05US, W3Q40US, W3Q84US, W4B64US, W4C05US, W4C41US, W4C72US, W4C88US, W4C88USR, W4D20US, W4D29US, W4D30US, W4D31US, W4D59US, W4E01US, W4E48US, W4E59US, W4E60US, W4E60USR, W4Q46UC, W4Q46UCR, W4Q85UC, W4R63UC, W4R64UC, W4R65UC, W4R69UC, W4R81UC, W4R84UC, W4S32UC, W4S33UC, W4S52UC, W4S52UCR, W4T32EP, W4T34EP, W4T34EPR, W4T52EP, W4V84UP, W4V85UP, W4W30UP, W4Z98AW, W4Z98AWR, W4Z99AW, W5A00AW, W5A00AWR, W5A01AW, W5H68US, W5H68USR, W5J23US, W5J77US, W5J78US, W5J80US, W5K17US, W5K19US, W5K24US, W5K24USR, W5K26US, W5K79US, W5K80US, W5K80USR, W5K90US, W5K91US, W5K98US, W5L11US, W5L43US, W5L44US, W5L45US, W5L90UP, W5M09UC, W5M68UC, W5M72LP, W5M80UP, W5M85UP, W5N27UP, W5N27UPR, W5N44UP, W5N45UP, W5N45UPR, W5N96UC, W5P28US, W5P30US, W5P31US, W5P37US, W5S39PA, W6B69LA, W6F45US, W6F47US, W6F51US, W6F53US, W6F55US, W6F70US, W6F80US, W6F95US, W6G00US, W6G03US, W6G05US, W6G33US, W6G40US, W6G53US, W6G57US, W6G57USR, W6G64US, W6G66US, W6G73US, W6G78US, W6H15US, W6H15USR, W6H18US, W6H22US, W6H27US, W6H43US, W6H44US, W6H88US, W6H93US, W6J21US, W6J22US, W6J28US, W6J32US, W6J33US, W6J34US, W7Q05PC, W7Q06PC, W8A39US, W8A45US, W8A67US, W8A81UP, W8A85US, W8A95US, W8B36US, W8C10US, W8C34US, W8C41US, W8C41USR, W8C55US, W8C83US, W8D13US, W8D67UP, W8D67UPR, W8D88UC, W8D88UCR, W8D95UP, W8D95UPR, W8D96UP, W8E07UP, W8E55UP, W8E63UP, W8E74UP, W8E75UP, W8F05UP, W8F11UP, W8F63UP, W8F63UPR, W8F85UC, W8G13UP, W8G18UC, W8G18UCR, W8G43US, W8G45US, W8G98PA, W8G99PA, W8H00PA, W8H08PA, W8J72EP, W8J72EPR, W8J84EP, W8J89EC, W8J90EC, W8J90ECR, W8J92EP, W8J92EPR, W8J99EP, W8K04EP, W8K12EP, W8K17EP, W8K30EP, W8K33EP, W8K35EP, W8K35EPR, W8K36EP, W8K45EP, W8K45EPR, W8K46EP, W8K46EPR, W8K77LA, W8S70US, W8S71US, W8S84US, W8T37US, W8T66US, W8T71US, W8T79US, W8T88US, W8T89US, W8U01US, W8U12US, W8U24US, W8U49US, W8U60US, W8U64US, W8U64USR, W9F12EC, W9F14EC, W9F30EC, W9G75US, W9G88US, X0C77US, X0C92US, X0C97US, X0D03US, X0D59US, X0D67US, X0D76US, X0D77US, X0E16US, X0E44US, X0E46US, X0E46USR, X0E62US, X0E77US, X0E81US, X0E94US, X0F19US, X0F21US, X0F46US, X0F47US, X0F49US, X0F49USR, X0F51US, X1B43PP, X1B44PP, X1C86UP, X1C87UP, X1C91UP, X1C91UPR, X1D05UP, X1D54UP, X1D65UP, X1H35EP, X1H50EP, X1H50EPR, X1H52EP, X1H55EP, X1H59EP, X1K89US, X1K90US, X1K91US, X1K91USR, X1K95US, X1L26US, X1L90US, X1M12US, X1M14US, X1M14USR, X1M16US, X1M53US, X1M57US, X1M60US, X1M69US, X1N06US, X1N06USR, X1N08US, X1N51US, X1N80US, X1N85US, 802898-999, 1ES65ECR, 1MY32ECR, 1GE81UP, 1CA36AW, 1CA36AWR, 1DW72UP, 1KM42UP, 2DQ08EP, 2DQ08EPR, 1CT69UP, 1CT69UPR, 1DS58EP, 1DS58EPR, 1DW67UP, 2DT61UP, 1AG06EC, 1AG06ECR, Z5X65EC, Y3T55UC, Y3T55UCR, Y3T56UC, Y3T53UC, 1BJ42UP, 3CW38EP, 3CW36EP, 5KZ06UP, 2PB25EP, 2PB25EPR, 2SZ03UP, 4VS98PP, 5RC12EC, 4LJ67UC, 4LJ67UCR, 2RY12UP, 2RY12UPR, 5DM86UP, 5KZ99UP, 4VS95PP, X1F44UPR, X9R23EC, X9T53ECR, 1KS24EC, Y2S39UP

HP ZBook 15U G3

Product Number: 3UA57UP, T7V36ES, T7V36ESR, T7W10EA, T7W10EAR, T7W10ET, T7W10ETR, T7W11EA, T7W11EAR, T7W11ET, T7W11ETR, T7W12EA, T7W12EAR, T7W12ET, T7W12ETR, T7W13EA, T7W13EAR, T7W13ET, T7W14EA, T7W14EAR, T7W14ET, T7W14ETR, T7W15EA, T7W15EAR, T7W15ET, T7W15ETR, T7W16EA, T7W16ET, T7W16ETR, T7W17EA, T7W17EAR, T7W17ET, T7W17ETR, T8R80AW, T8R80AWR, T8R81AW, T8R81AWR, T8R82AW, T8R82AWR, T8R83AW, T8R84AA, T8R85AA, T8R86AA, T8R87AA, T8R88AA, T8R89AA, T8R90AA, T8R91AA, T8R92AA, T8R93AA, T8R94AA, T9L58US, T9S35PA, T9S36PA, T9S37PA, T9S38PA, T9S39PA, T9S40PA, V1D63AA, V1H59UT, V1H59UTR, V1H60UT, V1H60UTR, V1H61UT, V1H61UTR, V1H62UT, V1H62UTR, V1H63UT, V1H63UTR, V1H64UT, V1H64UTR, V1H65UT, V1H65UTR, V1H66UT, V1H66UTR, V1P50UT, V1P50UTR, V2W80LA, V4A88AA, V5A77US, V5A80US, V8F71US, W0B52US, W0V04UP, W0W17UP, W0W17UPR, W1Z68US, W1Z91US, W2A01US, W3F91US, W3G12US, W3P52US, W3P53US, W3Q00US, W3Q02US, W3Q03US, W3Q63US, W3Q67US, W3R05US, W4C07US, W4C07USR, W4D02US, W4D51US, W4Q68UC, W4Q68UCR, W5H61US, W5H67US, W5H90US, W5J01US, W5J15US, W5J73US, W5K16US, W5K23US, W5K36US, W5M51UP, W5N20UP, W6G04US, W6K86US, W8C19US, W8C19USR, W8C65UP, W8D01US, W8F36UP, W8F36UPR, W8G41UP, W8T19US, W8U42US, W9F57EC, W9G69US, W9H21US, W9H31US, W9H33US, W9H34US, W9H34USR, X0D21US, X0D41US, X0D50US, X0E02US, X0E02USR, X0F17US, X1C65UC, X1L29US, X1M13US, X1M33US, X1N13US, 1HU15EC, 4UX35UP, 5DM77UP, 2XP87EC, 2XP87ECR, X4H57EC, 1RQ35EAR, 1DX09UP, T7V80ESR, T7W16EAR

HP EliteBook 755 G4

Product Number: 2GW77EP, 2GW77EPR, 2GW79EP, 2GW73EP, 1BZ12LA, 1DS87EP, 1DS95LT, 1DS96LT, 1DS97LT, 1EC57AW, 1EM35EA, 1EM35EAR, 1FX49UT, 1FX49UTR, 1FX50UT, 1FX50UTR, 1FX51UT, 1FX51UTR, 1FY98UT, 1FY98UTR, 1FY99UA, 1FY99UT, 1FY99UTR, 1LB09US, 1LB31US, 1MS24US, 1NL47US, 1PE78LA, 1PF01LT, 1QG17US, 1QG23US, 1ZF58US, W5Q98AV, W5Q99AV, W5R00AV, Y5Y49AV, Z2W08EA, Z2W08EAR, Z2W09EA, Z2W09EAR, Z2W10EA, Z2W11EA, Z2W11EAR, Z2W12EA, Z2W12EAR, Z2W13EA, Z2W13EAR, Z9G45AW, Z9G46AW, Z9G47AW, Z9G47AWR, Z9G48AA, Z9G49AA, Z9G50AA, Z9G51AA, Z9G52AA, Z9G53AA, Z9G54AA, Z9G55AA, Z9G56AA, Z9G57AA, Z9G58AA, Z9G59AA

HP EliteBook 850 G4

Product Number: 2NG04EC, 3FC30UC, 3FC31UC, 2FU63UC, 2FU64UC, 2FU64UCR, 1BS45UT, 1BS45UTR, 1BS46UT, 1BS46UTR, 1BS47UT, 1BS47UTR, 1BS48UT, 1BS48UTR, 1BS49UA, 1BS49UT, 1BS49UTR, 1BS50UA, 1BS50UT, 1BS50UTR, 1BS51UT, 1BS51UTR, 1BS52UT, 1BS52UTR, 1BS53UT, 1BS53UTR, 1BS54UA, 1BS54UAR, 1BS54UT, 1BS54UTR, 1BS55UA, 1BS55UT, 1BS55UTR, 1BS56UA, 1BS56UT, 1BS56UTR, 1BZ04LT, 1BZ27LA, 1BZ28LA, 1EM44ES, 1EM44ESR, 1EM91EA, 1EM91EAR, 1FT76AA, 1FT77AA, 1FX71US, 1GE79UP, 1GE79UPR, 1GR90EP, 1GS37PA, 1GS38PA, 1GS39PA, 1GS40PA, 1GS41PA, 1GY26PA, 1GY27PA, 1HY43US, 1HY98US, 1HZ17US, 1JF46AA, 1JF48AA, 1JF49AA, 1JF50AA, 1JF51AA, 1JF52AA, 1JF53AA, 1KF22AA, 1KF23AA, 1KF24AA, 1KF25AA, 1KH37US, 1KZ76US, 1MN58US, 1MN58USR, K0J36ES, K0J36ESR, K0J37ES, Z2V57EA, Z2V57EAR, Z2V80EA, Z2V80EAR, Z2W82EA, Z2W82EAR, Z2W83EA, Z2W83EAR, Z2W84EA, Z2W84EAR, Z2W85EA, Z2W85EAR, Z2W86EA, Z2W86EAR, Z2W86ET, Z2W86ETR, Z2W87EA, Z2W87EAR, Z2W88EA, Z2W88EAR, Z2W89EA, Z2W89EAR, Z2W90EA, Z2W91EA, Z2W91EAR, Z2W91ET, Z2W91ETR, Z2W92EA, Z2W92EAR, Z2W93EA, Z2W93EAR, Z2W93ET, Z2W93ETR, Z2W94EA, Z2W94EAR, Z2W95EA, Z2W95EAR, Z2W96EA, Z2W96EAR, Z2X66EA, Z2X66EAR, Z9G87AW, Z9G87AWR, Z9G88AW, Z9G89AW, Z9G89AWR, Z9G90AW, Z9G91AA, Z9G92AA, Z9G93AA, Z9G94AA, Z9G95AA, Z9G96AA, Z9G97AA, Z9G98AA, Z9G99AA, 1EN86EAR, 2DJ60UP, 2ND91ECR, 3GN86EP, 3GP92EP, 2XQ84UP, 3FG46EP, 1EN85EAR, 3BL84UP, 3CJ83UP, 3MD30UP, 3MD30UPR, 3UD14UP, 3MK27UP, 1XH62UC, 1XH62UCR, 2HC44UP, 2HC44UPR

HP ZBook 15U G4

Product Number: 2NV42UP, 3UJ09UC, 1BS31UT, 1BS31UTR, 1BS32UT, 1BS32UTR, 1BS33UT, 1BS33UTR, 1BS34UT, 1BS34UTR, 1BS35UT, 1BS35UTR, 1GS04PA, 1GS05PA, 1GS06PA, 1GS07PA, 1GS08PA, 1JH26AA, 1JH27AA, 1JH28AA, 1JH29AA, 1JH30AA, 1MT08US, 1MT09US, 1MT10US, 1NP60UP, 1NW11US, 1PJ30US, 1RE95US, 1TJ69US, 1TJ70US, 1TS72US, 1US54US, 1UW97US, 1UW97USR, 1XL49US, 1ZD94UC, 1ZD95UC, 1ZY63LA, 2DJ23US, 2DV02UP, 2EC40PA, 2EC41PA, 2EC44PA, 2EC45PA, 2EC46PA, 2EC47PA, 2EC62PA, 2FF45PA, 2FF46PA, 2FF47PA, 2FR84US, 2FR98US, 2FT72US, 2FZ46US, 2GB24US, 2GH92US, 2GN96US, 2HC82UP, 2KY67US, 2LW71US, 2MC55US, 2MC55USR, 2NJ31US, 2NS89US, 2NT02US, 2NT02USR, 2NT07US, 2NU28US, 2ST15US, 2ST56US, 2SX19US, 2VH75US, Y6J98EA, Y6J98EAR, Y6J98ET, Y6J99EA, Y6J99EAR, Y6J99ET, Y6J99ETR, Y6K00EA, Y6K00EAR, Y6K00ET, Y6K00ETR, Y6K01EA, Y6K01EAR, Y6K01ET, Y6K01ETR, Y6K02EA, Y6K02EAR, Y6K02ET, Y6K02ETR, Z9L66AW, Z9L67AW, Z9L67AWR, Z9L68AW, Z9L68AWR, Z9L69AW, Z9L69AWR, Z9L70AA, Z9L71AA, Z9L72AA, Z9L73AA, Z9L74AA, Z9L75AA, Z9L76AA, Z9L77AA, Z9L78AA, Z9L79AA, Z9L80AA, Z9L81AA, Z9L82AA, Z9L83AA, 1RQ41ESR, 1RQ89EAR, 2SB07EP, 3QK83UC, 4LD46EP, 1VE00EC, 1YP95EC, 1VE01EC

Part Number: 836621-131, 836623-131, 821194-131, 821195-131, 821156-131, 821157-131, 914983-131, 915927-131

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