Keyboard HP EliteBook x360 1040 G7 Backlit Without Frame PT
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Keyboard HP EliteBook x360 1040 G7 Backlit Without Frame PT


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Laptop Keyboard Compatible with various Models

Backlit Keyboard without Frame

Version: Portuguese (PT-PT) 

Color: Black

State: New

Applicable Models: 

HP EliteBook x360 1040 G7

Product Number: 204K1EA, 204K1EAR, 204K0EA, 204K0EAR, 48R55EA, 204N7EA, 204N8EA, 204N8EAR, 2H2F3UC, 2Z1V3UP, 30A22UP, 33H63EP, 2M5Z7UP, 2X3F3UP, 2P1V0UC, 2R7T9UC, 2Y4K8UC, 2Z1V4UP, 30A21UP, 2X9M9PC, 1X9X7UP, 1Z9W8UP, 201L6UP, 2H1S2UC, 36F97UP, 3D5F1UC, 1X9X9UP, 26L76EC, 2F5L1UP, 2M6C9UP, 2X3N8UP, 30H74EP, 312T0UC, 35S88EC, 2J6Y4UP, 4A905UP, 204K4EA, 204P1EA, 204P1EAR, 204J7EA, 204J7EAR, 204J6EA, 204J6EAR, 204K3EA, 2Q0J7UP, 2Q0J0UP, 312S8UC, 2S8F1EC, 31H14EC, 31H02EC, 204N9EA, 204N9EAR, 1M0Q6AW, 2C7Q8UP, 2H0M1UP, 2H0M1UPR, 2X1M1EC, 307H2UP, 38T17UP, 38T17UPR, 3K0S9EP, 2M5Z8UP, 2X3L8UP, 306Z1UP, 37H32EC, 1M0Q8AW, 231H7UC, 36F61UP, 3D5F2UC, 421K2EC, 429M2EC, 219S9UP, 26L75EC, 28M19UP, 2H3U9UP, 2M5Z9UP, 2X3P0UP, 304G3UP, 318M0EC, 32D22EC, 32G62UC, 32P37UC, 37P30UP, 3D0S7EP, 4C0E4UP, 2X9L0EP, 327J6UP, 327J6UPR, 1M0Q7AW, 30C42UP, 4A904UP, 319V0EC, 2H1S0UC, 2H2E7UC, 303T9UP, 2S8A2EC, 204P7EA, 327K7EC, 327K7ECR, 31L05EC, 21Y81UP, 220B2UP, 26K77EC, 28L38UP, 31K89EC, 319U3EC, 31G76EC, 31H15EC, 204P5EA, 204J9EA, 204P6EA, 204P3EA, 204J8EA, 204J8EAR, 204P2EA, 204P2EAR, 204P4EA, 204P4EAR, 48R56EA, 2F3Z0UC, 2Z8S3UP, 3E8H8EC, 2F3D0UC, 2K4B7UC, 2S1N9UC, 2S1N9UCR, 420Z6EC, 421C5EC, 26M25EC, 333Q4UC, 33Z60EC, 2U2L8UC, 359H6EC, 358V1EAR, 336F6EAR, 336L6EA, 336L6EAR, 358U1EA, 358U1EAR, 48S10EA, 6Q2L4EC, 484Z8EC, 4J875EP, 4P7A3EC, 4R7P2UC, 58W84EC, 63H38UP, 6B9U3UP, 6E3L2UC, 6G4L7UC, 6H8X9UC, 6K5Y8UC, 6K6Y4UC, 733D5EP, 4J896EP, 4K100UP, 4P463EC, 4P463ECR, 63H74EC, 6Q1K9EC, 733F6EP, 4A0Q0UC, 4X981EC, 5S387EC, 358U2EA, 358U2EAR, 83M65AA, 83Q01AT, 336L8EA, 336L8EAR, 358U3EA, 358U3EAR, 467P2UP, 68U14EC, 44Z51UP, 4Y7B4EC, 55P23UP, 660X3EP, 733F4EP, 43L60UP, 46Q94UC, 4K107UP, 63F09UP, 67X24UC, 733F2EP, 83M66AT, 83Q02AA, 83Q03AW, 4A7B6UP, 560N5UP, 3Y0Q8UC, 4T3F3UP, 593N1UP, 7F9V1UC, 48V84EC, 4C8H7EC, 4C357EC, 48U86EC, 4C2D1EC, 4Q928EP, 733F7EP, 31G26AW, 31G26AWR, 46V25UP, 495T4EP, 4M5Y0UP, 658S6UC, 6E4L3UC, 6K5H7EC, 6K6B6EC, 4K108UP, 703A2EP, 733D6EP, 733H1EP, 63H87EC, 31D61AW, 3V4A9UP, 46U95UP, 54H58UP, 660X4EP, 406G7UC, 423G0UC, 43L61UP, 4A7K0EP, 4K101UP, 4M133UC, 4S566EC, 4X4R2UP, 519A1EC, 698T9E8, 698T9E8R, 6E4Q8UC, 733F5EP, 54X82UC, 31F80AW, 31F80AWR, 3Y312UC, 4K4K9UC, 4S2K4UP, 4S8B5UP, 593W6UP, 65X13UC, 6K0F3UC, 6X2M9EC, 7F9V2UC, 7N8K5EC

HP EliteBook x360 1040 G8

Product Number: 52W78EC, 4L8N7EC, 4T6X5EC, 5R9M4UP, 48S11EA, 4Z276EC, 3Z764EC, 43Y59UP, 6E405UC, 6E5W9UC, 6K7S8EC, 6L7W3EC, 7C581EC, 358V4EAR, 44Z93UP, 44Z87UPR, 422T8EC, 44Y49UP, 48W08EC, 48X37EC, 4C253EC, 48V83EC, 4C219EC, 5P6T4EA, 5P5Z8EA, 358V5EAR, 665T1UC, 4P7P6EC, 358T7EA, 358T7EAR, 4H4L3EP, 4S5M4EC, 666J5UC, 336F4EA, 336F4EAR, 358T5EAR, 358V3EAR, 488G4UC, 54L55UC, 6X3K8UC, 43Q98UC, 4M212UC, 4Y7E6EC, 585M5EC, 5A9S8EC, 6E4R0UC, 6X2M8EC, 4L7L3EC

Part Number: 102-19K16LHA01, 19K1UK, HPM19K16P0J6981, M16930-131, M16931-131, M16932-131, M16933-131, M46731-131, M46732-131, M46733-131, M46734-131, PK132VG1B17, PV0201100039

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