Keyboard Asus X551CA F551 P551 P551CA Without Frame PT
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Keyboard Asus X551CA F551 P551 P551CA Without Frame PT


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Laptop Keyboard with Standard NumPad Compatible with various Models

Keyboard Without Frame

Version: Portuguese (PT-PT).

Color: Black

State: New

Applicable Models:

Asus A551

A551CA, A551KS, A551MA

Asus A553

A553MA, A553SA

Asus D550

D550CA, D550CA-BH31, D550MA, D550MA-DS01, D550MAV, D550MAV-DB01, D550MAV-DB01 90NB0481-M09960

Asus D553

D553MA, D553SA

Asus F551

F551CA, F551CA-FH31, F551CA-SX085H, F551CA-SX160H, F551CA-SX345H, F551MA, F551MA-SX063H, F551MAV, F551MAV-BING-SX651B, F551MAV-BSX651BR, F551MAV-DB02, F551MAV-DB02-B, F551MAV-SX395B, F551MAV-SX651B, F551MAV-SX652B, F551MAV-SX996H

Asus F553

F553MA, F553MA-SX361, F553MA-SX361BLK, F553MA-SX624, F553MA-XX421T, F553MA-XX592T, F553SA

Asus K553

K553MA, K553SA

Asus Pro P2530


Asus P551

P551CA, P551CA-SX299G, P551CA-SX299H, P551CA-SX299H 90NB0341-M08360, P551CA-SX313D, P551CA-SX313H, P551CA-SX313H 90NB0341-M08730, P551MA

Asus Pro P553

P553MA, P553SA

Asus R512

R512CA, R512CA-SX135H, R512CA-SX147H, R512MA, R512MA-SX027H, R512MA-SX085H 90NB0481-M01520, R512MA-SX201H, R512MAV, R512MAV-BING-SX1004B, R512MAV-BING-SX1009B, R512MAV-BING-SX1009B-BE, R512MAV-BING-SX951B, R512MAV-BING-SX997B, R512MAV-BING-SX999B, R512MAV-SX1004B, R512MAV-SX1009B, R512MAV-SX345H, R512MAV-SX951B, R512MAV-SX999B

Asus Transformer Book Flip R515

R515MA, R515SA

Asus X503

X503MA, X503SA

Asus X551

X551CA, X551CA-SX013D, X551CA-SX014H, X551CA-SX019H, X551CA-SX020H, X551CA-SX024H, X551MA, X551MA-SX019D, X551MA-SX051H, X551MA-SX206H, X551MA-SX280H, X551MAV, X551MAV-BING-SX970B, X551MAV-EB01, X551MAV-EB01-B, X551MAV-HCL1201E, X551MAV-RCLN06, X551MAV-SX1010H, X551MAV-SX1011H, X551MAV-SX280, X551MAV-SX280H, X551MAV-SX806H, X551MAV-SX970H

Asus X553

X553MA, X553MA-sx451b, X553MA-XX215H, X553MA-XX365H, X553MA-XX713H, X553MA-XX715H, X553SA

Part Number: 0KNB0-612EPO00, 90NB0341-R30180, 90NB0342-R30180, 90NB0481-R30190, 90NB0482-R30180, 90NB04X2-R31PO0, 90NB04X3-R31PO0, 90NB0AC1-R31PO0, 9Z.N8SSQ 606, 9Z.N8SSQ.806, AEXJB00110, AEXJCU00010, AOKNBO-612EPO0011418N0BIP

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