Keyboard Acer Aspire One D255 D260 Happy 2 eMachines EM350 355 Packard Bell Dot SE S-E PT
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Keyboard Acer Aspire One D255 D260 Happy 2 eMachines EM350 355 Packard Bell Dot SE S-E PT


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Laptop Keyboard Compatible with Various Models 

Version: Portuguese (PT-PT).

Color: Black

State: New

Applicable Models:

Acer Aspire One AO521, AO522, AO532H, AO532H-2223, AO533, AO533-KZ, AOD255, AOD255-1134, AOD255-1203, AOD255-1549, AOD255-1625, AOD255-2331, AOD255-2333, AOD255-2509, AOD255-2520, AOD255-2981, AOD255E, AOD257, AOD259-G, AOD260, AOD270, AOD271, AOE100, AOHAPPY, AOHAPPY2, AOHAPPY-2DQPP, AOHAPPY3, ZE6, ZH7, ZH9, ZH9US

Part Number: AEZH9T00210, KB.I100.A077, KB.I100A.002, KB.I100A.009, KB.I100A.013, KB.I100A.015, KB.I100A.018, KB.I100A.025, KB.I100A.055, KB.I100A.061, KB.I100A.062, KB.I100A.064, KB.I100A.067, KB.I100A.068, KB.I100A.069, KB.I100A.070, KB.I100A.072, KB.I100A.075, KB.I100A.077, KB.I100A.078, KB.I100A.080, KB.I100A.082, KB.I100A.084, KB.I100A.086, KB.I100A.089, KB.I100A.090, KB.I100A.092, KB.I100A.096, KB.I100A.097, KB.I100A.098, KB.I100A.099, KB.I100A.100, KB.I100A.105, KB.I100A.106, KB.I100A.107, KB.I100A.108, KB.I100A.110, KB.I100A.112, KB.I100A.113, KB.I100A.114, KB.I100A.115, KB.I100A.121, KB.I100A.129, KB.I100A.134, KB.I100A.135, KB.I100A.146, KB.I100A.147, KB.I100G.017, KBI100A002, KBI100A005, KBI100A009, KBI100A010, KBI100A013, KBI100A015, KBI100A018, KBI100A020, KBI100A025, KBI100A037, KBI100A038, KBI100A049, KBI100A062, KBI100A064, KBI100A070, KBI100A075, KBI100A077, KBI100A079, KBI100A082, KBI100A084, KBI100A086, KBI100A087, KBI100A089, KBI100A090, KBI100A092, KBI100A095, KBI100A098, KBI100A100, KBI100A105, KBI100A107, KBI100A108, KBI100A109, KBI100A110, KBI100A112, KBI100A114, KBI100A115, KBI100A119, KBI100A121, KBI100A129, KBI100A136, KBI100A142, KBI100A143, KBI100A144, KBI100A146, KBI100A147, KBI100G005, KBI100G011, KBI100G013, KBI100G017, KBI100G019, KBI100G033, KBI100G048, KBI100G147, KBI110G052, V111102AK3

Compatible Models: Attention to the Function Keys

eMachines EM350, EM354, EM355, NAV50, NAV51, NAV70, PAV70, PAV80

Packard Bell Dot A, Dot SC, Dot SE, Dot SE, Dot SE2, Dot S-E2, Dot SE3, Dot S-E3, Dot SPT, Dot U, EN ME69BMP

Gateway LT2009, LT2009C, LT21, LT2100, LT2102H, LT2104H, LT2106H, LT2107H, LT2107U, LT2108U, LT2110U, LT2113U, LT2114U, LT2115U, LT22, LT23, LT2304C, LT2305C, LT2308C, LT2309C, LT25, LT2501C, LT2502C, LT2505C, LT27, LT28, LT32, LT3201U, LT40, VR VR46-EC14

Part Number: KB.I100A.005, KB.I100A.010, KB.I100A.020, KB.I100A.037, KB.I100A.038, KB.I100A.041, KB.I100A.049, KB.I100A.079, KB.I100A.085, KB.I100A.087, KB.I100A.095, KB.I100A.103, KB.I100A.109, KB.I100A.119, KB.I100A.125, KB.I100A.132, KB.I100A.136, KB.I100A.137, KB.I100A.142, KB.I100A.143, KB.I100A.144, KB.I100G.005, KB.I100G.007, KB.I100G.011, KB.I100G.013, KB.I100G.019, KB.I100G.026, KB.I100G.033, KB.I100G.037, KB.I100G.040, KB.I100G.045, KB.I100G.048, KB.I100G.049, KB.I100G.055, KB.I100G.147, KB.I110G.052, KBI100A041, KBI100A055, KBI100A061, KBI100A067, KBI100A068, KBI100A069, KBI100A072, KBI100A078, KBI100A080, KBI100A085, KBI100A096, KBI100A097, KBI100A099, KBI100A103, KBI100A106, KBI100A113, KBI100A125, KBI100A132, KBI100A134, KBI100A135, KBI100A137, KBI100G007, KBI100G026, KBI100G037, KBI100G040, KBI100G045, KBI100G049, KBI100G055, PK130D31A17, PK130E91A17, V111102AK3 PO

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